The hashtags on Youtube. How to use and familiarize yourself with them

The hashtags on Youtube. How to use and familiarize yourself with them

The desire to turn to one of the most popular and profitable video blogging services on the net is back: Youtube. Like almost all social networks, the famous Youtube video platform allows all of its users to post hashtags in their video projects. It’s the hashtags that in many ways help promote your content productively.

The video service decided to introduce hashtags on Youtube two years ago, in 2016. However, this tool has not become very popular when compared with the hashtags used on other social networks such as Facebook, Vk or Instagram.

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Perhaps the low popularity of Youtube hashtags is due to the fact that few people know that it is possible to use them for promotional purposes? Or do they not believe in their miraculous help? How to choose the right hashtags on Youtube?

Definition of hashtags and search method

A lot of people know what hashtags are and on a lot of social media it doesn’t even bother to explain them anymore. All you need to know is that hashtags often consist of a few words to describe the type and subject of the content, and in a simple and understandable way in order to guide research in social networks. / p>

Les hashtags sur Youtube. Comment les utiliser et s’y familiariser

In its structure, a hashtag is a word or phrase (without spaces), preceded by a #. So, in order to find a video on a particular topic, it is necessary to type the most obvious word related to the topic and the system will automatically provide you with a list of results ranking the videos according to a specific criterion. You can choose this criterion yourself, such as popularity, publication date or subscriber comments.

Hashtags are therefore necessary in order to facilitate and reduce as much as possible the search for videos according to a particular topic. Videos can therefore be grouped into different categories depending on the hashtags they use.

It is essential to use hashtags directly in the description or in the title of a video. Youtube tells you that on any video content hashtags are clickable links although this is only possible for hashtags in the descriptions. There are therefore two ways to search on Youtube.

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Here is an example, a user is viewing a sewing video and wants to find another video on the topic without using the “same content” category. Nothing could be easier, just click on the hashtag #couture and a list of identical videos will appear. In addition, these markers can also be used directly during an ordinary search.

How to promote a video using hashtags

Once your video has uploaded, insert # before the words in your description to create hashtags.

There is one important thing to know: you can create hashtags in Russian or English. Use spaces to separate your hashtags. Do exactly as in other social networks.

The more hashtags you have, the better. However, be careful not to abuse it as you can get banned, fined or otherwise sanctioned. It is best to be content with 5 to 7 words related to the theme and allowing you to orient yourself correctly.

Some Youtube rules on hashtags

  1. Repetitions and tags. Youtube prohibits the use of the same word or phrase over and over again, and tags are the same.
  2. Deception. Most popular or clickable tags are only allowed if they are related to the video.
  3. Spam. Youtube limits the number of hashtags to 15.
  4. Gaps. Nothing could be simpler here, the hashtag is always a full word.
  5. Insults. Insults are prohibited in hashtags.
  6. 18+. It is prohibited to use hashtags redirecting to sexually explicit content. Videos of a sexual nature are indeed prohibited on Youtube but there are still Internet users using the 18+ hashtags in order to get more views.
  7. Propaganda. It is forbidden to use words of a discriminatory nature. Be tolerant when choosing your hashtags.
  8. Threats. Insults, threats and other evidence of overt assault are also prohibited.

Les hashtags sur Youtube. Comment les utiliser et s’y familiariser

Here are all the recommendations and rules accessible from the support category

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Of course, you can use popular hashtags (if they relate to the video), but how can you be sure people will choose your video in particular?

To work around this problem, use less frequently used hashtags. It is possible to use specialized services responsible for selecting the necessary hashtags. You can also do this yourself by searching for tags and counting the number of videos associated with the results. It is also possible to use specialized tools.

One of the most used helpers is, automatically finding hashtags based on how often they are used. In addition, the most interesting hashtags will be highlighted.

It is also possible to use the most used hashtags on other social networks, but the most important thing is to choose popular hashtags.

In general, to promote your channel and videos, it is necessary to simply follow the rules of the Youtube service and to use more or less popular keywords for the description of your video content. As we have seen, hashtags can play a particularly important role in the development of your channel. However, you need to be careful about them if you want them to be really useful. Use a quality Youtube promotion that will not only increase the number of subscribers, but also your position in the Youtube rankings.

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