Top 12 Instagram Mistakes

Top 12 Instagram Mistakes

Instagram provides excellent opportunities for promotion. If your profile is well-designed and your content is high-quality, your subscribers will get more and more, which means that sales will also grow. But if you do something wrong, you can ruin everything in the bud. Let’s consider the typical mistakes when maintaining Instagram.

There is no single concept

You must have a clear understanding of why you need an Instagram account, what goals you are pursuing and how you will implement them using your page. It is advisable to draw up a content plan in advance, decide what and when you will post and who your target audience is.

A closed or poorly designed account

The most obvious mistakes when maintaining Instagram. If the account is closed, how will people know about what you are promoting? That’s right, no way. The wrong design of the profile creates no less problems. If it is impossible to understand who you are, what you do and where you are, it is unlikely that anyone will want to do business with you.

Avoid long and confusing names. In the description, only provide important information about yourself. Submit a link to the site, if you have one. Specify geolocation. It is better to use your company’s logo as an avatar, by which you will be recognized.

Monotonous content

1000+ similar images, created using the same filters are unlikely to decorate your profile. Do your best to make your content as diverse as possible. To do this, use all the features of Instagram: photos, videos, stories, carousels. This applies not only to the visual component, but also to the type of content. Try to minimize advertising posts, add more interactivity, make publications of an educational and entertaining nature.

Too frequent / rare posting

Do not turn posting into spam. If you do this too often, your posts will only annoy subscribers. Conversely, if they appear too rarely, you will be safely forgotten. Therefore, the optimal number is 1-2 publications per day, but sometimes more / less is possible. Only post when you really have something to say.

No interaction with the audience

Make it a rule to respond to all subscriber comments. The lack of response to requests does not speak at all in your favor. Even if a bot has to respond, remember that your comment will be seen by hundreds of other users who will form a corresponding opinion about the brand.

No hashtags

Hashtags are a tool not to be ignored. In addition to helping you find your post, well placed tags will also structure your content by categorizing it. It is useful to create your own unique hashtag, by which they will search for you later.

Refusal to cooperate

Do not neglect offers of cooperation and mutual PR, especially at the initial stages … Mutual promotion can give very good results for a business that is just asserting itself. Read about how to find bloggers to advertise in this article.

Low-quality images

Instagram is a visual social network, and that says it all. Your success / failure directly depends on the quality of the content. So take care of the right lighting, good processing, the right filters. Don’t forget the standard resolution of your photos – 1080 x 1080 pixels. To post pictures of a different format, for example rectangular, you can use applications like Instasize or NoCrop .

Missing text

Naked pictures without text look very strange. The subscriber involuntarily arises a question, what did you mean by this. Therefore, do not forget to accompany the visual part of the post with a verbal description. This will increase its informational value and make the reader stay longer on your page.

Errors in texts

Errors in Instagram are also grammatical, and even more so spelling errors. Always check your text for literacy before publishing. If perfect Russian is not your strong point, use online services such as and ORFO Online.

A lot of spam in comments

“Viral” comments clog your page and distract subscribers from the information they need. Therefore, regularly clean your profile from annoying ads. If you do not do this, you may get the impression that the account is abandoned and no one cares about it.

Subscriber boost

This the action has long lost its meaning. Dead Souls will definitely not raise your rating, and engagement may even drop. So spending money on buying bots is like throwing money away. Better to invest in a competent advertising campaign.

These were the main mistakes while maintaining Instagram. Avoid them, and then you are guaranteed success!

Vladimir Kazakov, Madwins SMM agency, was with you. Thank you for your attention!

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