The 4 basics to promote your business on Instagram

The 4 basics to promote your business on Instagram

How to promote your company, trade, brand for free? Using Instagram to advertise your business is a great way to increase your brand awareness. Discover 4 ideas to promote your business.

Over 90 million photos are posted on Instagram every day. This is a flow of content almost impossible to imagine. It is therefore obvious for brands but also for artisans, designers and service providers to ensure that take advantage of the extraordinary potential that the social network offers in terms of visibility and trying to promote your business on it .

It should be noted, however, that this is a very competitive space. To differentiate yourself from your competitors , you should opt for the appearance and visual quality of the content published, but also to highlight your achievements , your services and your completed projects . This is the best way to promote your product or business.

You still have to know how to proceed. So what are the strategies to adopt to get noticed on Instagram? How to showcase your achievements on Instagram? Here are some tips for successfully posting engaging content . We present to you the 4 bases to respect, to be known on Instagram:

Why is it important to promote your product on instagram?

To promote your business, it is as important to invest in your own communication on Instagram as it is on your website or Facebook account. Indeed, you must take the time to tell your creative process, expose the advantages of your services or make visible the quality of your services and your achievements .

Whatever your sector of activity or your profession, it is essential to take care and invest time in this type of communication to promote your activity and make your products. Whether you are an architect, a landscaper, a decorator, a designer of lighting design, a craftsman, a cabinetmaker, a wedding planner, a pastry chef, a home computer repair company or even a locksmith, it is essential to communicate about your best achievements on Instagram . This communication will promote your business for free.

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If you have chosen to be present on Instagram by posting about your products and services, you must first understand and understand the dynamics of this ecosystem. Your goal should not be limited to sales , your presence on Instagram should “be cultivated”. To do this, it is essential to invest the necessary time in it, but above all to show consistency. If you can’t allocate enough time for it, automate your Instagram account to make it easier for your community to grow.

You can also find out how to market yourself as a craftsman on Instagram.

Have a complete Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile is a real showcase. It is essential to fill in all the available fields to have a beautiful Instagram feed. The first step is to choose a business account that allows you to know your audience better through statistics . Choose a username that identifies your brand, a profile title that complements it, and an overview of your business in just a few lines.

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Pay attention avoid too many repetitions because space is limited. And do not forget the contact details and the link of your site to allow the user to be able to have more information on your products, your services, your achievements and to be able to acquire your products via your e-shop or to subscribe to your services, make an appointment or request a quote online.

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Use hashtags to make yourself known

In order to increase and optimize your visibility on Instagram to market your business, it is essential to use this technique. Using hashtags allows you to appear on pages other than your own and reach more users. This consists of accompanying your posts with simple but relevant words by adding the pound sign. This allows relationships to be created between certain posts generally having the same theme on Instagram.

Better to avoid generic tags , but instead focus on those that are the most used by your target .

There are some sites to find the most popular hashtags by subject, but it is also useful to manually check which ones are most relevant. Then there are the Insights that allow you to assess, over time, which are the most effective and which to focus on. Here is an article dedicated to the smart use of hashtags.

Post photos using filters on Instagram

First of all, photograph your work and accomplishments as you finalize projects or work. It is also fundamental to take photographs that enhance them. For this you will need clear and bright images that focus on the product or on all the visual aspects that can highlight your completed projects.

To improve the aesthetics of your Instagram posts and make your profile more attractive, you must post harmonious images with consistent and consistent color combinations.

Post Instagram Stories

Although these are ephemeral posts with a visibility limit of 24 hours, the importance of Instagram Stories cannot be overlooked. It may seem paradoxical, but this space inherited from Snapchat represents a complementary way to increase its visibility and promote your products or your business.

You can also increase the interaction with your targets by accompanying your Instagram Stories with quizzes or surveys. In this way, you can make users and potential customers an integral part of the creative process, involve them more and thus make them even more likely to purchase.


Now you know how to showcase your business on Instagram, so you can get started with growing your Instagram account and harnessing the full power of this social network. If you do not feel quite comfortable using this tool, you can purchase our dedicated Instagram guide, which will provide you with a simple and methodological guide to all the best practices for developing your Instagram account.

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