Tips for creating awesome Instagram videos and stories

Tips for creating awesome Instagram videos and stories

Instagram has published an official article with tips and tricks for creating engaging video content. The tips will be useful for bloggers, content managers, as well as just beginners who want to shoot interesting videos for feed, stories and IGTV. We do not publish a direct translation, but we keep the original message of the authors.

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Stay true

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No gloss, no actors and no excessive pomp. People are interested in real life and your real emotions, thoughts and experiences. Be sincere and share interesting experiences from your life. Publish unique behind-the-scenes material: backstage photos and videos, bad takes, and the like.

Post regularly and keep it light

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Your profile is not a museum piece

No need to shake over it and blow off dust particles. Don’t be afraid to post stories every day. Post simple and funny moments, shoot things that you find interesting and tell what you think. Simply put: don’t bother. Reasonable lightness is something that many profiles lack.

Do not disappear for a long time from the readers’ feed. Make it a goal to publish at least 1-2 articles per week. Use auto-posting services that will allow you to create content for a week or a month in advance.


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Ask questions in Stories or suggest asking a question to you. @ Mention active readers. A real community is formed thanks to just such subscribers. Do not spare them marks, answer questions from the audience, communicate.

Tell stories

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Create live content following a timeline so that subscribers can feel close to you. Morning workouts, trips, walks or the process of creating something in the work environment.

Share your experiences. Share and give advice on a topic that you understand. If you broadcast with sincerity and enthusiasm, then any hobby or activity will look interesting: from cooking dinner to assembling a lighting system in the house with your own hands.

Load long Stories

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Stories demonstrate excellent engagement: users actively watch them every day. Feel free to write down MORE. Stories will automatically be split into 15-second slices.

Create entire mini stories with events from your day. If your day is very rich in content (for example, you went to a popular exhibition or concert), write dozens of stories. Remember, if you have something to show, show it even if there is a lot of content.

Three rules for creating branded content

1. Transparency

Celebrate partners and brands you work with. Instagram encourages open and honest promotions. At the same time, openness does not mean inefficiency – the main thing is to show good products to a suitable audience.

2. Honesty

Work with brands whose products you really like. Your reputation will thank you.

3. Relevance

Your advertising publication should be of potential interest to readers. Take care of this: people don’t want their attention to be sold.

IGTV: be the first

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Most bloggers and brands are still reluctant to post to IGTV. Use this. Trust me, your videos can be very interesting to your audience.

Create a series of videos 2-3 minutes long so that subscribers want to watch them all. IGTV videos should be vertical, in 9:16 format – users are used to this format.

IGTV Video Promotion Cheat Sheet

  1. Make an announcement 3 days before the video is released. Post a hinting photo to your feed, add a backstage to your Stories.
  2. In 2 days, you can add a timer to your story, counting hours until release.
  3. During upload: Preview your IGTV video in your feed.
  4. 1-10 minutes after posting the video: Use an IGTV sticker on Instagram Stories.
  5. Immediately post the link in other social networks that you maintain.
  6. One day after posting: Start a live stream to discuss subscribers’ reactions to your IGTV video.

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