Top 20 fastest growing Instagram bloggers in 2020

Top 20 fastest growing Instagram bloggers in 2020

Our blog already had the top 25 Instagram bloggers in Russia by the number of subscribers. We decided to look from the other side – who grew the most, how they managed it and whether it can be used by those who do not have a couple of million to promote.

The top looks like this:

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In this article, we’ll take a look at the 20 Instagram bloggers who have gained the most followers in a year. It doesn’t matter how much they had before. It seems to us that it was relatively as difficult to gain 3 million new subscribers for Buzova as for Arthur Babich (who is this o_O ???). Let’s add the following graph just in case:

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And don’t be intimidated by the nicknames on the last chart. We’ll get to know everyone now.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Was + growth: 18.5 + 7.8 million

Absolute record holder for the number of subscribers and growth. Khabib is a Russian mixed martial arts fighter and UFC champion.

The subscriber growth graph is even. The surge was around October 24 – the date of one of the battles.

Due to world fame, most of Khabib’s subscribers are NOT from Russia:

That is, the secret of growth is world fame, constant external PR. We even think that Khabib is the most popular Russian athlete in the world.

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Visit chechnya

Was + growth: 1.2 + 4.2 million

Official tourist account of Chechnya.

In May 2020, Instagram blocked the account of the head of the republic. Therefore, the growth of subscribers went to other accounts, including this one.

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Anya – Antigrustin (Anya Pokrov)

Was + growth: 0.5 + 4.2 million

It’s okay that you probably don’t know this name. Tiktokersha, member of the first Dream Team House (Tiktokers’ house), singer.

It is noteworthy that last year she did not even have a million subscribers.

What can we learn from her example:

  1. Constant mutual PR – develop several accounts at once and constantly mention each other.
  2. Tick-tock is the future. Just like Instagram once was. You should definitely try to drive traffic from there.

Of course, we do not deny that huge budgets are poured into the promotion, but wisely.

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Nastya Ivleeva

Was + growth: 14.2 + 4 million

The author of this article knows Nastya as the host of Eagle and Reshka, but she is primarily a popular YouTube blogger.

This is another example of how to drive traffic from one social media site. network to another. We can say that Nastya continues to do what she knows how – interesting and funny content, and also launched a new YouTube show. In addition, Orel and Reshka are still shown on TV 🙂

Therefore, in 2020 I added 4 more to 14 million.

Her example teaches that you must not forget to re-baptize your social media. network.

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Nadine Serowski

Was + growth: 3.7 + 3.9 million

Mom, blogger, business woman. Lifestyle + kids + fashion + cosmetics.

Let’s take a closer look at her subscriber and subscription schedule:

These peaks on the subscriber graph (orange) are giveaways (contests). On the subscription graph (blue), they are even better visible. The mechanics of the competition are as follows: “Subscribe to everyone I follow,” so the blogger will be removed for the duration of the subscription and will add the sponsors of the competition there.

For beginner accounts, contests will not work. The problem is that you will stop and they will begin to unsubscribe from you en masse. For an account with 1,000 followers, such a swing will ruin the account. Therefore – content first, and then contests (if you need such an audience).

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Elena Sazhina

Was + growth: 4.6 + 3.8 million

Mom, blogger, host.

Same situation with content and contests.

It should be clarified that contests are not the only thing a blogger does.

Nowadays it’s difficult to promote with non-unique content. Novice bloggers may get the impression that they need to do lifestyle content, like the top ones – to talk about themselves, their relationships, family, travel, thoughts. This is not true. Top bloggers make high-quality lifestyle content and invest in promotions (Elena invests in contests).

Plus, popularity came with subscribers and Elena was invited to become the presenter. In general, don’t copy top bloggers head-on. At this stage, they have completely different tasks.

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Dream Team

Was + growth: 0.6 + 3.7 million

Actually, the account of the house of Tiktokers, which we talked about when describing the promotion of Ani Pokrov.


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Artur Babich

Was + growth: 0.2+ 3.4 million

And one more member of the first composition of the House of Tiktokers.


I hope you remember that tiktok and mutual PR are important 🙂

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Olga Buzova

Was + growth: 19.4 + 3.3 million

You know her. Deals with everything. Sings, dances, hosts a show.


At the beginning of the year there were 19 million, now 22. The reason for this, it seems to us, is the competent promotion and willpower of Olga herself. No matter how anyone treats her, she really shines wherever possible, and works out every show to the fullest. This means that she has a lot of PR and mutual PR.

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Sergey Kosenko

Was + growth: 1.6 + 3.2 million

Giveaway organizer with stars. Content – lifestyle. Sea, surfing and so on.


But the basis of account success is the giveaway. You need to subscribe to his account if you want to participate in the competition that he organizes. And these are giveaways with stars and major bloggers.

Now there is a wave of “giveaway is bad” among bloggers, but it’s still a very quiet wave. Therefore, Sergey has a lot of work and new subscribers.

What his example should teach us is that there is a lot of work in insta. Giveaway organizers, blogger managers, influnecer marketers. And if some disappear in a couple of years, then most of the work will remain with us forever.

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Huseyn Hasanov

Was + growth: 12.7 + 3.2 million

YouTube, singer, blogger and so on. We call these bloggers viners. They shoot short, funny videos that go viral and bring in subscribers. This is the basis of Hasanov’s popularity.


Along with popularity came participation in TV projects, as well as giveaway.

What can we learn from Husein’s example – short, funny videos have a huge virality. Large brands use this in their advertising (I have never bought it in my life, but Tantum Verde Forte from Timati or Polisorb from Artur Dilanyan is spinning in my head). But a small business can do this too – for example, a network of beauty salons buys jokes from a local public and posts from themselves – increases the engagement of subscribers (the record for likes and shares, guess which posts).

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Gohar Avetisyan

Was + growth: 6.8 + 3.1 million

I was told on the Internet that Gohar Avetisyan is a talented make-up artist. Mostly lifestyle content + cosmetics. And humor. Self-irony is generally well received by the public.


There were a few notable giveaways, but generally the subscriber schedule is flat.

Nowadays there are a lot of makeup and makeup artists, but whoever got up first got his slippers. Goar makes it interesting, useful and funny. We should all learn from her that the choice of a topic and the desire to work in it constantly is a very important component. As important as the promotion budget.

In addition, Goar is good at integrating with brands and other bloggers.

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Alina Levda

Was + growth: 3.7 + 3.1 million

Singer, presenter, mom.


Nice lifestyle content and graphics in the giveaway.

We emphasize once again – now it is important to make interesting and promote. And the more interesting it is, the easier it is to promote. It is possible to hope for virality, but it is still better to engage in full-fledged promotion on Instagram (advertising among bloggers, targeting, mutual PR, collaborations and an increase in subscriber activity).

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Dina Saeva

Was + growth: 2.8 + 3 million

Tiktoker. Madina has 18 million followers on Tik tok. And friendship with another tiktoker – Rakhim Abramov.


In general, the standard layout is short, funny videos + other bloggers + promotion. Do you need to remind me about the benefits of Tiktok again?

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Ekaterina Klimova

Was + growth: 3.7 + 3 million

There is an actress Ekaterina Klimova, but this is not her.

Mom, blogger, business woman.


Beautiful, high-quality lifestyle content. There are many giveaways on the subscriber growth chart.

If you go to the Sponsored Posts module in trendHERO, you will find that she advertised Sberbank, Frutonyanu, Sunlight. You can also find her best friend Lisa Miller (6.8 million followers).

It seems to us that we should not underestimate not only mutual PR, but also the crowd of bloggers. This is a lesson from Katya.

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Oksana Samoilova

Was + growth: 9.8 + 3 million

Mom of four children, the wife of rapper Djigan and a business woman. By the way, her husband has 4.6 million subscribers. Lifestyle content and kids.


You can delve into dirty laundry for a long time and say that the basis of success is the husband’s money. If so, then Oksana used this foundation to the fullest and wisely. Cosmetics, clothing, fitness clubs are great examples of how to convert a personal brand into a business.

For aspiring bloggers and small businesses, this is a reason to think.

There are different ways to monetize Instagram accounts:

  1. A beauty salon can throw its main forces on the account of the salon itself, or it can also promote the owner’s personal account.
  2. A blogger can make money from advertising, and can also start a business.

Just know that you can do this too 🙂

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Karina Lazaryants

Was + growth: 6.5 + 2.9 million

Actress, singer, weiner. Remember that funny short videos go viral more easily?


In general, here’s the recipe: vines + bloggers’ party + TV + promotion. You can’t go through the same scenario right now, you need Tik Tok.

In this regard, another interesting thought – people grow. The blogger gains subscribers of children and students, and after 5 years Sberbank buys ads from him, because 15 + 5 = 20 years 🙂

Specifically, Karina advertised Remington, MVideo, Lay’s, Yandex.Market, Sberbank, Hrus-team, Pyaterochka.

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Anton Lapenko

Was + growth: 1.5 + 2.9 million

Inside Lapenko is a popular show on YouTube. By format, it is a sketch show. You’ve surely seen fragments of these funny sketches if you have visited Instagram recommendations at least once. Anton’s acting charisma + talent of the show creators – gave virality and recognition.


If you look at the graph of the growth of subscribers for the year, we see that the account has not been promoted since May. It was possible to compete with such dynamics bi and Khabib.

This lesson, we also want you to learn – the more subscribers, the more effort you need to invest in promotion. This is an ongoing process and interesting content is not always the key to success.

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Kristina Dudkova

Was + growth: 3.2 + 2.9 million

Mom and business lady. Lifestyle content + contests.


By the way, have you noticed that bloggers are promoting the idea of ​​having many children?

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Ksenia Borodina

Was + growth: 13.7 + 2.8 million

Host, mom, blogger. Lifestyle content.


Looking at Ksenia, the gradation was born:

  • old school – celebrities from TV. Their main audience is still on TV, and Instagram is purely because it is possible. Pavel Volya, Kirkorov and so on.
  • high school – came from TV, but realized that their audience was already hanging out on the Internet. Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina are bright examples.
  • the new school is purely the Internet that creeps into the TV. Tick ​​tokers, Ivleeva, Morgenstern.

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Putting together everything we’ve learned:

  1. TikTok and YouTube are great at building subscribers.
  2. Giveaway helps you gain followers, but if you have content.
  3. Don’t blindly copy top bloggers.
  4. Mutual PR is important.
  5. Bloggers’ hangout helps.
  6. There are many ways to monetize your personal brand. For example, in business.

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