The 20 best Instagram tips used by influencers

The 20 best Instagram tips used by influencers

Discover all the Instagram tips to better use your application. Simple and little-known Instagram photo tips. And how to post well on Instagram, the tips.

Already implementing the basic Instagram tips for your account success and want to know more innovative Instagram tips ?

We have listed for you tips and methods that will help you improve the quality of your content (especially for your Instagram stories) and the management of your account. You are ready ? So let’s go !

These tips are however complementary to your instagram automation. If you haven’t automated your account yet, don’t waste any more time and start developing your insta community now with your 3-day free trial.

Summary of Instagram tips that you will discover:

Instagram tips for stories:

Have a plain background in Instagram story

Take a photo of anything at random or select a photo from your photo library.

story instagram comment avoir un fond uni

Next, click on the drawing pencil icon and hover over the color of your choice. Then, tap and hold your finger. The background will turn into a solid monochrome color , which is perfect if you need to write a quick message, make it stand out, while aligning it with the color palette. from your previous stories.

Instagram tip: more colors on your stories

Did you know that you can have more colors than the 27 base colors offered in Instagram Stories? You can even have the whole rainbow of colors if you want!

Here’s the trick:

story instagram avoir plus de couleurs

To get them you need to click on that drawing pencil again, then click on any color that is offered to you and hold your finger . In a second, you will see a large palette of gradient colors for you to choose from. Keep your finger glued to the screen, while moving it from right to left until you find the color you want to use.

This is a cool instagram trick that you can also use for your text background.

3D effect on story texts

Although technically there is no 3D effect on story texts , you can simulate it so well that it looks as real as it is real.

First, click on the icon of our favorite drawing pencil. Write the word (or phrase) you want, in one of the fonts offered. Pick a color and place the text where it needs to be.

Now you need to rewrite the exact same word (or phrase), but choose a different color. Then place the text above the first word, but slightly to the side, so that you can see the background font. They are actually two overlapping fonts.

The result:

story instagram effet 3D

A tip for easier zooming

If you don’t know this Instagram trick yet, this one will literally change your life. Do you think that in order to zoom on Instagram , you should always use two fingers to touch the screen and zoom out? Well no.

When you start recording a story, press the record button and slide your finger up the screen to zoom in easily.

Rotate the screen instantly

Have you ever wondered how influencers spin the screen super fast , when they are recording stories or when they are live?

Well you just have to double tap the screen while you are recording, and your phone will be using the face camera from the next second!

instaboss promo

Change the font of your stories

Although Stories officially only offer 5 fonts , there is a little trick to bypass it and add more fonts to your content .

First of all, make sure your Safari (or Chrome) browser is open on your phone.

Then open the Instagram app, go to stories and select (but don’t upload) the photo you want to share with your instagram followers.

Then go back to your browser and open this website:

There, select the option “Fancy Text” and type what you want to say on your post. This text will automatically be transformed into several fonts , you just have to scroll down, choose what you like and click on “copy”. You can then return and paste it on your stories.

There you go!

style de police story instagram

You now have a story with a text font that no one else has! Pretty cool as an Instagram trick, isn’t it?

Also find out how to change the handwriting of your Instagram bio.

Animating fonts on stories

Now you know how to use different fonts for your Instagram Stories, but do you know how to make them lively?

To do this, download HypeType, an Instagram application to add animated texts to your photos. It is very easy to use. See this article for more Instagram apps

hypetype application animer story

Use your image’s color scheme for a fun letter background

Any cool Instagrammer knows how important it is to have a visually consistent theme.. A good Instagram tip for Stories is to create unique backgrounds for your fonts, based on the color scheme of the photo you’re posting.

To do this, you must use the same technique with the drawing pen, described previously. To do this :

Select the photo you want to display and think of a word you want to write. It can be something short and simple.

Click on the text icon (“Aa”) in the upper right corner and type the very first letter of the word . Make sure the font is sharp, classic, or typewriter.

Add a background to the letter by clicking on the icon at the top left then click on the drawing pen icon and you will see a small tool window appear . As you move the tool around the photo, the background of the letter will change, depending on where you stop.

Go to the next one, until you type the word, letter by letter.

It might seem like a long time at first, but it’s faster than you might think. If you don’t know how to post well on Instagram, this is a great tip.

story instagram amusante

Create shadow / rainbow text effect

Warning: this instagram trick may require finger gymnastics. But once you have practiced enough creating a bright rainbow or subtle shadow, the text effect will be a piece of cake!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Write your text.
  • Select all of your text.
  • Hold your right thumb on any color from the suggested color palette.
  • Hold your left thumb over the text cursor.
  • Slide both fingers simultaneously to the left.
  • Your letters will change color.

effet arc en ciel story instagram

Change stickers

Ok, this instagram trick is relatively straightforward, but in case you didn’t know: you can actually change Instagram stickers on Stories by tapping on them. They change either position or color.

In Stories, you can ALWAYS tap anything to slightly change the look of the stickers. Don’t forget this simple Instagram trick to differentiate yourself!

To improve the quality of your posts and learn how to post well on instagram do not hesitate to read our article dedicated to instagram photo tips.

Make hashtags invisible on your stories

Adding hashtags to your Stories is one of the best Instagram growth tips. If you do, you increase your chances of being featured for the hashtags you use, which ultimately increases your visibility and can attract new followers to you.

A lot of people refrain from using hashtags in stories because they seem a bit spammy. However, if I told you that you can make them invisible, would you use ALL of them?

Here’s the trick:

  • As always, select the photo you want to share
  • Type any hashtag
  • Place it on a corner with a plain background
  • Select the hashtag
  • Tap on the drawing pencil icon
  • Drag the pen across the screen, as close as possible to the background of the hashtag, until the hashtag matches that background.

story instagram rendre hashtag invicible

You can also superimpose the stickers so that your hahstags are hidden by a poll for example.

Instagram tips to boost your account:

Interact 15 min before and after posting

As you probably know, the Instagram algorithm LOVES engagement , especially in the first half hour after posting your posts. High engagement means the algorithm immediately recognizes that the post is something worth showing to the whole community, so more eyes can see it.

Influencers know this too, and sometimes they use a little trick to get attention to their latest post. Many of them interact with other posts for 15 minutes before posting their post and 15 minutes after .

They visit their hashtags, like the photos of their subscribers, comment on publications in their theme, etc.

Before considering this activity as spam, you should know that it arouses interest : “who is this person? And want to check the profile back. Typically, that translates into liking at least one photo from the feed and it’s usually the very first one they see.

Try it! This is one of the best Instagram tips which you can try to increase your engagement and reach. And if you find it taking too long, you can also consider automating your Instagram actions.

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Tip for hiding hashtags in description

Hashtags are an essential Instagram tool for your expansion on Instagram.

However, it is better to hide your cloud of hashtags from your community. To do this, you can post your hahstags as the first comment of your post so that it is less visible.

However, your readers can still see this huge list of hashtags as your very first comment, so while it looks more aesthetic, it’s still not perfect. The solution ?

Place your hashtags in parentheses […].

How? When you are about to paste your pre-searched hashtags type five dots in lines just before your hashtag block.

Like this:

story instagram avoir plus de couleurs0

As soon as you post this comment, Instagram will hide your hashtags in parentheses […], making them appear crisp and correct!

Use multiple Instagram accounts

A lot of people have multiple Instagram accounts. Whether you are a business, which owns more than one brand, or a social media manager, which manages more than one Instagram account, the truth is, we all have access to more profiles. So why not enjoy it ? You can, be logged into a maximum of 5 Instagram accounts on a single device.

As soon as you’ve posted something, change your Instagram account, go back to your profile with the new post, leave a comment that looks like you and feels real and authentic. It will increase your engagement.

This little Instagram trick will only give you an extra boost. You can facilitate the management of your different accounts via Instaboss.

Instagram tip for adding line breaks to your caption

Adding line breaks to captions is what differentiates an insta novice from an insta pro.

It’s not that easy to do. Some well-known brands and celebrities just don’t know how. Why ? Because the Instagram app just isn’t designed for it.

But there is a trick for this:

  • Open your Notes app on your phone.
  • Type these parentheses: […] (without the dots inside).
  • Put a lot of extra space between these parentheses.
  • Write your caption.
  • When you want to go to line copy and paste the space between the parentheses you created.
  • Drag the pen across the screen, as close as possible to the background of the hashtag, until the hashtag matches that background.

There you go! No need to add points anymore!

instaboss promo

Tag everyone in the same corner

One of the best Instagram tips you can do to speed up account growth is tagging.

Indeed, the fact of tagging another Instagram account on your photos is an excellent way to make yourself known, because it increases your visibility AND puts you in front of your eyes. ‘a brand or influencer that you want to impress.

However, as with hashtags, if you tag too many people your photo will look extremely junk if someone taps on your photo and sees a lot of tags scattered around.

What you can do is tag usernames in the same corner, you can literally drag usernames to move them around the screen. So all the brands and influencers labeled will be in one tidy corner. You won’t look like spam, and still get the extra visibility you’re looking for! If you want to become popular on Instagram, check out this article.

story instagram avoir plus de couleurs2

Change his username so that it appears in more search results.

If you’re a brand that no one knows (yet), with too low engagement to guarantee that your content gets recommended or shows up in Top Hashtags, how can your new followers find you?

The answer is simple, by typing the keywords in the search bar.

To be found this way, you need to spruce up your Instagram bio by adding a target keyword to your instagram username, like influencer Vegan @ aniahimsa, by including “vegan” in its bio. So people typing “vegan” in Instagram search will find it:

story instagram avoir plus de couleurs3

So if you’re a sportswear, jewelry, or any other brand, add a specific keyword to your bio! This is one of the easiest, but also the most effective Instagram tips for growing your Instagram account .

Post customer reviews or user content.

Posting customer reviews or user content on your feed can be very rewarding for your community. Use this instagram trick to increase your engagement and bring real added value .

Your community will then feel valued and your results will be even better. Your subscribers might even start posting content about you on a recurring basis, hoping to appear on your account. A great way to increase your visibility.

Reply to all comments.

This tip may seem obvious, but is not always followed. This is why we re-specify it here.

You must respond to all comments made to you (to the extent possible of course). Responding to comments will show your community that you care about them and that their comments are being taken into account.

It might even encourage them to comment again or tell their friends about you by saying you’ve replied to them. It is therefore essential.

Post citations.

You can post quotes to inspire your community. Indeed, quotes have vocations to be inspiring and offer a vision in which everyone identifies more or less.

Sharing quotes on your account will allow you to motivate and inspire your community which will only become more engaged.

This can also lead to a certain amount of debate in the comments, which boosts your engagement and allows you to be highlighted by the Instagram algorithm.

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