Telegram – the ease, speed, and security

Telegram – the ease, speed, and security

Following its appearance on the net in 2016, Telegram quickly gained popularity. Millions of users around the world prefer to use this messaging to send messages. In addition, this platform is particularly popular with Russian-speaking Internet users. This article tells you how to get subscribers on a Telegram channel and views on Telegram posts to promote your business , but also an analysis of the few nuances through which it will help you. will be possible to use this application in order to become more popular.


  1. How Telegram was created
  2. Main features and benefits of Telegram
  3. Total confidentiality
  4. Unique features
  5. Possibility of sending files without limits of volume, type, and size
  6. No limit
  7. Ability to work with more than one operating system
  8. Manage your business successfully on Telegram
  9. How to get unlimited number of participants in a group

Telegram – la facilité, rapidité, et sécurité

How Telegram was created

The creator of Telegram instant messaging is entrepreneur and programmer Pavel Durov. Every day, more than 10 billion messages are sent to this platform and even the Pope of Rome has one day sent a message there and is subscribed to Telegram channels.

Telegram was born out of problems between Pavel Durov and his brother over the confidential aspects of messaging and the inability to transfer confidential information securely over the net. As a result, it was offered one of the most secure instant messengers available. This app is based on the MTProto encryption technology that Pavel’s brother Nikolai Durov had worked on. Even Pope Francis uses Telegram and has his own channel to which he regularly posts.

Main features and benefits of Telegram

Total confidentiality

Telegram is completely secure messaging. This is the platform you need to use if you want no one to read your messages. The Telegram team has worked hard on this point while ensuring the complete satisfaction of its users. One of the Durov brothers once offered a competition for hackers who could hack Telegram mail. Although one of the participants found a loophole in the system, it was automatically corrected. However, the main objective of infiltrating a match or finding a username has so far never been achieved. Therefore, Telegram is the most secure instant messaging platform to date.

Unique features

It is possible on this platform to create and add copyright, as well as apply all kinds of modifications to the application. For example, a lot of companies are currently programming bots. For companies, this can be a success in terms of branding, but also in shaping the image of their company and permanently engaging their audience.

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Possibility of sending files without limits of volume, type, and size

Unlike other messengers of the moment (WhatsApp, Viber), Telegram allows you to send files with no size limits or download format. Users can transfer any type of file with amazing speed.

No limit

Here we are going to talk about the overall capabilities of Telegram messaging. Comparing this service with any other messaging service on which it is also possible to send any volume of text messages or graphic elements, one conclusion stands out: Telegram is currently the only one. communication platform having taken into consideration all the requests of its users. For example, this application does not require any financial expenditure and no extensions or additional functionality are necessary for its use.

Ability to work with more than one operating system

The Telegram application can be used on different types of devices. It can be installed as a program from your computer.

Telegram – la facilité, rapidité, et sécurité

Manage your business successfully on Telegram

The advantages listed above allow us to conclude that Telegram is currently one of the best messengers on the Net, even if you want to run your business there. Millions of users provide huge amounts of traffic to the internet resources of companies and businesses every month. Most brands (and their quantity continues to grow) prefer to use this messaging, in order to create channels of communication in order to stay in constant contact with the customer.

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How to get unlimited number of participants in a group

If you like to do something in a team, in a group, or with other people, you can use Telegram to create “supergroups”, in which it is possible to get an unlimited number of participants in a group . The number of participants can increase dramatically after each group update.

It is possible to create and send anonymous posts in microblogs. You also have the option to post lots of clips within minutes on different public channels. The videos are accessible from the URL link, even for Internet users who have not yet subscribed to a Telegram channel . It is possible to create content from any social network. One of the main metrics by which to judge the quality of a channel is the number of views on a Telegram post.

It is possible to get views on a Telegram post by regularly posting new posts. However, it is necessary to be careful that your avatar is as indicative as possible. Remember to experiment, come up with new content, and make sure your channel doesn’t get boring. Remember that people love change, but it needs to be done smartly so that you don’t lose a lot of subscribers.


Obviously, there is great public potential on social media right now, and in particular on Telegram. These are increasingly used and demanded. But this is just the start and instant messengers like Telegram now offer many benefits. New features are used more and more and are developing more and more quickly. That is why Telegram we are keen in the near future to work with Telegram.

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