TOP 17 Instagram beauty bloggers 2021

Instagram is a great platform for self-realization. Funny vines, short tutorial videos, helpful tips and reviews – you can find absolutely everything here. In this article, we will tell you what exactly the popular beauty bloggers on all Instagram have become famous for and what content they broadcast to their loyal followers.

Most Popular Instagram Beauty Bloggers

List of bloggers you can trust. We recommend that you subscribe so as not to miss makeup trends and hot beauty novelties.

Elena Krygina (@elenakrygina)

Of course, the rating should start with Elena Krygina, a Russian make-up artist, blogger, entrepreneur, and winner of the “Woman of the Year 2014” award according to Glamor magazine. The list of her regalia can be continued for a long time, so we will focus on the girl’s main achievements.

Elena is now 33 years old and over 600 thousand followers have subscribed to her page, with whom the beauty adept shares useful tips and clearly demonstrates how to adapt fashion makeup to the realities of everyday life.

The girl was born in Surgut and graduated from the Baltic Academy of Tourism and Entrepreneurship with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, but she decided to devote her life entirely to the beauty sphere.

By the way, in addition to video blogs, Krygina holds an annual beauty festival “Krygina Beauty Day Moscow”, which has no analogues in Russia in terms of scale.

Gohar Avetisyan (@goar_avetisyan)

Gohar is the goddess of wigs and reincarnations. Just think about this figure: more than 9 million people follow the beauty blogger’s page. The 27-year-old has it all: a huge fan base, her own makeup school and a popular line of professional brushes.

The peculiarity of Avetisyan’s blog is that the makeup artist shows real women, who helps them not only hide flaws, but also love themselves.

Yuri Altunyan (@dr_altunyan)

Yuri is a plastic surgeon. In his blog, he fights stereotypes and, by his own example, proves that a man in the beauty industry is not a myth. The doctor posts lush lips in his profile, for the correction of which women line up to him, and shares with followers a purely masculine view of modern beauty standards. Without flattery, falsehood and embellishment, but honestly and with humor.

The plastic surgeon has already managed to gather an impressive audience, as almost 2 million users are subscribed to his account .

Anastasia Androsova (@curlsbyandrosova)

Anastasia is a rather original and unique beauty blogger. Yes, the girl has only 3 thousand subscribers , but her superiority is not at all in the number of followers.

This dark-haired beauty is the first certified specialist in curly hair in Russia and a member of the international association Curly Hair Artistry . Yes, it didn’t seem to you. Nastya knows absolutely everything about curls … and even a little more.

For example, did you guess that curly hair should only be cut dry, paying attention to the shape of each curl? But Anastasia is fluent in this information and is happy to give advice to her loyal subscribers.

Do you have curly hair and constantly want to straighten it? Then check out Androsova’s content and understand how beautiful your curls are.

Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty)

Katan successfully maintains an Instagram page with over 45 million subscribers . She also makes a make-up for the wives of Arab sheikhs and Hollywood celebrities. Eva Longoria and Nicole Richie are among her regular clients.

Also, Katan has already launched her own line of cosmetics – Huda Beauty. Now its products are actively sold in the famous department stores Sephora and Harrods.

Sandra Istomina (@sandraistomina)

Sandra is an incredibly beautiful girl, whose portraits it is impossible not to admire. The beauty blogger has over 70 thousand people subscribed to and the numbers are steadily growing. This is not surprising, because the influencer shares useful mini-reviews on branded cosmetics, reviews on beauty purchases and truthful reviews with followers.

You will find more useful text in her telegram channel, the link to which is pinned in her profile header.

Sonya Miro (@sonya_miro)

This wonderful girl’s blog will teleport you into a fairy tale. Sony’s page, which, by the way, has more than 400,000 subscribers, filled with vibrant colors, unusual make-ups, sparkles and glamor. Even this glitter blogger has tears!

Finding tips on everyday makeup in Miro’s profile is an almost impossible mission, but you can fully be inspired by the stunning images that this fragile lady creates, using only brushes, cosmetics and her talent.

Lisa Eldridge (@lisaeldridgemakeup)

Lisa has collaborated with Chloe, Alberta Ferretti, Prada, Donna Karan and Moschino . And popular foreign celebrities completely trust her with her make-up, including: Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Eva Green and the scandalous Kate Moss (by the way, it is very difficult to please her).

It is this bright girl who creates 40 make-up tutorials a year for the House of Chanel, and this is worth a lot. Eldridge successfully shares his best practices and beauty advice on social networks. Also, the makeup artist offers followers step-by-step instructions for each procedure and makeup. Her page is followed by about 1 million subscribers . Well, she deserves it.

Olga Fox (@olga_fox)

Unusual, fresh and relevant – these are the words to describe Olga’s account.

Fox is a blogger and, at the same time, a young mom, so among the beauty trends and makeup on her page, users will find cute photos of her daughter. Now the life of a beauty guru is followed by about 100 thousand people and we advise you to join the number of admirers of the talent of this make-up pro.

Why? Firstly, Olga creates easy and understandable video tutorials, shares her cosmetic discoveries and lifts the curtain of everyday life. Secondly, the influencer intelligently structures thoughts, so her posts are very interesting to read, and not only to admire beautiful makeup.

Lauren Elyse (@laur_elyse)

A kind of cult has developed around vitiligo in the beauty industry and the modeling business. Fortunately, people with this form of pigmentation have not been complex for a long time and are happy to show the world their unusual beauty.

Lauren is a 29-year-old girl from Chicago who not only does not hesitate to show close-ups of her skin, but also deliberately emphasizes vitiligo, decorating pigmentation with bright eye makeup. About 200,000 people have already subscribed to her account and this number is growing rapidly. It’s really interesting to watch Lauren!

Anastasia Makeeva (@makmakeupart)

Anastasia not only travels with her master classes throughout the country, but also manages to write short reviews on cosmetic products, sometimes uploads episodes from her personal life, but most of all in her makeup profile. Bright and very beautiful.

This riot of colors is watched by over 70,000 users .

Diana Suvorova (@diana_suvorova)

Diana is a Ukrainian beauty blogger with over 90,000 fans subscribed to. On her page, you will not see stereotyped beauty standards and “licked” make-ups. And the girl herself has an atypical beauty, so she is happy to share with her subscribers makeup tips for a variety of types of appearance. That is why girls love her, because Dasha makes it clear that beauty is not about plump lips and a smooth nose, it is about uniqueness.

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And Suvorova also tests Korean cosmetics, helping subscribers with a choice of budget and high-quality products. The girl came up with the idea to create her own blog quite by accident. The thing is that Dasha is a professional make-up artist and, in addition to useful content, makes real princesses out of ladies.

Elya Bulochka (@elya_bulochka)

Elya is a recognized queen of glitter and sparkles, who has been doing what she loves for 10 years. In her microblog you will find bright make-ups, practical advice and revelations about the delights of her personal life.

The Buns account was created for those who do not like long long reads and prefer a luscious visual to an abundance of letters. Eccentric looks, lifestyle, a few reviews on trendy products and glitters, glitters, glitters – this is what Eli’s page is filled with.

By the way, the influencer not only creates beauty on the face, but is also actively promoting his own clothing brand – SCAN ME PLEASE. And the girl successfully sells her guides and teaches how to deal with black dots. Bun’s profile is followed by over 300,000 people .

Daria Kholodnykh (@darya_kholodnykh)

Daria teaches self-love and is happy to share her success story with her followers. Yes, yes, the girl has already managed to earn an apartment in Moscow, celebrate the New Year in Antarctica and conquer the highest mountain in Europe. Impressive, isn’t it?

In her profile you will find absolutely everything – from outrageous makeup to basic everyday looks. Here you can not only enjoy the amazing results of the work of the Cold team, but also read capacious and interesting arguments about the beauty industry in general.

Daria inspires and this is a fact. It is not for nothing that her page is followed by over 80,000 people , with whom she shares useful reviews about new products and must-haves in the world of cosmetics.

Nikkie Tutorials (@nikkietu)

Nikki became famous for her bright makeup, extraordinary upgrades and positive tutorials. A girl can, for example, paint her eyes with all the colors of the rainbow or make a comic book out of her face. The influencer also shoots celebrities for his vlogs (even Drew Barrymore appeared in one of the videos), poses for the cover of Glamor Netherlands and works on a permanent basis on the Dutch version of the Top Model project.

A beauty blogger boasts not only beautiful make-ups, but also useful reviews. Nikki’s videos are eagerly awaiting over 14 million fans .

Cool palettes and shimmery highlighters – look for it all in her makeup bag!

Helen Manasir (@elenmanasir_beauty)

Helen Manasir turned the world of the beauty industry upside down, urging girls to get rid of tons of “plaster” on their faces. Yes, the opinion leader promotes healthy skin as the basis for beautiful and high-quality makeup, and also recommends skincare and decorative products to girls, which, by the way, are difficult to find on the shelves of domestic markets.

A Mansir cosmetic bag often consists of a “heavy suite”, so for the sake of beauty you will have to fork out a little (okay, a lot). The good thing about Helen’s blog is that it has virtually no ads. A beauty influencer shares his personal experience with subscribers and shows by his own example how expensive products work.

If you are for natural beauty, a minimum of makeup and healthy skin, then this is the place for you. Helen’s profile has over 400,000 followers .

Varvara Tabutarova (@varvara_tabu)

Barbara is a fairy of thick eyebrows and incredible makeup, and she is also the founder of the popular make-up school. On his page, the influencer reveals the secrets of flawless red lips and shares tips on how to visually reduce the nose (yes, girls, so subscribe soon).

Her blog is a must-have for those who love interesting informational posts.


Being a beauty blogger is difficult, but very exciting. If you are planning to try your luck in this field or are just looking for a portion of inspiration, then rather subscribe to the profiles of all of the above influencers, so as not to miss interesting longreads, bright make-ups, as well as useful tips and stories from life. And if you need these profiles for your business, then it will help you to conduct them.

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