Tips to make your Youtube channel climb to the TOP

Tips to make your Youtube channel climb to the TOP

Newbie youtubers and bloggers like to watch top channels directly and think about how to become so popular. In reality, success is not without difficulties and monotonous work. It is important not to think only of the beautiful images, but also of the quality of the content offered. It is necessary to understand that today the demands in the production of content are very high. It is no longer possible to become popular simply on the basis of good ideas, or as was the case in 2009 with a small microphone combined with silly jokes. Therefore, before embarking on any serious activity, it is important to have good equipment. We will see in this article what to do next


  • Channel design
  • Channel avatar
  • Unique style
  • Description of a video
  • Statistics tracking
  • What is good or bad
  • Conclusion

Conseils pour faire grimper sa chaîne Youtube dans le TOP

Channel design

There are difficult tasks during chain design work like attracting attention and creating your own unique style. It’s important to know that just by seeing the logo, any user should be able to understand the content that awaits them. For a quality design, it is best to turn to people skilled in the graphic arts. However, there are a few exceptions. A well-chosen image, or a well-printed photograph can sometimes easily remain in the public’s memory. For example, the logo of the Wylsacom channel, which is one of Russia’s most popular tech bloggers.

Channel avatar

A lot of people ask how to put an avatar on Youtube and how to choose it correctly. The standard option is to bring in people skilled in graphic arts and marketing. It is best to draw a sketch in advance of what you want, so that you are satisfied with the result. For best results, you can display the channel name or logo directly on the avatar. The logo can for example consist of the first letter of the name of the edited channel in the colors thereof. If the channel is dedicated to a very specific theme, such as a kitchen channel, it is possible to personalize the logo according to this theme.

Unique style

Previewing a video is also important. When videos appear in the recommendations category, the user has the option of choosing whether or not to view the video. It is therefore important here also to think about creating a unique style. Most often, a video preview consists of a still frame or photos from a shoot. This preview is an appetizer of what awaits the viewer.

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Conseils pour faire grimper sa chaîne Youtube dans le TOP

Statistics monitoring

Another important step in developing your channel is knowing how to show the number of subscribers onY Youtube. It is with your channel’s stats tracker that analysis begins on topics worth posting and not posting. There are a lot of pitfalls when Internet users work with statistics, which can go against the channel’s author. For example, a blogger who has gathered over a million subscribers and is running a successful business, can always start to lose views. This is because a loyal audience can stop watching videos altogether, without actually unsubscribing from a channel. The number of views is an indicator allowing you to understand that you need to change the format.

What is good or bad

A rule of thumb is that a channel that posts videos regularly should see its popularity increase steadily. If there is no growth it means that people are unsubscribing and therefore the videos are no longer popular and it is time to change something. Another important point: view statistics. It is necessary to know that most Internet users do not unsubscribe directly, but start by no longer watching the videos. This is the reason why it is important to keep an eye on the number of views. This should slowly increase from video to video. A steady increase in views is an indicator of your channel’s success. It is this particular indicator that advertisers look at when they want to request an ad on Youtube.


There is no doubt that the life of a popular blogger is very interesting. However, it’s important to remember that right now Youtube is filled with content on just about every topic possible. You can very well find videos on the topic of elementary physics lessons or on how to beat one of the Minecraft bosses. With such competition, it’s important to know that to get your channel off to a good start you can seek help from the All-SMM service and a promotion of Youtube views and subscribers. This will help grab the attention of internet users on your channel and reach the top. This will allow new visitors to visit and subscribe to your channel.

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