The first investment in SMM or How I bought a Vkontakte group

The first investment in SMM or How I bought a Vkontakte group

I think many would like to create a business that does not take much personal time, but at the same time bring money to its owner. I am constantly looking for similar business ideas and, in my opinion, business on VKontakte groups is just that.

The scheme is as follows:
– A group with significant activity and a large number of subscribers is bought
– An editor is hired who posts content on the topic of the group
– Applications are accepted for placing advertisements from the VK exchange, and simply from personal messages


It should be borne in mind that a completely self-organized business in this area costs from 1.5 to 2 million rubles. Such a group already earns 200-300t.r., which means that part of the profit goes to all the necessary workers, that is, the editor and advertising manager. If the group is smaller and costs, say, 150-500t.r., then here the volume of income will be from 15 to 50 tr., That is, if you want to earn all the money yourself, then you have to rivet the posts and advertise yourself. Or take one assistant and share the work with him – that’s what I did.


I chose my first group to buy on my favorite forum:

I liked a community called “Men’s Talk” with a price tag of 195k. For some time I just watched the lot and the author gradually reduced the price to 175k, so I decided to buy it for 170t.r., Although I think I could have bought it even cheaper.

I’m not used to trusting the “novoreg” on the forum, so they decided to carry out the deal through the guarantor. Since I did not understand the topic, I asked for advice with whom I could work on the forum, and I was introduced to a forum member with the nickname Pantion. After studying his history and talking about a possible purchase, I realized that this person is deeply versed in this business, so that I can completely trust him.


At the same time, I continue to be wary of various hidden threats associated with the purchase of the group, so I meticulously looked for where they could deceive me, could they then return the group, saying that I stole it, etc. In my paranoia, I went so far as to ask the seller to write me a receipt stating that she was selling the group voluntarily and to take a picture with this receipt and a passport.

As a result, the deal went through without problems, I took over the group and transferred the accounts of the group owner and administrator to my new phone numbers. I had to pay 5% of the deal to the guarantor, but I secured the deal from all sides.

After purchase

When the deal closed, I quickly hired an editor for the group, who continued to fill the public with the necessary content. We decided to post every hour from 8 am to 2 am and it costs me 4200 rubles a month. I happily agreed to this price, as I expected to earn 15-20k promised in the topic.

I realized my miscalculation almost immediately, while I was paranoid about whether the group would be taken away from me – I did not pay attention to the main thing – money and statistics. There was no confirmation of such income, and as soon as the deal was completed, the traffic in the group dropped by 2 times.

When I took control, a strange message like: “go vp”, “go”, “gogo” still continued to pour in to me. It turned out that the traffic was supported due to the fact that the group owner was actively exchanging reposts with thematic communities. The so-called VP, that is, mutual repost. I had no idea what it was, so in the end I still don’t do anything like that.

First steps

1. I already wrote that the first thing I did was hire an editor. In my opinion, this is a competent decision, but only taking into account the fact that it is necessary to monitor the public’s reaction to certain posts and adjust its work.
2. There were few applications from the official VK exchange, so I added the group to the exchange as well, and also changed the administrator’s contacts to my personal page in order to quickly respond to incoming advertising offers.
3. I started experimenting with finding optimal settings, changed the community theme from “Entertainment” to “Business”, because the content was suitable for both, and the rates in business were higher.
4. I set the price on the exchange at 199r / post, and manually sell for 400r / post. So far, this approach works, but I will collect statistics and draw conclusions in a month or two.


What I learned for myself:
1. We buy the community ONLY with the account of the creator (owner), otherwise this owner can take the community at any time.
2. If the creator’s account has a real name and surname – take a receipt from this person, otherwise he will be able to return the community with a passport through the support.
3. Officially, VK does not support the market for buying / selling communities, so it is better not to write to the open support that you bought or sold a public one. They can block. Especially large.
4. It is necessary to check not only the honesty of the seller, but mainly the data on profits and statistics.

Thanks for your attention, it was Fimkin
Create financial flows and live happily.

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