Telegram: Benefits and Features of Promoting a Telegram Channel

Telegram: Benefits and Features of Promoting a Telegram Channel

Social networks and other messaging have long ceased to be just a means of communication. Today, they are actively used to promote his property and generate income. The more participants you have on your channel, the more effective your advertising campaign will be, which is why many people are wondering how to get group subscribers. on the Telegram app .


  • Telegram – a crypto-platform
  • The age of ICO development
  • Benefits of a new blockchain platform
  • Channels dedicated to crypto-currencies
  • Methods of promoting subscribers
  • Promotion by own means
  • Subscriber promotion services

Telegram: avantages et caractéristiques de la promotion d’une chaîne Telegram

Telegram – a crypto-platform

Only a few years ago, the founders of Telegram, Pavel and Nikolai Durov announced the creation of a ICO on Telegram. Pavel Durov had by then repeated on several occasions that there would be no advertising on his inbox, and consciously refused all the main sources of income existing on the other social networks. This is why ICOs are the only reliable and efficient way to make money during the development of your project.

The era of ICO development

A platform development plan proposed in 2018 and 2019 indicates that the ICO limit on Telegram should not exceed one and a half years. It is planned to create during the second and third quarter of 2019, a real environment suitable for the launch of cryptocurrency. The first step was taken last year with the creation of a virtual passport, the TON test, audit security systems, and the integration of cryptocurrency on Telegram.

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Benefits of a new blockchain platform

Telegram owners believe that the main disadvantage of blockchains is the slow speed of transactions. Indeed, considering this criterion, blochchains are much inferior to international payment systems. For example, the Bitcoin currency unit platform can process 9 transactions per second, while the speed of Mastercard and VISA reaches 40,000 transactions per second.

Obviously, this low bandwidth prevents the widespread use of cryptocurrencies. However, the creators of Telegram are trying to solve this problem, claiming that the TON blockchain would be able to process several million transactions per second.

In the future, it is planned to transform this messaging system into a full-fledged payment system, likely to replace the monetary giants MasterCard and Visa, since it will make it possible to send international transactions without having to wait for a payment. week.

Channels dedicated to crypto-currencies

Channels posting crypto signals for market growth are especially popular on Telegram. Cryptocurrency dumps and pumps on Telegram are platforms that allow traders to efficiently obtain information on the price of virtual currencies.

There are a few types of crypto signals:

  • Paid crypto-signals;
  • Free signals.

Trading structures sell cryptocurrency signals to market novices, who still have difficulty understanding for themselves the peculiarities of the price of virtual currencies.

It has turned out that distributing information on this messaging is the most useful way for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to communicate with each other, but also to create active virtual requests. There is only one drawback: it is impossible for a beginner to assess how conscientious the administrator of the group-pump is in his work and if his personal enrichment is not his one and only objective.

There are a few basics that you should know if you want to use Telegram in order to earn cryptocurrency:

  • Creating a pump-group requires obtaining as many subscribers as possible;
  • The creation of publications on currencies to buy.
  • The emergence of artificial demands, increasing the value of a cryptocurrency.
  • The sale of currency.
  • The return of the market price to its original value.

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Telegram: avantages et caractéristiques de la promotion d’une chaîne Telegram

Methods of promoting subscribers

Many businesses have popular channels on this messaging. In order to get Telegram subscribers, they had to put in considerable effort, take notice of the news and any other published data. In fact, at the start of creating a channel, no one really knows it. If you want to be part of the best groups dedicated to cryptocurrencies on Telegram , it is necessary to know all the promotion options. There are two main ones: individual promotion and promotion using specialist services.

Promotion by its own means

Individual promotion takes place in several stages:

  1. Sharing his channel with his friends, Telegram users.

  2. Adding a catalog in which the main events of the chain are listed so as not to leave it completely empty.

  3. Searching for other channels sharing a similar topic. If you manage to find a compromise with its administrator, it will be possible to make mutual advertisements. In this situation, advertising partnerships are one of the best ways to promote yourself.

  4. The use of links on other social networks allowing access to your page and attracting many new subscribers.

  5. The creation of quality publications. Your subscribers won’t bother to read overly long posts to the end, and in fact may lose interest in your posts.

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Telegram: avantages et caractéristiques de la promotion d’une chaîne Telegram

Subscriber promotion services

You might think it’s easy to get new subscribers on your own. But in reality, it is a very long process. There is another possibility, the promotion of Telegram channel through the use of special services.

Such a technique makes it possible to get Telegram subscribers much faster. A large number of companies offer such services for a reduced price while offering many advantages such as:

  • Adding specialized bots

  • A guarantee of non-subscription for a short time;

  • The display of messages for a large number of subscribers;

  • The natural increase in the number of subscribers.

For this last point, it is particularly important to be careful when making your purchase. Indeed, too sudden an increase in the number of subscribers will be directly perceived as a cheat, against which Telegram or any other social network will actively fight. If the service guarantees you that promoting bots will be no different from a natural increase in subscribers, it means that your channel will not be blocked.

ALL-SMM represents one of the most reliable services in this field, and offers you the possibility of effectively promoting your channel in record time, while increasing the value of the main indicators ( views of publications on Telegram , number of subscribers and more) in the most natural way possible.

You now know all about Telegram channel promotion methods. Couriers are no longer just a means of communication but also a means of earning money. To do this, it is not necessary to constantly monitor the price of cryptocurrencies in the market. It is indeed possible to create a chain of sale of goods or services. In this sense, Telegram differs a lot from a simple advertising platform.

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