The hype has passed, and the social network Clubhouse lives on: rooms, moderators and invitations to the Clubhouse

Does the clubhouse still exist? Who are the moderators at Clubhouse? How do I create a Clubhouse room? What are bionicles, how to get into the club house and become a moderator in the Clubhouse? You will find answers to these and other questions in our article about the Clubhouse.

Two months ago, there was a rumor about the new social network Clubhouse, but now no one remembers it. People who have not received an invitation ask themselves the question “What is happening with the Clubhouse now?”.

And now the “sensational” social network takes first place in the top downloadable applications for IOS, although at the beginning of 2021 the Clubhouse was only in twelfth place.

Clubhouse is the first social network where users can immerse themselves in voice communication. Previously, there was no way to focus solely on dialogue. A good time for the announcement of the social network also played a role: the pandemic limited offline communication, therefore, the requirements for the quality of the format of conversations on the Internet increased.

Due to the fact that not everyone can get into the Clubhouse, it is difficult to understand what is happening inside this social network.

Хайп прошел, а социальная сеть Clubhouse живет: комнаты, модераторы и приглашения в Клабхаус

Functionality of the Clubhouse social network

Unlike usual communication services, in the Clubhouse conversations take place in virtual rooms. These spaces fall into two categories:

  • Closed – you can join only by a special invitation or by a link. The topic for discussion is no longer fixed, since only the participants have access. In closed rooms, there are friendly conversations about plans for the weekend or discussions of projects between classmates.
  • Open – here no one knows how the participants in the dialogue will behave. You can witness various discussions between media personalities. Open rooms can accommodate no more than eight thousand people.

As mentioned earlier, communication at the Clubhouse takes place in a voice format. You can listen to the conversation only in the room, after the completion of its recording, it does not remain, and streams to other platforms are not supported. You can participate in the dialogue as a speaker, moderator and listener.

Speakers are the creators of the room or the users invited to this role. Listeners also have the opportunity to speak, but only with the permission of the moderator, that is, the creator of the room.

Also in the Clubhouse there are clubs with various themes, where users create discussion rooms. Scheduled conversations come from either notifications or invitations. Sessions can also be announced through reposts on Facebook and Twitter. The built-in calendar will help you record your scheduled broadcasts.

Хайп прошел, а социальная сеть Clubhouse живет: комнаты, модераторы и приглашения в Клабхаус

Clubhouse: how to register and receive an invitation

This social network can only be accessed from registered users. These restrictions prevent bots from interfering and also pique the interest of others. Since the users who received the invitation acquire a certain status of a member of a special society. All this contributes to the growing popularity of this Internet space.

Initially, authorized users received only two invites that they could share with friends, however, later their number increased. People even started selling these invitations, valuing them at 500-1000 rubles.

How is registration going: you enter your own phone number, FI, and nickname. In the event that the invitation has already been received, you will have access to all the functions of the social network. If the invite has not been sent yet, you need to wait until someone from your acquaintances does it. Then your data will be transferred to the “waiting list”, and a notification about this will be sent to friends through other social networks.

The application is available for both iPhone users and Android owners. Initially, only iPhone owners could get into the Clubhouse. It is advisable not to hesitate with filling your account: choose an avatar, write about your interests, as in the usual social networks. You can also use emoticons for decoration. The better your profile is, the easier it will be to join the company.

Хайп прошел, а социальная сеть Clubhouse живет: комнаты, модераторы и приглашения в Клабхаус

Looking for rooms and speakers in the Clubhouse

After registration, you will be presented with a list of friends using the Clubhouse. If you want, you can customize the themes, based on which, the application will offer you rooms. In addition, you are offered a list of some of the Clubhouse speakers, you can subscribe and receive notifications from them.

Then you will be taken to the main page, where you will be shown the rooms in which the broadcast is taking place. You can see the number of people in it: both speakers and listeners, find out the topic of the discussion. To enter a room, touch its card. A hidden room will allow you to talk with someone of the participants in the conversation in private: create one and invite the user there.

Хайп прошел, а социальная сеть Clubhouse живет: комнаты, модераторы и приглашения в Клабхаус

Manage Clubhouse Rooms

The developers of the application have done everything for comfortable and pleasant communication. This social network has the ability to build a queue of performances. In order not to interrupt the speaker, some of the participants in the conversation turn off the microphone.

There is an icon with a microphone icon on the screen: click on it to turn the sound on or off. If you want to be able to join the discussion and turn on the microphone, use the raise your hand icon so that the speaker or moderator will know about the desire to speak.

After the moderator allows you to “go on stage,” you can start talking. We recommend that you wait for the silence in the room to be heard. You can leave the room silently by clicking on the “leave with silence” icon.

To leave the room in a show of respect for the participants in the conversation, tap the “leave quietly” button (the hand representing the “victory” sign). Swipe right if you want to send a room to the block: press “hiden” and it will no longer be displayed in the search engine. Swipe left to go to your friends list.

Keep in mind that users are banned for hooliganism and delinquency. If you get banned, you will not be able to open your rooms, and access to other functions will remain unchanged.

How to become a Clubhouse moderator

First, let’s consolidate your idea of ​​the rooms: their participants are arranged in 3 rows. Upper – moderators and speakers. Medium – Subscriptions of the conversation organizers. Below are the listeners.

Now let’s open the concept of a moderator. The Clubhouse Moderator is the main organizer of the dialogue, whose responsibilities include selecting speakers, choosing a topic for a conversation, turning users’ microphones on and off, and enforcing community guidelines. To conduct discussions in a room with a large number of participants, several people of similar position are required. For a peaceful conversation, invite reliable people as moderators.

So, the position of the moderator can be obtained either by invitation or by opening your room.

How to create a Clubhouse room

Set the settings and select “start a room”. There are 3 types of rooms:

  • Open – a room open to all users.
  • Social – a room for conversations on certain topics, the listeners in which are those who are subscribed to the moderators.
  • Closed – private conversations are held in rooms of this type, you can enter it only by invitation.

Also, users have the ability to create club rooms (they are distinguished by the green house icon next to the name). These rooms are part of associations – clubs. One club can consist of many themed rooms. Each user can join 1 club.

Club house

How to create your own club house? Since this feature is new, it won’t be easy to do. You need to send an application to the forum with information about the name of the club, its focus, time zone, days of organizing conversations, email address. mail, creator name and description. Optionally, in addition to this, you can attach an original survey for those who want to become part of the club.

Хайп прошел, а социальная сеть Clubhouse живет: комнаты, модераторы и приглашения в Клабхаус

Bionicles and other oddities of the Clubhouse

During the existence of the social network, many interesting events have happened in it. For example, among the first in the Clubhouse were registered a considerable number of info-gypsies who distribute info-products.

Another event was the opening of a group of bionicle lovers (these are Lego figures that were released twenty years ago). In it, users come up with various stories about the characters from this collection and exchange experiences.

Clubhouse Life Hacks

Let’s share a few things that will help make this social network easier to use.

  • Conversations in the room can be listened to in the background: people who do this for a long time are called “sleeping”. The moderator can expel the “sleeping” participant from the room to restore their focus on dialogue or to allow them to enjoy their sleep.
  • There are no private messages in the Clubhouse, however, you can still communicate using text: add a description to your avatar so that people in the room can see it.
  • Once again, we remind you that Clubhouse does not provide the ability to save a recording of the conversation. But a voice recorder or screen recorder can help you with this.

Clubhouse: development trends

Soon, the developers are planning to start distributing ads for the application: everything indicates that after this the popularity of Clubhouse will increase. There is also a possibility that the development of the Clubhouse will be facilitated by financial investments and people who are professionally engaged in creating content.

However, there is some sad news. When other social networks also introduce special voice chats, the Clubhouse will no longer be in demand. We hope that the developers will figure out how to keep the audience and respond to its requests.

And if you have questions about the article, write in the comments. You will be answered directly by the author or a specialized specialist from our state. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our service “Integrated Marketing” for successful promotion in social networks and not only.

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