The main skills of an SMM specialist. How to choose wisely

Social networks are conquering the world more and more, and every year more and more people start their pages there and start consuming content from there. So, social networks are also becoming in demand among companies, because they are an effective way to reach the target audience. Because of this, there is a growing need for competent SMM managers who can help in maintaining and promoting brand accounts. Let’s figure out who an SMM guy is. Literally, this is a person who specializes in social media marketing. This means that he must be proficient in marketing tools, know the peculiarities of the digital environment, communication in it and be able to apply this in practice.

All skills can be divided into Hard skills and Soft skills. The former are acquired in the course of study or work and characterize a person as a professional in a particular field and are often measured by the presence of diplomas, certificates, etc. The second are universal competences, useful in every field of activity, their presence is difficult, and more often it is impossible to measure. We will assess the competencies required for a social media marketing specialist using this system.

Главные навыки SMM-специалиста. Как грамотно выбрать

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TOP 10 skills of a cool SMM manager

Hard skills:

  • Ability to build SMM strategies. A competent marketer will rely on accurate data when maintaining a social media account. It is necessary to be able to segment the audience, study its needs, conduct competitive analysis and market analysis, develop a content plan.
  • Watching. Whatever promotion tools an SMM manager has, it will be difficult to attract an audience without a high-level profile. Being witnessed is not an innate skill, it can and should be developed. Regular monitoring of new advertising and digital cases, knowledge of exemplary profiles are basic and integral qualities for every SMM-specialist. This will help you draw up a technical specification for a designer, or create content yourself in Photoshop and other programs.
  • Copywriting. A serious advantage of an SMM manager will be knowledge of copywriting. Even if the work is carried out in a team with an experienced copywriter, verified literacy of the letter will not be superfluous. In addition, when maintaining social networks, you often need to write short notes or competent answers to users.
  • Promotion. The created content will be meaningless and useless if no one knows about its existence. It is important to be able to promote your profile using suitable channels: using targeted advertising (working with advertising accounts myTarget, Facebook and VK), advertising from bloggers, competitive mechanics, etc.
  • Efficiency analysis. A competent SMM manager should know the metrics that determine the quality of the work done. Also useful in working with social networks of a brand will be the ability to use analytics systems, draw conclusions and adjust the vector of work based on them. And, of course, create visual, meaningful reports.
  • Skills of working with brand image. Without understanding the overall PR strategy of a brand, it is impossible to create a competent positioning in social networks. It is important to know the basics of branding and remember that social media is one component of communication channels with the audience. They solve separate tasks and use their own tools, but all activities in them are subject to the general goal of the company. It is important that the brand image is represented equally everywhere and does not create cognitive dissonance in the minds of the audience.
  • Главные навыки SMM-специалиста. Как грамотно выбрать

    Soft skills:

  • Flexibility. The digital environment is changing rapidly, so every professional working with social networks must be able to adapt to these changes, constantly learn, acquire new competencies, and master new channels and tools. Tomorrow, the industry will have something that was not discussed in the universities yesterday and, even more so, a year ago.
  • Ability to manage time wisely. Mastering the art of time management is a professional necessity for every SMM manager. Dozens of urgent tasks arise in our work every day. A person who does not know how to manage work and free time will dig himself into business, will not be able to set priorities and will fail the assigned tasks.
  • Stress resistance. Working in a communication environment is not easy, there are often unexpected outbursts of negativity and misunderstanding on the part of the audience, which can be provoked both by the internal actions of the brand and by external factors. During a crisis, it is important to make a rational assessment, to act promptly, but deliberately.
  • Empathy and communication skills. In order to work with the audience, it is important to understand it: to be able to put yourself in the user’s shoes, go through a customer journey, establish interaction, and process user requests. In addition, you need to be on the same wavelength with the client, anticipate and suggest what services are needed for the company’s growth, even if the customer himself does not fully understand this.

Главные навыки SMM-специалиста. Как грамотно выбрать

How to choose an SMM specialist

Let’s talk about how to correctly select an employee for a team. First of all, determine what tasks the company faces and what budget will be allocated to achieve these goals.

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If you need to perform a massive amount of work in a short time, then you should contact the agency. Agency services will cost more than freelance services, but the quality of tasks will be at a different level. In cooperation with the agency, the following positive aspects stand out:

  • the staff consists of employees, each of whom specializes in a particular type of digital work;
  • have experience working with clients from different business areas;
  • the agency values ​​its reputation;
  • the work is carried out on the basis of a contract, which is why the level of responsibility has been increased.

For example, you can contact Digital Agency for the “Integrated Marketing” service, and we will take care of your social networks!

If the goals of the company are not global, and the budget is very limited, then you can attract one general-purpose employee or a team of 2-4 people to work.

Главные навыки SMM-специалиста. Как грамотно выбрать

What skills a generalist must have:

  • setting up targeted advertising (myTarget, Facebook and VKontakte);
  • content plan development;
  • proficiency in graphic image processing programs;
  • copywriting;
  • community management;
  • organization of engaging mechanics and promotions;
  • work with bloggers;
  • analytics of the work done and writing reports;
  • studying the audience and the market, creating a promotion strategy.

It is important to consider which channels are affinitive (corresponding to the target audiences) for the brand. For example, some companies require narrow professionals to create and promote video content for YouTube. Others need people who understand TikTok promotion algorithms.

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Don’t forget that social media has a rule: the more often the better. Instagram and TikTok’s algorithms are designed to help creators who regularly create content to pick up and show the posts of such users in the first place. Social media users also don’t appreciate posting delays. So, for example, brands on whose accounts posts appear 1-2 times a day are more popular among users than those who publish posts only a couple of times a week.

Главные навыки SMM-специалиста. Как грамотно выбрать

To maintain the regular generation (creation) of content, it is better to hire a team of employees, because even an experienced SMM manager will not be easy to cope with such volumes of work alone.

Weekly reports will help to track the quality of the contractor’s work. Specify in advance what goal you need to achieve: subscriber growth, purchases, reach, audience engagement, etc. Assign KPIs and check against the results. Thanks to such tactics, it will be possible to notice and identify the problem in time, change the strategy of work or attract a new SMM manager.

We hope with the help of our article you were able to find a good SMM manager for your business. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts, leave your comment below. The author of the article or a specialist from our state will definitely answer you!

Author: Aita Luzgina, project director of the digital agency “Interium”

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