Targeted advertising on social media. Just about the benefits

Targeted advertising on social media. Just about the benefits

Targeted advertising, Targeting, Targeting – displaying advertisements to users of the social network using the ad account built into the social network. Let’s talk about the benefits of targeted advertising and compare it to community and street banners.

The word “target” comes from the English target , which means a target, a target. This type of advertising hits the target. In this article, we will tell you what are the advantages of targeted advertising over advertising in communities and street banners.

Advertising that sold well, eventually stops working, or even harms the business. When social media ads were just in their infancy, they were few and far between. A picture with a text could have been whipped up in Paint, and those who were friends could accidentally see this “masterpiece” and buy the “advertised” product – social networks and advertising in them was a novelty, a curiosity. Times have changed. Today people are fed up with advertising, the audience gets “banner blindness”, they do not see advertising. Let’s not forget that people came to social networks to relax, listen to music, watch videos, but not buy. Therefore, direct selling does not work! This is where targeted social media ads come in

Community Ads and Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts 5 years ago were effective and popular with marketers. Advertising spaces in large publics were sorted out like hot cakes, group administrators were making money.

Over time, advertisers began to become disenchanted with this type of customer acquisition. In the pursuit of profit, communities undermined subscribers’ trust: simultaneously advertising, for example, one sushi delivery, the next day a second, then a third, and so on. Community members perceive ads in posts as something that they are being “sold”. Other members endure, realizing that the community administrator needs to earn money.

On the other hand, an average of 30 percent of participants see a post in a group (we do not count bots, winding up subscribers), we get that even in a narrow-profile community of target customers, no more than 10% will remain.

Targeted advertising allows you to find on social networks exactly those who will be interested in your product: in the competitor’s communities, or in groups with a similar target audience. And show only to them your interesting and profitable offer.

Рекламный кабинет ВК

VKontakte advertising cabinet. Car dealer targeting.

Targeted ads and outdoor billboards

Imagine you have placed a banner on a billboard along the road with good visibility, constant traffic. How many people from the target group you need are in the cars rushing past the billboard? Even if you advertise FMCG for mass demand? Yes, they are products for almost everyone, except for those who are on a diet, allergy sufferers and people with personal gastronomic preferences, vegetarians. And yet, do the drivers have time to look around? Traffic jams? Drivers and passengers, at this time, “stick” on the phone, where our favorite targeted advertising is waiting for them. So, remember – each product has a target audience and you can reach it through the settings of targeted advertising.

Another undoubted plus of targeted advertising: unlike offline promotion channels, the result and effectiveness of targeting can be measured.

The most common mistakes in setting up targeted advertising

Give a target, but there are no sales? There may be no sales or interested requests if the targeted advertising is configured incorrectly and the site to which the advertisement will be directed is not prepared.

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