Target audience on Instagram: how to find and attract it

Target audience on Instagram: how to find and attract it

The target audience on Instagram is the first thing you should define and analyze before you start developing a complete promotion strategy. In order to generate interesting content and achieve maximum reach, you need to clearly understand which posts will be of interest to your followers. In today’s article we will tell you about the main parameters of the analysis and share a couple of secrets that will allow you to use Instagram to its fullest.

What is the target audience

Target audience is a group of consumers that your advertising messages are aimed at. Simply put, target audience can be called a large number of different types of people who are able to satisfy their needs at the expense of a certain product or service.

In modern marketing, the following types of target audience are distinguished:

  • Primary and Indirect . The main target audience is the one that initiates the purchase and influences the final decision. It is she who is the priority for the development of your business. For example, the target audience of soft toys is children, and the indirect target audience is their mothers who pay for the purchase.
  • Wide and narrow . Everything is clear here: the wide one is for coffee lovers, the narrow one is for pumpkin cinnamon latte lovers.
  • Audience by type of target group . Target audience in the field of business (B2B) and in the field of individual consumption (B2C).
  • Purpose of visiting the site . Two goals (buying and searching for information) are two completely different actions that customers take on your site. Some are interested exclusively in content, while others are interested in purchasing a product.

целевая аудитория

Target audience can be shown using a brand champion – a collective image described through one person. It must be presented in as much detail as possible, paying attention to interests, life needs, habits and behavioral reactions.

Why is it important to define your audience correctly

Having compiled a detailed portrait of the target audience, you can:

  • develop the most personalized advertising campaigns that are able to “hook” a specific group of consumers (often the positioning of the same product needs to be adjusted to different target audiences);
  • formulate a competent offer: find the client’s pain and close it with USP;
  • offer the client specific benefits;
  • define triggers to influence and motivate the client;
  • increase sales conversion;
  • determine which channels are best to use for effective communication.

определить свою аудиторию

How to define your target audience

Target audience identification directly depends on the following parameters:

  • geographic : allows you to show ads to residents of a specific area (for example, if you sell down jackets, what’s the point of focusing on the inhabitants of Vietnam?);
  • demographic : gender, age, marital status, field of activity, presence of children;
  • socio-economic : does the customer have the opportunity to purchase your product? (this takes into account education, income level and other characteristics related to the solvency of the target audience);
  • psychographic : problems, dreams, barriers, pains and fears, speed of decision-making, values;
  • behavioral : describe the moment of choosing, making a purchase and using a product (what is the driving force behind the purchase, the level of consumption of the product, the degree of involvement in the purchase, attitude to the brand, the reason that prompted the client to purchase the product / service).

You can also segment your target market using 5W (Mark Sherrington’s method of segmenting target audience by answering 5 questions about the product):

  • What (what) – segmentation by product type (repair of turnkey houses, installation of plumbing, sewing down jackets, etc.);
  • Who (who) – a portrait of a client who may need our product (for example, a young middle-class family with children);
  • Why (why) – segmentation according to the type of client’s motivation (an opportunity to get a quick and high-quality repair in the complex, a chance to save money);
  • When (when) – the time of the purchase (during the period of discounts and promotions, before some significant event);
  • Where (where) – at the place of purchase (website, landing page, Instagram page).

Идентификация ЦА

How to find your target audience on Instagram

“Oh, why should I know my target audience? And without this theory, everything is fine ”- a phrase coming from the lips of would-be entrepreneurs who have learned a couple of abstruse terms, looked at an incomprehensible case that in no way relates to their business, and now they naively believe that“ sales will trample. ”

Some users create an Instagram account and wait for the weather by the sea, while others mindlessly begin to implement a lot of trend activities that are neither to the countryside nor to the city.

Target audience segmentation is necessary in order to use working promotion tools and not waste the advertising budget.

So, where – after analyzing the market, niche, competitors and drawing up a portrait of the audience – to look for customers?


Our direct competitors have a hot audience. Here, as in classic marketing, a competent offer, USP and the correct adjustment of competitive advantages are important, which allows you to lure customers. And then – a matter of technology. An important point: if you have a narrow niche, look for clients only in thematic or related accounts.


In this case, everything is as simple as possible: mothers hang out in groups about motherhood, travel lovers stick to beautiful landscapes in publics about tourism, and school graduates are actively looking through the communities dedicated to the Unified State Exam. Entertainment publics allow you to reach a wider audience, but in groups about bikers or pets, you can find users who are likely to be interested in your offer.

Advertising for media personalities

Useful for those who sell iPhones, clothing or mobile services. It is better to turn to celebrities from well-known brands with a good customer base and a decent price list that will pay off all advertising costs. The little-known Ivan Ivanov from Kemerovo, who sells carved gates, can buy advertising, of course, but he cannot expect decent results. And the thing is that media personalities clearly do not have his target audience.

Реклама у медийных личностей


Perhaps there are no segments left in this world that are not subject to the spell of bloggers. Even bloggers themselves are subscribed to bloggers, and this already says a lot. Before deciding on a placement, take a close look at the influencer’s content and direction. The most common division by topic looks something like this: “lifestyle”, “proper nutrition”, “mothers”, “travel”, “feminism”, “body positive”, “sports”, “beauty”, “vines” and so on.


Target is one of the marketing mechanisms that allows you to single out the target audience from all users on the Internet according to certain criteria (location, gender, interests, the presence of children, etc.).

Targeted advertising allows you to efficiently use your marketing budget and get the most out of your advertising campaigns.



There are two pieces of news – good and bad. Perhaps you should start with a good one: if you become a sponsor of a give, you are guaranteed to get from 5 to 50,000 new followers who will subscribe to you for the coveted prize.

Hence the bad news – the lion’s share of freebie hunters (up to 90%) will leave your page immediately after the end of the giveaway, so the method is not reliable.


These are keywords that since 2018 it has become possible to even subscribe as accounts. Hashtags actually have a lot of benefits. They allow not only to track the demand for a product, but also to find out the prices of competitors.

How to find out more about your audience

Statistics is a real lifesaver for those who want to develop their profile and placate the audience with high-quality advertising messages.

In this case, users have 2 options: either monitor the standard Instagram metrics, or use more modern tools. We will dwell on each of the methods in more detail.

Official Instagram app

To view page statistics, first you need to connect to your business account by linking your Instagram profile with your Facebook page. Only then will the corresponding section appear in the main menu.

Here you will find data like this:

  • audience age;
  • gender;
  • location (by city and country);
  • the periods of greatest activity (hours and days).


Instagram will not be able to fully satisfy your interest, as it only provides standard statistical summaries. Alas, with such a meager set of data, it is almost impossible to compose a full-fledged portrait of the target audience.

This is where trendHERO comes in handy. The service allows you to analyze not only your own, but also the audience of competitors.

Try trendHERO for free

Here you can get detailed information about:

  • user interests;
  • their gender and age;
  • the presence of markups;
  • audience growth;
  • follower demographics.


TrendHERO Metrics

Want to know who is following your profile? Then go to the section “Audience Analysis” :

  • Audience reach is the number of subscribers who follow less than 1,500 profiles.
  • Authenticity – pages (in percentage) that the service identifies as personal and commercial accounts.
  • High-quality audience – real and commercial profiles, as well as bloggers (this list does not include mass followers, bots, suspicious accounts). trendHERO introduced this segmentation so advertisers can understand how many people will see their post.
  • Engagement — The Engagement Rate metric measures how actively followers are engaging with your content. Engagement from posts should fluctuate slightly as audiences react differently to posts.
  • Вовлеченность

  • Demographics – audience gender, location, account types. You can also see who is the most active part of the target audience (“everyone” and “like” charts).
  • Comments by type – comments by the author (any comments left by you), real (do not contain pronounced calls to buy something, represent not only emoji, but also text), short (less than 4 words), suspicious (often contain tagging of other accounts).
  • Audience interests – the service unloads subscribers, and then analyzes which profiles they follow, dividing them by subject.
  • Интересы аудитории

  • Reactions to posts – in the “Tracking” section you can see which content users react to the most favorably.

How to build an audience on Instagram

Here are some tips to help you build subscribers quickly and for free:

  • Create a clear promotion strategy. The ideal option is to write a content plan for the next month and outline what exactly will be in the posts. It is also advisable not to be scattered and think over the main topic of the profile.
  • Improve the layout of the page. It is important to consider everything here: the account avatar should be without small signatures and details, it is better to use keywords in the login, and briefly outline the offer and competitive advantages in the profile description.
  • Post content regularly. If you share notes once a month, then you should not count on dizzying success. The optimal posting frequency is 1-2 posts per day.
  • Add tags. Everything is clear here. Popular tags will increase your chances of not getting lost among competitors and related accounts. Note: It’s best to avoid high-frequency hashtags as they attract non-targeted followers.
  • Don’t forget about the text. Just beautiful pictures, not supported by high-quality text, are no longer interesting to anyone. People enjoy reading, thinking, analyzing and debating. Give them this opportunity!
  • Mix different types of content. Don’t let your subscribers get bored. Alternate between videos and photos, posts with long descriptions and short abstracts, personal stories and useful content.
  • Comment on popular bloggers. It is always useful and important to know the interests of your target audience. Find influencers your followers follow and start chatting with them in the comments.

How to effectively work with your audience

Getting an audience is only half the battle. It also needs to be held. How? Here are 4 simple rules that together will give really impressive results:

  • Interesting content. Content is the recognized king of all Instagram. In order for posts to arouse interest among users, you need to clearly identify the preferences of your target audience. We also recommend avoiding stock photos and not neglecting longreads.
  • USP . When you finally figure out who your main audience is, do not be lazy and create separate advertising campaigns for each target group. Believe me, if you make a USP for a narrow target audience segment, it will significantly increase engagement and conversion.
  • Correct time . To reach your audience as much as possible, you should post publications when most of it is online. For example, it makes no sense to post something in accordance with the time of Central Europe, if the lion’s share of your CA lives in the time zone of America.
  • Performance analysis . Analysis of statistics will help you to change your promotion strategy in a timely manner and not let the advertising budget go down the drain. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters: which content evokes the most positive reaction from users, which posts followers simply comment on, and which ones are selling, how the mood of users changes depending on the adjustments made to the content strategy.

How to evaluate the audience (your own or someone else’s)

Analysis of the audience (not only your own, but also your competitors) will allow you to get the most complete picture of the tastes, preferences, triggers and problems of your subscribers. For example, you can get information about the growth and churn of followers for the selected period to understand what content makes them delighted, and what, on the contrary, encourages unsubscribing.

Как оценить аудиторию

Instagram provides business profile owners with extremely concise and superficial information about the audience, so for a detailed analysis, we recommend using the trendHERO service.

Try trendHERO for free

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