The 18 essential tools for a community manager

The 18 essential tools for a community manager

Discover the tools of community managers. Obtain a list of simple tools for community managers. List of effective cm tools.

I’ll tell you right away.

Here you will not find a list of 100 community manager tools of which you will not use half.

We have favored quality over quantity, to offer you only the essential tools. So you don’t have to sort it out.

However, to make sure you have enough items, we will offer you alternatives or equivalents.

Here is the list of community manager tools:

Community manager tools to manage social networks.

The management of social networks is a primary task in the missions of a community manager. He must therefore have the right tools to succeed in this mission. Here they are :


Instagram automation and management tool . This will allow you to schedule your Instagram posts, but not only that.

Thanks to it, you will also be able to accelerate the development of your Instagram community in an organic way. Find out here how to make yourself known on Instagram.

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Alternative communication tool for multi-network publishing.

Community manager tools to manage your email campaigns.

Email campaigns are formidable tools for animating a community and engaging leads. Use the right cm tools to make your job easier and be productive.


Reference tool for managing your email campaigns .

With it, creating effective campaigns has never seemed so easy. You must have it in your community manager toolbox .

outils community instagram ActiveCampaign


Alternative tool for managing your email campaigns. It offers basically the same features as ActiveCampaign, but in a less intuitive way for my taste.

Community manager tools to stay organized.

What would a community manager be if he did not know how to organize himself. Here are the tools to use to help you with this task.


Indispensable to facilitate communication with the people with whom you collaborate.

The tool is free and easy to use. Don’t hesitate to use it daily to communicate. This is easier than emails or a Facebook conversation.


Perhaps one of the most powerful management tools I can recommend to you.

Notion can make it easy for you to do everything.

  • Create schedules
  • Assign tasks
  • Evaluate the progress of your missions
  • Create to-do lists
  • Share files or links.
  • Etc.

The tool of the community manager par excellence if I may say so.

outils community instagram notion


Trello is an alternative to Notion (sort of), but with far fewer options.

It allows you to easily manage the progress of your tasks and also to follow the progress of that of your collaborators in case you are working with other people.

Creation tools for community managers.

Being a community manager is also creating visual content . So here are the right tools.


We have already covered this in several of the articles on our blog. Do we still have to present Canva?

This CM tool will allow you to easily create visuals in any format.

You can then simply publish them on the networks via the tools seen at the beginning of this article.

InDesign Photoshop

We are dealing here with much more advanced tools, which will allow you, like Canva, to create visuals for your social networks. However, learning these tools remains more complex.


Sketch is a easy to use mockup tool. He is sort of in between between InDesign and Canva.


In managing your social networks, you will necessarily need quality photos and royalty free. Unsplash is there for that and you will inevitably find what you are looking for.

outils community instagram Unsplash


I think you already know it, you can already use it on Instagram and Facebook via chats or stories.

Giphy allows you to share gifs. A great way to diversify your communication and convey emotions to your community.

Here is also a link to discover more tools to make visuals for free.

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Community manager tools for website.

Today, the majority of communication is now done online. It is therefore important that you know how to manage and optimize websites.


If you are not a developer, WordPress will make it easy for you to create your site online. If 30% of online sites are WordPress, there is a reason, right?


Semrush will not allow you to develop a website, but rather ensure that it is visited.

Indeed, this is the SEO tool we recommend for defining your keywords, optimizing your content and generally bringing traffic to your website.

Community manager tools to analyze and optimize.

How can you improve your content if you don’t analyze its performance? Here are the CM tools that will allow you to analyze your campaigns .


Community manager tool which will allow you to analyze the performance of your campaigns on the networks. You know, it is essential to know your audience to succeed in communicating the right messages . Well, that’s what this tool is for you.


The benchmark CM tool for monitoring online . Whether for blogs, social networks, forums or others. Mention monitors everything for you.

outils community instagram mention

Google analytics

Google analytics is a classic and I’d be surprised you didn’t know it already. But we owe it to you to include him in this list of community manager tools .

Consider using all of its features to analyze your web traffic and optimize your pages and your acquisition.

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