Targeted advertising on Instagram: preparation for launch

Targeted advertising on Instagram: preparation for launch

The Madwins SMM team is full of great targeting specialists and therefore is in a hurry to share their knowledge. Entrepreneurs want businesses to generate income. And one of the most effective ways to attract customers is social networking . Before that, we analyzed detailed instructions on how to design an Instagram profile . But this is only the basis for business promotion. The next step is targeted advertising on Instagram.

And first you need to prepare for it in order to later launch it through your Facebook ad account. This method provides more opportunities for selecting an audience, finer budget settings than through an account in a mobile application. It is also possible to lead a potential subscriber / client to the company’s website or the landing page of your product / service.

So, here are our recommendations before launching targeted advertising in Instagram via Facebook ad account.


This is the basis of all sales, special offer limited time frames that customers cannot refuse. A well-designed offer can work wonders if you need to bring a new brand, product or service to the market.

70% efficiency targeted advertising on Instagram depends on the offer. It should be interesting m, relevant and attractive.

оффер в таргетированная реклама в Инстаграм

Target audience

It is important not just to make a general portrait of your target audience, but to divide it into smaller segments – by interests, age and other categories. For each narrow audience, in the future, set up a different targeted advertising – one that will hit exactly on their problem, take into account their interests or cover their needs.

Also, if you have been actively leading your page before, you can collect an existing audience that interacted with your account. To do this, go to the Facebook ad manager (there must be a Business page) and create an audience, as in the screenshots below.

создание аудитории для таргетированной рекламы в Инстаграм

If you use mass following and massliking, keep in mind that you will not be able to collect an adequate audience.

EXPLORE competitors

We carefully study competitors – what they advertise, what offers, promotions and discounts they have. Find out what they are posting, how they are writing, what content is their audience responding to best? It is important to understand their advantages and disadvantages. Find the best – the benchmark from your niche and analyze all their work both on the website and in social networks.

Traffic source

It can be an Instagram profile, or a website, or WhatsApp, or Direct. In order to choose a source, you need to understand how a sale is built in a business. Through what customers most often write to the sales manager – where the conversion is higher. Based on this information, we conclude where it is better to drive traffic. It is important to have analytics, otherwise it will be difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

источник приема трафика

Retargeting codes (repeat ads)

On any site, even if you do not use it, you must definitely put retargeting codes. They are needed in order to collect all the target audience that visits certain pages of your site. Subsequently, this audience can be scaled through lukalaik (similar audience). Therefore, never run targeted ads on your site if you have chosen a traffic source without a pixel set. You will simply “merge” your target audience and will not leave retargeting in your database.

коды ретаргетинга для таргетированная реклама в Инстаграм

Prepare the landing page

So that you don’t merge your advertising budget, you need your site to work perfectly, both in mobile and desktop (computer) versions. Therefore, go through your site, on all buttons, links from both versions. Otherwise, the audience that will come may merge due to the fact that something does not work for you. And this is necessary so that you get full feedback from statistics, which will be collected using Yandex.Metrica pixels or Google Analytics.

Install Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics

Madwins recommends Google as it is very deep. But Yandex, too, should not be written off. The main thing is to receive data. And on these services, be sure to set up conversions and goals.



Build a sales funnel

To assess the effectiveness and profitability of marketing investments, and of your ROI targeted advertising on Instagram, you should have a sales funnel. You need to understand what kind of funnel you have as you move from each stage. To estimate what kind of conversion will be in the future from traffic through Instagram. If you don’t measure everything, then you don’t understand whether traffic from Instagram works better or worse than in the previous period. Including this is necessary to understand how the marketing and sales department works. Conversion will show where you are failing and will help you correct it in the future.



Payment Methods

Attach your bank card to your Facebook advertising account. But if the social network provides a choice of Qiwi wallet, then we recommend choosing this method. In this case, FB will work with prepayment. That is, first you replenish your advertising account, say, by 10,000 rubles, and the FB will write off money every day.

By linking the card, you will have a postpaid payment system. And after a certain time, money will be debited from the card. And if they are not there, the social network will pause targeted advertising on Instagram . Which we do not recommend. Since the advertising campaign adapts over time and every stop is a consequence of a new adaptation.


That’s all! We advise you to apply the above recommendations before launching targeted advertising on Instagram through your Facebook ad account. Well, always remember that the team SMM-agency Madwins is on your side and is always happy to help you promote your business pages!

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