The Road to Trust: Benefits of the Blue Check Mark on Instagram

The Road to Trust: Benefits of the Blue Check Mark on Instagram

Two years ago, a new item appeared on Instagram regarding account verification – an icon with a blue checkmark next to the profile name. This became another evidence that Instagram from the social network for photos of food and beauties in swimsuits has grown into a significant platform for promoting brands, their products and services. Experts from PRNEWS.IO, an online media publishing service, told why you need the cherished checkmark and how to get it.

Influence Marketing

According to experts, today more and more marketers prefer cooperation with bloggers to conduct an advertising campaign. Traditional media had to make room and hand over the palm to opinion leaders. As practice shows, it is their content in any format (photo, short text or video) that the involved audience perceives as recommendations of a real person. The level of trust in such messages is several times higher than in faceless traditional advertising.

If we talk about trust, brands are equally eager to turn to both micro-influencers with 10-50 thousand subscribers and bloggers with a million audience. The only question is about the scale of the business, its strategy and objectives.

A country club hotel for family vacations or a chain of farm produce stores should turn to a blogger with a small but “warm” audience, rather than a public figure with a million subscribers.

The number of applications after such advertising posts will grow astronomically. But they can simply collapse the site of a small brand or put a supplier company with limited production and logistics capabilities into a difficult position – and a reputational collapse is ensured. Therefore, cooperation with millionaire bloggers will suit, first of all, international cosmetic and automotive brands, clothing brands, etc.

The Price of Trust

But back to the issue of audience trust in their influencers – it is relevant for every account, regardless of the number of subscribers. The “blue check mark” on Instagram confirms that the profile of a blogger, celebrity or company is an original account with which you can safely build a business relationship.

The badge cannot be bought or counterfeited. In a way, it is like a watermark on banknotes and is a guarantee that the replica profile, for which the Internet is so rich, will not become a tool in the hands of fraudsters to spread false information or sell non-existent services.

Nobody is immune from creating a fake Instagram account: neither public figures, nor ordinary people with a modest number of subscribers.

For example, Melanie Birkelbauer, who lives in London and posts selfies and cityscapes on her Instagram. Her publications are followed by a little more than 2 thousand subscribers, she does not make money from advertising or popularity – nevertheless, one day it turned out that an Internet thief had got himself his own account with many photos of the girl.

Sometimes, as in the case of Melanie, fake accounts are created by people suffering from mental illness. But more often the personal or business pages of celebrities (politicians, businessmen, athletes, representatives of show business, bloggers, writers, famous brands, etc.) are attacked by fraudsters.

Global internetization, with all its undeniable advantages, has a serious drawback – it is very easy to impersonate another person on the World Wide Web. A huge number of fake pages and scandals is a clear confirmation of this.

Internet fraud has countless variations: selling non-existent goods and services, raising money for a charity project, selling “miracle drugs” for weight loss, hair growth, treatment of kidney stones, etc. The pseudo-information is supported by photographs of a famous person taken from his a real page on social networks – and the deception is ready.

The number of victims among users is growing steadily. Because it is easy to do dishonest business, hiding behind other people’s popularity and selling “horns and hooves”, remaining unpunished. The blue check mark comes to the rescue.

Blue check mark

Despite the fact that the account verification badge has existed for a relatively short time, the history of its receipt has already become overgrown with myths and legends. Therefore, PRNEWS.IO specialists have prepared answers to frequently asked questions about how to get verified on Instagram the first time.

  • Can only celebrities get the blue checkmark?

No, not only. Even if you are not a public person and do not have a large number of subscribers, there is an algorithm through which you can become the owner of the badge.

  • Can I just buy a badge?

No, you can’t. Moreover, it is impossible.

  • How can I get the badge?

There are two ways to solve the problem: simple and correct. In the first case, you can contact an agency or a contractor (the Internet is full of such ads), but there is a risk of unjustified overpayment (several thousand dollars) and lack of results as such.

If you decide to go the second way, then it will be enough to familiarize yourself with the conditions for obtaining a blue checkmark – and just follow them.

  • How to start the verification procedure?

Go to your account settings and select the “confirmation request” section, fill out the form, provide all the necessary information and documents confirming your identity.

  • What are the requirements for successful account verification?

– open account;

– 100% unique content;

– compliance with all the rules of the instagram community;

– clean account history (not seen in cheating, buying bots, spam, etc.);

– lack of political propaganda, incitement of religious or political disputes, etc.);

– no photos and videos with alcohol, etc .;

– interest in the account from Google and other global search engines;

– international audience welcome;

– at least 20 publications in the media .


Yes, the requirements for getting an Instagram verification badge are quite serious and require a thorough approach. But the stakes are also high, because Instagram has been and remains the most powerful tool for Internet marketing and is not going to give up its positions.

Account and content authenticity remains a burning issue for every user who is active on social media. Whether it’s a public person, a famous blogger or a person who writes for a small audience and for his own pleasure. The first “blue tick” will protect against reputational risks and scandals, bloggers will be able to monetize the trust of their subscribers and increase the price, and the rest will save the rest from unpleasant stories with cloning their own photos and content.

Building trust with the audience is a painstaking, systematic work that requires time, effort and investment. But the result is worth it: your good name must have its own “watermark” and a high degree of protection, which has become feasible thanks to technologies, including Instagram verification.

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