Top 20 fastest growing Instagram bloggers from Ukraine in 2020

Top 20 fastest growing Instagram bloggers from Ukraine in 2020

In 2020, a lot of interesting things happened. We decided to check how bloggers grew subscribers. This is an analysis of the top 20 influencers from Ukraine, but the blog also includes an analysis of the top 20 bloggers from Russia.

Immediately infographics:

Download infographic of Top 20 fastest growing bloggers in Ukraine

Fuchsia (red-violet) we have selected Tiktokers from Dream Team House. This is a trend that we write in every such top. Want to build Instagram followers? Type them on TikTok and ask them to subscribe to Instagram.

For analysis, we will divide influencers by some parameters.

Beginners / Time-tested

9 out of 20 top bloggers had less than 165k subscribers last year.

Download infographic Growth of fast growing bloggers

We see that almost every second got their millions of subscribers in 2020. This gives a chance that you and I will be able to do this in 2021 too 🙂

Content Promotion

At the same time, there are examples of content-driven growth. Here is the graph of how Luladzha Olegovna jerked (funny horoscopes).

The graph shows that there are three stages of promotion:

  • 5-10 thousand subscribers per day in the first month (February-March).
  • 2-5 thousand subscribers a day before the end of August.
  • 0.5-2.5 thousand subscribers per day now.

Our hypothesis is that it depends on the daily budget that was poured into the account. Perhaps since August the budget is minimal or even without a budget. A public of this level with funny posts can generate that many followers organically.

Interesting content allows you to reduce the cost of promotion.

In this particular case, we do not see targeted ads from this account. But it all started with a Telegram channel, and then the Instagram account was noticed by online magazines and away we go (LĂ“fficiel, TheVillage, Vogue, Bazilik).


Most bloggers are promoted through giveaway (a type of contest). This can be seen in the subscription graph – a sharp increase and then a decline.

Here’s a screenshot of the giveaway sponsor. And here is a screen of those who conduct the giveaway themselves:

See the difference?

And those, and those have a graph of subscribers in the “teeth”, like a file. But those who conduct – also have a subscription schedule in the “plateau”. Because the mechanics of the competition – subscribe to everyone I follow and get a car.

If you decide to participate in the Giveaway, remember that this is a one-way road. After them, there are always huge unsubscriptions and a drop in coverage.


We didn’t want to, but we managed to postalker (follow the personal life) of bloggers. After all, it turned out that there are 2 pairs in the top.

Udyanovskiye Yana (1.4 million) and Nikolay (1.4 million):

Alena Venum (4.3 million) and Daril Toufekchi (1.4 million):

What does it have to say that meeting with a blogger or blogger = getting subscribers from her. It doesn’t work that way. If a blogger announces a relationship, then subscribers can follow her boyfriend. This will work once or twice, and then each new partner’s mark will not give an increase.

For example, in our Sponsored Posts module we see that Alena Venum has recently mentioned her husband 63 times.

This is very clearly seen in our tracking:

Each such mention does not give an increase in subscribers, because those who wanted to have subscribed for a long time. But …

Paired bloggers get more subscribers because ‘hangout’ matters. In all Giveaways in which Alena participates, she takes her husband as well.

The Udyanskys are even more interesting.

Here are Yana’s general statistics:

Here are Nikolai’s statistics:

If we look at the growth of subscribers, we will see that active promotion began in October.




Download infographic Summary of Fast Growing Bloggers

  1. Tiktok rules because it is easier to get followers organically and they easily switch to Instagram.
  2. Giveaway works in 2020, but once started, it’s hard to stop.
  3. There are a lot of new bloggers.
  4. Hanging out and sharing experiences among bloggers is important.
  5. Bloggers from Ukraine write in Russian in order to gather more audience due to subscribers from other countries.

It’s easiest to still promote funny videos and then monetize your followers with ads.

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