The future of influencer marketing: new trends in 2020

The future of influencer marketing: new trends in 2020

The future of influencer marketing, at least by 2020, will be booming to become a $ 8 billion industry. Analyzing the data of Fohr, an Influencer marketing platform, interesting news emerges for the next year!

The future of influencer marketing: what will change in 2020

In 2020 there will be decisive changes regarding influencer marketing. From the characters of the captiont and hashtags , to the frequency of the publications: in this article you will find all the news!


When it comes to creating an Instagram-worthy editorial plan, you know that creating perfect content takes time and effort.
Especially for influencers, each post has an impact on their engagement rate and the overall aesthetics of the feed.
Also, with IGTVs and the growing popularity of Instagram Stories, influencers tend to post to the feed less frequently .
According to Fohr , a platform for Influencer marketing, the habits of influencers regarding publishing are changing. In fact, for 2020, Fohr expects influencers to post on their profile only twice a week !
Il futuro dell'Influencer marketing: nuovi trends nel 2020
However, there is an exception to this trend.
Influencers with 250-500,000 followers are expected will increase the frequency of publication in 2020.
Il futuro dell'Influencer marketing: nuovi trends nel 2020
Influencers like Victoria of @ InTheFrow , they post almost daily, which gives them a strong edge over their Instagram competitors, simply because their posts appear more often in their followers’ feeds.
Il futuro dell'Influencer marketing: nuovi trends nel 2020

For brands, this can make a real difference when it comes to deciding who to work with on a campaign or project.


Instagram, the social visual par excellence, is mainly focused on graphics : consistent aesthetics and high-quality photography are a must.
But for some time also Instagram captions have been at the center of the scene, especially for influencers. Through the long captions you can give more information on sponsored products and therefore the influencers tell and tell each other: and you know, users are also attracted by this!
Il futuro dell'Influencer marketing: nuovi trends nel 2020
According to Fohr la average copy length has more than doubled since 2016.
And by 2020, captions will have an average length of 405 characters, which averages 65-70 words!


Instagram has undergone many changes over the past year, including new features, tools and a completely new video platform.
But one thing has remained the same: the importance of hashtags !
It cannot be denied that the use of relevant and targeted hashtags is still one of the best ways to be discovered by a new audience on Instagram.
And for brands that work with influencers, this can translate into more engagement , more followers and more customers .
Il futuro dell'Influencer marketing: nuovi trends nel 2020
Fohr has been reviewing influencer posts over the past 4 years, and has learned that the average number of hashtags has almost quadrupled!
After this analysis, the data shows that a higher number of hashtags actually equates to a higher engagement rate!
Il futuro dell'Influencer marketing: nuovi trends nel 2020
So it’s worth the time and effort to find the perfect hashtags to use on your posts!

Publishing times, “when to post”?

From Los Angeles to Sydney, millions of Instagram posts were reviewed to figure out the best time to post.
After this long and careful analysis, Fohr revealed the best universal times to publish a post.
Here is a brief summary:

  • Los Angeles: 8:00 PST ( 16:00 UTC )
  • New York: 11:00 EST ( 16:00 UTC )
  • London: 19:00 GMT ( 19:00 UTC )
  • Sydney: 8:00 AEDT ( 21:00 UTC )

These posting time benchmarks are a great place to start, but it’s important to find out what your best times are based on your audience, to get more engagement.

High involvement rate for micro-influencers

Using a strong strategy for influencer marketing is a real resource for brands that want to grow on Instagram.
Now more than ever, brands and companies invest a large portion of their budgets in influencer marketing, simply because, if done right, it works!
And after analyzing the posts of influencers, the data speaks for itself: it is the micro-influencers who have the highest engagement rates (on average 7% ) on their posts!
In fact, influencers with 0-25K followers have higher engagement rates, regardless of their gender, target audience, or industry.
Il futuro dell'Influencer marketing: nuovi trends nel 2020

Macro-influencers and sponsored contents

Influencer marketing will become more popular in 2020, as both brands and influencers have understood its importance.
But for businesses that means paying close attention to how often their chosen influencers post sponsored posts in the feed.
Although not inherently “negative”, the risk of having too much sponsored content could lead to content saturation.
None only wants to see collaborative posts. Otherwise partnerships may seem less authentic to an influencer’s audience.
After analyzing influencer feeds consisting of numerous sponsored posts, Fohr found that influencers with higher number of followers publish more content about collaborations.
Il futuro dell'Influencer marketing: nuovi trends nel 2020
But from a logical perspective this makes sense. As an influencer gains popularity they are more likely to be discovered by brands and companies for their campaigns.
However, Fohr pointed out two big exceptions to this trend that brands can leverage:

  • Influencers between 50-75,000 followers on Instagram post more sponsored content.
  • The percentage of sponsored content starts to drop when an influencer’s followers exceed 200K.

So when you’re looking for the perfect influencer to work with, it’s worth reviewing the sponsored posts that are already in their feed, as well as the number of followers.
If you see sporadic sponsored posts, you are probably facing an influencer you can collaborate with; m a If you see tons of #ad in their feed, you may want to choose a different person.
Consider also include Instagram Stories and IGTV videos or to work on a long-term project that establishes strong loyalty company-influencer-follower.
The future of the influencer marketing shows no signs of slowing down, so for 2020 consider including a good influencer marketing campaign in your business strategy. If structured well it will be a success!

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