Therapist: 7 easy ways to make yourself known on the web

Therapist: 7 easy ways to make yourself known on the web

How to get known as a therapist? Make your practice known and develop your activity as a therapist. How to develop your patient?

Getting to know yourself as a therapist , and especially getting to know yourself online, was not a high priority in your graduate program. But, now that you step into the professional world and grow your business as a therapist , it is inevitable that you will familiarize yourself with the basics of online marketing.

Getting to know your practice as a therapist doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. There are three basic channels that you need to cover and that we are going to walk you through in this article, here they are:

Let’s take a closer look at how to market yourself as a therapist.

Create a website to promote your firm

We all spend a significant portion of our day online, so it’s only natural for a potential customer to look for you online. Having your own site is therefore essential to make yourself known as a therapist.

What should you include on your therapist website?

While the technical side of building a website may seem intimidating to you at first, it really isn’t. Services like WordPress or Wix offer intuitive and easy-to-use website building tools that give a professional look and feel . On the other hand, if you consider yourself to be an extremely low-tech person, you can hire a developer.

creation site web wix

Invest in an attractive website design to grab the attention of visitors, but try to keep it simple. Your potential customers should understand precisely what you are offering, what qualifies you to provide those services, and how they can contact you.

More advice on what to include on your practice website

A professional photo, a description of your sessions, testimonials from your past clients and a call to action for a reader to book a session are essential .

Your private practice website doesn’t have to have a blog, but it can be a great way to get noticed . Regularly write high-quality content with the right keywords. One article per week is a great pace. Most importantly, write content that is useful and relevant to the people who need your services. How to write a good web article.

exemple blog wix therapeute

In short, if you don’t have a professional website yet, make it a priority . And of course, don’t forget to advertise your site by adding it to your email signature, post comment signature, or forum comment signature. You can also be referenced on Google my business to appear on google maps.

Make the most of social media as a therapist

We live in an age when social media is not only viral, but also a great source of information for many people. As a therapist you are limited by ethical principles on what you can share, and that goes without saying, however, you still have plenty of room to maximize your social media exposure. ethically and reach new customers.

Here are some tips on how to market yourself as a therapist on social media :

Join Facebook groups

Promote yourself as a therapist on Facebook.

You can find and intervene in groups where people talk about their mental health and seek help. These Facebook groups are the right place for a therapist, obviously for advertising purposes, but not only. You can help people who need professional advice and advise them on how to best solve their problem. What good is a therapist if it is not to help other people, you will find that these people will be in your debt.

rejoindre groupe facebook

By doing this, you will also have an interactive relationship with your potential clients , which can only have a positive impact on your future collaborations and the way you perform your profession.

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Developing your Instagram account

As a therapist, you might be wondering why have a professional Instagram account . The answer is simple, the field of health and well-being is one of the most exploited on the platform. People love to learn how to feel better about themselves and manage their emotions better. So why not give them advice through your Instagram posts? The community that you have gathered will represent a panel of potential customers that you can also refer to your site.

exemple compte instagram therapeute

If you think you won’t be able to grow your Instagram community the way it should, you can also check out Instagram automation. This will allow you to grow your community faster with less time spent there. Thousands of people are already using it.

Create advertisements to develop your activity as a therapist

All social networks offer the ability to create ads that will reach exactly the type of audience you are targeting. Ads on Facebook, for example, allow precise targeting that is relevant to your region, or you can filter who will see your ad based on their interests and habits.

These ads are chargeable, so you should expect to invest a minimum budget . The amount you decide to spend depends on your possibilities as well as your needs and expectations.

You can also choose to advertise on Google Ads. These ads are displayed alongside Google search results and provide a constant flow of customers at a reasonable price.

Share the content you post on your blog

If you regularly publish articles as advised above, you should share your content on social networks . Of course, you don’t want to sound like a spammer, so write and share content that is relevant to the people who follow you. There is little point in sharing your latest blog which discusses the nuances of different therapeutic approaches to a group of close friends or family who have nothing to gain from reading it. To share your articles, you can use Facebook, LinkedIn or twitter.

Expand your professional network with LinkedIn

Sharing an article from your blog to other therapists would have a completely different impact. If you are in contact with other therapists (which you should be), they will be interested in your thoughts on the topic, your comments and your examples. Later, they might refer you to customers they can’t handle at the moment.

elargissez reseau professionnel linkedin

One last tip on social media as a way to market yourself as a therapist. Always assess the time and effort that you put into establishing and maintaining your multiple profiles versus the clients you get from each source. That way, you can turn your attention to other sources before you waste too much time on something that just isn’t working.


Developing your activity as a therapist is not always easy, but using the recommended online platforms and implementing the latest tips given should help you develop your patient . If you think you need more advice regarding developing your Instagram account , you will be able to find many articles dedicated to the platform on our blog and of course our automation tools can help you to boost your Instagram.

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