The number of characters on Instagram – the most complete guide

The number of characters on Instagram – the most complete guide

The number of Instagram characters that users can use to promote their content is limited. The established restrictions allow you to make the pages aesthetic, clean, clear, not cluttered. And fortunately, Instagram’s character limit is large compared to Twitter, for example. You need to be familiar with the maximum limits in order to be able to fit all the necessary information into the published message, to maintain high information content of posts, the involvement and response of the audience.

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Number of characters in a post

You can attract the attention of users with a bright high-quality photo, but in order to keep the reader, you need to add informative and captivating text to it. On Instagram, you can post not only short quotes, but full stories as well. The number of characters that can be added to one post is limited to 2200 characters, including spaces and other special characters.

пост в инстаграм

This size of publications was chosen for a reason. It has certain advantages, namely:

  • shorter texts are easier for users to understand;
  • this amount is optimal for dialing from a mobile device;
  • posts with up to 2000 characters are read to the end by more than 75% of users.

If the text is no longer displayed on the screen when you enter a message, then you have reached the maximum limit. There is only one way out in this situation – to paraphrase thoughts and reduce the volume.

Number of characters in the header

Certain restrictions have been introduced for filling out an Instagram profile. The maximum number of characters is set for both the username and the description of the profile header.

Profile name

A maximum of 29 Latin characters and numbers are allowed to compose a username. This limitation is enough to create a unique username that matches your profile and content. Especially when you consider that there is a bio section where you can reveal in more detail the basic information about your profile.


Profile header – a block intended for a brief description of the account. You can enter up to 150 characters in it, including using emoticons and hashtags.

bio в инстаграм

Bio is the first thing that users see when they visit your page. As a rule, in this section, users indicate the full name, niche, field of activity, slogans, favorite quotes, information useful to users. It is quite difficult to fit everything into 150 characters, so you will have to work in detail on creating a short and capacious message for your subscribers.

Number of characters in the comment

Comments on Instagram can contain text, emoji, hashtags, nicknames of other users. The minimum comment length should not be less than 2 characters. The maximum number of characters for one comment is 1000 characters, but it is recommended not to exceed the 200 character threshold.

Please note that the administration of the social network limits not only the number of characters in comments. A user cannot send more than five identical messages per hour, and the maximum number of comments per day should not exceed two hundred. Otherwise, the user’s actions will be considered SPAM.

Maximum message size in Direct

Direct Instagram is a kind of messenger within a social network. It allows you to send messages to other users using directly the mobile application, the web version of the social network, the server and the API. Limits differ depending on the selected sending method.

Using the mobile application from Instagram, you can send a message to Direct with a maximum length of 485 characters. In case you try to send a longer message, it will be split into two separate messages, or not sent at all.

Using various servers and APIs for Instagram newsletters, for example, iDirect, you can send messages with a maximum length of 990 characters. Longer messages will be truncated to the specified limit or not delivered.

Although it is possible to send longer messages, 485 characters is the recommended number of characters for Direct. So, the messages will look natural and not suspicious for the Instagram verification algorithms.

Number of characters per story

You can decorate your Stories not only with stickers and emoji. You can also attach a text or survey sticker to each Stories. The social network administration does not limit the amount of maximum allowed text. Users can place any amount of text on top of the main content or background image in the Story, change its size and orientation.


But keep in mind the rules of readability. The more characters in the text, the smaller the font size in the image will be. In view of this, too long texts may turn out to be completely unreadable for users.

Number of hashtags

A hashtag, when used correctly, can be a powerful marketing tool. Hashtags are taken into account when counting the number of characters in posts, but they have their own limitations on the number.

You can add no more than 30 hashtags to a maximum of one post, regardless of whether you enter them in the text under the post, or in the comment under the post. In this case, be sure to monitor not only the maximum number of inscribed tags, but also their relevance.

Ideal length for a post, ad post, header

Many people are outraged about the established restrictions, but they forget that the limit is the maximum threshold for the text to remain readable. The ideal size of a post, headline, number of hashtags, as a rule, is much less than the limits set by the developers of the social network.

Statistics show that it will take users about 2 minutes to read a text with a length of 2 thousand characters. time. This is quite a lot by modern standards. Most users quickly scroll through the feed and read long texts to the end only if their main essence is interesting and disclosed already in the first 150 characters.

The ideal length of a post caption is 138-150 characters. This text size is enough to complement the photo, reveal brand values, entertain the audience and inspire subscribers. Small text allows you to focus on images and maximize engagement with your posts.

The optimal length of a caption for an advertising post is 125 characters. Short descriptions are easier to digest and this size allows for correct text display even on smaller screens.

A hashtag is one of the best ways to draw attention to your post and reach as many audiences as possible. Knowing this, marketers often resort to placing 20 or more hashtags under posts in the hope of getting as much attention as possible. However, even using the maximum number of hashtags in the signature does not guarantee results. On the contrary, using 20+ of the same tags under each post can lead to a shadow ban and jeopardize the visibility of your account.

It is recommended to place 5-10 relevant hashtags under each post. According to research by the American company TrackMaven, posts with 9 hashtags in their signature show the highest engagement.

TrackMaven research has shown that the recommended number of characters for a hashtag is 24 characters. According to the company’s analysts, after going beyond the limit, the level of engagement under the post begins to decline sharply.

How to extend the character limit

Everyone is in the mood when they want to write long reads, and then the allotted limit of 2200 characters for posts may not be enough. Fortunately, there are several life hacks that will allow you to expand the established limits.

For example, if your text exceeds the established limits, then you can publish the rest of the text in the first comment below the post. Of course, do not forget to warn readers that they can find a sequel in the comments.

The main drawback of this method is the number of comments left after. If the user did not immediately notice the continuation under the post, then after scrolling through all the comments and finding the one he needs will be much more difficult.

The second option to bypass the limit on the number of characters in a post is to write it in the picture for the post. You can use a single image with text or place a carousel with images. Just make sure that the text does not cut and slide out.

If you want to touch on any serious topic with subscribers, then it is recommended to split the information into a series of articles. This can even further interest your subscribers.

As for the rest of the restrictions, they are not so critical and it is not recommended to exceed them in order to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the profile and publications. The only exception is Bio. Sometimes it is really very difficult to fit everything that you want to say to subscribers for acquaintance in 150 characters. You can slightly expand the biography limits by adding additional text to the section with the address.

You can also invite your followers to learn more about you by linking to an external site in your bio that contains additional information about you or your business. And you can fit a lot of contacts in the profile header using a multi-link, using, for example, Mssg, Taplink or MeConnect services.

How to count the number of characters online

Often, when you exceed the limits on Instagram, the text is simply cut off. As a result, you have to delete the publication and do it again, changing the text size. To prevent such situations from happening, it is recommended to first write the text of the publication in the editor, and then, after making sure that the volume meets the established limits, copy it to the social network.

For example, to count the number of characters, you can use the following online services:

The listed services work both in desktop version and from mobile devices.

подсчет символов

There are also more complex pre-editing tools for publications that support the counting function. For example, the service allows you not only to count the number of characters online and keep track of not exceeding the limit on hashtags, but also to easily stylize the text, add spaces and paragraphs to the text. You can use the editor online through the website, or install the “Space – Spaces for Instagram” application developed for iOS and Android.

On the Glavred service, you can count the number of characters, as well as assess the readability of your text, remove all clerical stamps, biased assessment, uncertainties from it.

The Telegram bot Text4InstaBot will be useful in your work. It can be used to quickly typeset text, keep track of limits, write with strikethrough or underlined text.

To add text to Stories, you can use the shareware HypeType application provided for iOS and Android. With its help you can add text to the picture, make animated captions, work on the readability of the text on the image.

приложение HypeType

Instagram developers have introduced character limits for a reason. This size of publications and descriptions can be called optimal for perception. After all, creativity should be catchy, not lull. No one will finish reading what has no end and for a long time trying to understand the stream of confused thoughts. And if the limits are really not enough, now you know how to slightly expand them with the help of some life hacks.

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