Tik-Tok and Who Invented It – The Story of a Recluse Billionaire

Tik-Tok and Who Invented It – The Story of a Recluse Billionaire

While Tik-Tok continues to explode the Internet with challenges and pranks, its creator prefers to remain in the shadows. Who came up with the Tik-Tok app? Who is this mysterious and sinister genius?

Biography of Tik-Tok Creator

Tik-Tok is a social network dominated by an explosive kaleidoscope of content. Here you will find “dances” to the newfangled banjo beat, and hate odes dedicated to simple dimple, scientific experiments with the Tesla coil, almost Hollywood editing to music from “Stranger Things”, levitating chicken eggs and much more. .

Тик-Ток приложение

But who is behind all this colorful chaos? The creator of Tik-Tok prefers not to advertise his celestial status in this social network. And he doesn’t like to glow at all. However, we did manage to find out something about him.

So, welcome – Zhang Yaming. Occasionally, Zhang Yixing, the creator of Tik Tok, appears in requests. However, this is an incorrect spelling of the traditional Chinese name.

Тик-Ток приложение создатель

Our hero was born back in 1983 – it was the year of the rich and zealous Pig – in the family of civil servants. By the way, in China under Deng Xiaoping in the 80s there was a rampant corruption and getting into the service meant it was profitable to get attached to the trough.

But apparently Zhang’s parents were not such people: his childhood was normal, but he never drowned in some kind of fantastic luxury and was not particularly chic. So it cannot be attributed to the golden youth

Apparently, the future creator Tik Tok, whose social network will one day explode the world, was brought up in accordance with Confucian morality. And it, in addition to the cult of education and respect for elders, also includes a commitment to the strictest work ethic.

We are unlikely to know the name of the creator of Tik-Tok. However, if you look closely at the genealogy of his name, you can find out that it stems from an old Chinese proverb about a man “who surprises on the first try.” And indeed: “brother” Zhang knows how to surprise.

Harsh student years

The creator of the Tik Tok app began his ascent to the techno-Olympus as a student.

In the early 2000s, Zhang was already saying goodbye to the sometimes wonderful school. The terrible gaokao (高考) was approaching – this is such a Chinese analogue of the exam, which is also called the “three days of hell”.

Everyone is afraid of him. Even those who have already passed it a long time ago. One Chinese man has retaken gaokao all his life – 19 times in total. And I didn’t seem to pass it. However, the future creator of Tik-Tok, whose name obliges to surprise, passed the test with flying colors. So, there were college years ahead.

To nibble on the hardcore granite of computer science, young Zhang left his native Fujian, where they still sell pork lard cakes right on the street, and went to Tianjin.

There he entered the Nankai University. At first, however, Zhang was somewhat far from programming.

At first, he chose the Faculty of Microelectronics for his field, That is, if the stars did not converge, now he would draw microcircuits for some Nvidia. And the world would not have known what Tik Tok is whose network it is and the country would have lost a national hero.

However, the stars converged and Zhang transferred to the Faculty of Computing Applications Development – the Chinese love cumbersome and official names. Perhaps this is necessary for the effect of Confucian awe.

Zhang studied diligently, here he has nothing to incriminate. According to the teachers, such a diligent student should be looked for even among the Chinese, who have suffered from workaholism since ancient times. However, at the university, Zhang was busy not only with lines of code. In his alma mater (or “uni”, if you will), he also met the love of his life.

Here we need to make a small digression. While Zhang lived in a local student dorm, he managed to gain the fame of a “computer shaman”.

Apparently, he needed quite a bit of magic to force the stubborn Windows XP to boot on ancient hardware from the era of the first Fallout or find common ground with hacked software. One way or another, but he was constantly asked for help.

And one fine winter day, he received a message over the local network from an unfamiliar student. She had a disaster: the computer fell into a coma, which means that access to term papers and abstracts was hopelessly lost!

Zhang, like a real knight, could not ignore the desperate call for help and revived the long-suffering computer on the same day. At the same time falling in love with his mistress.

They got married while still students and have stayed together ever since. By the way, this is also one of the Confucian principles, which strictly prescribes impeccable fidelity between spouses.

Apparently, Zhang Yaming’s wife is indeed a dazzling beauty. Her photo cannot be found on the Internet – perhaps Zhang Yaming jealously protects the beauty of his wife from prying eyes. And even her name remains a mystery.

By the way, they never had children. So the request is the daughter of the creator Tik Tok, which excites the minds from Beijing to Moscow, and remains unanswered to this day.

What does the creator of Tik Tok look like? Like this:

Создатель Тик-Тока Soon after graduating from university, our hero found his first job. It was a tourism startup called Kuksun, which literally means “needed” or “cool info”.

At first, the young specialist Yamin was completely absorbed in developing features and fixing bugs. However, then he joined the leadership. And to the art of sales.

“At the start, I was next to the engineer. A year later, I already had 40-50 permanent staff under my command, who were responsible for the backend and many other tasks, ”recalls Tik Tok, the creator who is now known throughout the country.

On duty, Zhang Yamin had to dangle from one business meeting to another. So he gradually learned to build a dialogue with partners, conclude contracts and understand what results the company should set for itself.

Then there was a period in Microsoft. Most likely, Yamin and Bill Gates did not intersect and did not know each other – otherwise the idea of ​​Tik Tok would have been usurped by Microsoft for its insidious purposes.

In 2012, Zhang Yaming finally decides he’s had enough. It’s time to do something of your own, dear. And the ByteDance company is born. And it is probably no coincidence that the key word in the name of the startup meant “dance”.

The first brainchild that came out of Yamin’s new workshop was the Neihan Duanji app. This is something like a hybrid of Reddit and contact publics with news and memes.

There you could throw photos of cats and funny videos to each other. But apparently the photos of the cats went against the line of the Chinese Communist Party. At one point, he was branded as a “hotbed of vulgarities”, poisoning the mind of the Chinese people.

Zhang Yaming was rather nervous after hearing about such a devastating review. As a result, Neihan Duanji was quickly turned off, and Yamin himself swore that no more such excesses would happen in his company.

The reasons for fear are more than understandable. Any business in China is directly dependent on the party. And its owners, including. If Zhang Yaming had not responded immediately, the authorities would have started “re-educating” him, as was the case recently with the founder of Aliexpress.

Then a new champion on the estate of Totyao escaped from Yamin’s stable, which literally means “Headlines”. It was, of course, a news app.

And finally, drum roll, Douyin enters the scene – roughly speaking, this can be translated as “tink-tink”. And it was a cool attachment in which you can share 15 seconds long videos. This is how Tik Tok’s journey began, whose project will soon turn the world upside down.

How much does the creator of Tik-Tok earn?

Zhang Yamin’s fortune is estimated at $ 45 billion. Since its inception, TikTok has brought him over a billion a month. Even the Colombian cartels never dreamed of such turns in their sweetest dreams.

Создатель Тик-Тока And ByteDance itself is worth $ 250 billion. True, Yamin has recently decided to leave the post of leader, explaining that he is not the best manager. Now his friend from university days Liang Roubaud will be in charge.

Yamin himself prefers “the music of silence”, as it is best to reflect on. Apparently the craving for Taoist meditation is in the blood of the Chinese. He also does not like increased attention to his person, remaining a modest, smiling and silent person with his 40+ billion dollars.

He does not disclose the details of his personal life, does not share his inner experiences and is extremely reluctant to give interviews.

True, he does not mind sharing his story with the younger generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, creators. And the leitmotif of his success story, in his own words, is a commitment to work. Labor is the strongest kung fu.

Are Lai and Tik Tok the same thing?

No, the creators of Laika and Tik Tok are different people. Accordingly, the applications are different. Likee was born in Singapore in 2017 by Jason Hu. In fact, it was a hastily welded clone of Tik Tok.

Does the creator of T-Tok have an account?

Zhang Yaming admitted that he himself loves to shoot videos and makes his subordinates humiliate do the same to build team spirit. However, it was not possible to find his official account. So neither the nickname nor the personal number of the creator of Tik-Tok is known.

Создатель Тик-ТокаTikTok: whose service is this owner and who is the creator?

Tik Tok or Douyin is a Chinese platform created by ByteDance in 2016. After merging with another Chinese app Musica.ly, Tik Tok began its march around the world.

How old is the creator of Tik Tok?

Zhang Yamin is 38 years old and according to his horoscope he is Aries. True, the exact date of birth was not disclosed. For birthdays in China, like other holidays, it is customary to give money in neat red envelopes. Apparently, this is a subtle hint from Zhang Yaming that he does not really need gifts in general.

Tik-Tok: whose project in Russia is it true that it differs from the Chinese one?

Tick = Current in Russia is controlled by the same ByteDance. There are some differences between the Chinese and domestic applications, but they are minor.

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