Tik-top.com review – TikTok account promotion or scam? (don’t get fooled)

Tik-top.com review – TikTok account promotion or scam? (don’t get fooled)
Обзор tik-top.com

Update 2021:
Tik-top.com service does not pay partners, and the efficiency of promotion is near zero. Service is a scam, don’t get fooled.

Tik-top.com is a service for winding up likes, which is used by thousands of people, including me. I can’t say he’s perfect. But it is very pleasant, profitable and convenient to use it. And if you need to promote your account on Tik-Tok, then this is the first service that I recommend. Let’s figure out what is special about it and how to work with it correctly.

About the service

Tik-top.com is a service that works officially with the tik-tok application in the CIS countries. And if you need to promote your account, make it attractive and profitable for advertising, then it is worth giving it a try.

After paying and completing the first orders, do not stop there. Immediately proceed with further promotion. To do this, publish new posts, make the content as interesting as possible to the target audience. Then the number of views, likes and subscribers will gradually begin to grow. The platform will offer your videos to other users. Cheating on Tik-Tok can be carried out in different ways, but using this service is easier and faster than all other options.

The purchase of subscribers is required in the following cases:

  • if the account is new, it still has insufficient content and subscribers less than 3-5 thousand;
  • if the account has slightly or completely changed the format;
  • any new videos you’ve released in the past few days.

But in other cases, promotion with the help of cheat will be beneficial. One has only to know that the number of subscribers does not always play a big role in the promotion. Much more important is the activity of followers on the profile page – likes, views and comments. Cheating all indicators, if done correctly and thoughtfully, will lead to increased attention to the account, increased social engagement, and an increase in the profile audience.

Likes and new subscribers are an effective way to get into recommendations, to make a profile promotion like a snowball, when you need to make less effort over time, and the activity of followers and their number only grows. Don’t be afraid to use the service. Even top tiktokers do not hesitate to buy cheat on new posts in order to expand the audience and increase the chances of getting into recommendations.

How to get started

It is noteworthy that the entire interface of the service is thought out to the smallest detail. Although the design of the home page is bright, the site is very convenient to use, and the menu is clear, targeted at users with different levels of computer skills and promotion skills. As soon as you open the service, you will be taken to the main screen. It looks like this.

Обзор tik-top.comThere is a button “Try it for free” in plain sight. Clicking on it will open the registration menu.

как начать работу в tik-top.com You can enter data in the form fields. But I used the simplified registration button at the bottom of the window to create a new profile – I logged in using Facebook. And this is what screen became available to me.

как начать работу в tik-top.com As you can see, here it is immediately clear what and how to do, even if you have never been engaged in cheating likes. You can see how much a view, subscriber and like will cost. Place an order and start promoting your account.


Among the main advantages of the service, I would like to point out the following:

  1. Security. The service does not ask for profile passwords in Tik-Tok, which allows the data to remain safe. A link or nickname is enough to work with the service.
    Преимущества tik-top.com
  2. Fast execution of orders. Place your order. And it will be completed in 1-5 minutes.
  3. You can load a list of videos and choose which of them should be activated now. It is also possible to promote multiple profiles at once.
  4. Simple and intuitive interface. I want to note this point especially, because not all such services can boast of it.
  5. All tasks are performed by “live” people. No bots or spammers – everything looks natural. Therefore, there is no risk of profile blocking.
  6. Most of the popular services are available for payment, including plastic and virtual cards, money transfers, mobile operator accounts and e-wallets.
    Варианты оплаты на tik-top.com
  7. Affordable cost of any kind of activity. The platform offers to pay only 0.19 rubles per view and 0.49 rubles per like or subscriber.
  8. There is an affiliate program. I haven’t used it myself, though.
    Партнерская программа tik-top.com
  9. Technical support answers questions around the clock and solves any difficulties.

And the main thing. Tik-Top is not a resale of Chinese and Indian services. Most of the traffic that this service uses belongs to Russia (80%). Approximately 15% are the countries of the near CIS, and the share of other states is 5%. This means that the service will help show your video to people from Russia and the CIS. And this is what you are trying to achieve, unless, of course, you are filming content intended for a Western or American audience. There you need to promote services a little differently.

Remember, in order to promote a profile in Tik-Tok, you must prepare it in advance. Come up with a name, design, put your account in pro-mode. Create a certain profile image, atmosphere. The service does not need to be useful to the target audience. People come to Tik Tok for relaxation and fun. So, the main thing is to attract attention, interest, “make” like the post or leave a comment. The Tik-Top cheat service will help you with this, and for an affordable fee.

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