TOP – 20 Instagram bloggers of Ukraine 2021

TOP – 20 Instagram bloggers of Ukraine 2021

Despite the endless debate about the role of influencers and their future, it cannot be denied that their word has enormous weight now. Instagram bloggers in Ukraine are a role model for many, they inspire, gather millions of followers around them. Today we offer to get acquainted with the list of the best Instagram bloggers in Ukraine who have managed to achieve unprecedented success in this area.

The most popular Ukrainian bloggers

Sofia Stuzhuk (@sofia_stuzhuk)

Sofia Struzhuk should give the leading position in the rating “Best Bloggers of Ukraine”. This mother of many children, living outside of social standards, has managed to collect millions of followers on her page. Among them are those who follow the girl’s every advice, admire her family, ideas of upbringing, and haters who criticize Sofia for her propaganda of “conscious” and maximally natural motherhood without doctors and with home birth.
https: //www.instagram. com / p / CADGoszAxQ _ /? utm_source = ig_web_copy_link
On her Instagram page, the girl talks about her lifestyle, shares tips on raising children, the secrets of a slim figure and actively promotes her own clothing brand If only wear, created especially for mothers who also want to be stylish.

In the screenshot below, you can see the statistics of Sofia’s account.

София Стужук
The main category of Sofia’s fans are women. But men also follow the girl’s account. Although there are only 11% of them, given that there are more than 4 million subscribers in total, it turns out an impressive number of fans. By the way, trendHERO service, which is an effective tool for analytics of Instagram accounts, helped to obtain such information. You can also find out interesting details about any of the accounts if you register at

From time to time, the page of the most controversial instamama turns into a real battlefield between subscribers. Sofia boldly shared photos from her home births, told personal tragedies and revealed intimate details. Obviously, it is this kind of frankness that makes some adore the girl, and others criticize her. But both are good for the girl. Advertisers pay attention to Sofia’s account due to increased user activity.

Alena Venum (@alana_venum)

Falls to the leading lines in the rating of Instagram bloggers and Alena Venum, who can rightfully be called the most successful video blogger in Ukraine. On her YouTube channel, the girl managed to collect over 5.3 million subscribers with the help of video sketches and short funny videos. The girl’s Instagram is not far behind in popularity, to which about 4 million Instagrammers have already subscribed.
First, Alena shared with her subscribers useful tips about beauty, weight loss, healthy eating, make-up, as well as life hacks and recommendations on how to do various things with your own hands. Since 2016, the blogger has been fascinated by humorous vines about types of people, which has attracted millions of users to her pages. Today the girl continues to publish humorous sketches, in which her husband and equally famous blogger Daryl often take part.
Алена Венум
It is noteworthy that Alena has only 64% of the genuine audience, according to the trendHERO service. I wonder who the rest are Mass Followers?

Sasha Pustovit (@sashaabo)

Sasha Pustovit is the first Ukrainian-language blogger who managed to gather around a million audience. Alexandra is also the owner of the Influencer # 1 in Ukraine title according to Cosmopolitan, a young mother of two children and a happy caring wife. The girl is only 24 years old, and she is already in the center of adoration of 2 million fans.
Her blog is an interesting book to read. With his subscribers, Sasha shares life stories, advice on proper nutrition, raising children. And although the girl jokes that she will never become a travel blogger, she knows how to excitingly tell about every country she was lucky enough to visit, and tell readers the most exciting places.

Alexandra attracts attention with her natural beauty and sincere smile. By the way, blogging can be called the family business of the Pustosvit couple. The girl’s husband Igor Pustosvit is also a popular blogger and makes money on the Internet.

Katya (@tattingkate)

Katya is a young millionaire without higher education. She is the owner of four stores and an online school. The girl devoted her blog to finance and business. In it, she shares useful business advice and her secrets of success. If you haven’t made money on Porsche yet, Katya will tell you how to do it.
Today more than one and a half million followers have already signed up for the young millionaire’s account, for whom the girl posts a lot of useful information, and also holds contests with generous prizes.
The girl posts 8-9 posts a week to keep the interest of her audience. And she succeeds – the authenticity of the audience according to trendHERO was 74%. This is a good number for an account with nearly 2 million followers.

Alevtina (@diva_olivka)

Diva Olivka is perhaps the most successful weiner in Ukraine. Alevtina was able to become a millionaire blogger, and this despite the fact that she began to shoot her humorous vines only in 2017.
Fans believe that Alevtina’s main raisins are cute face and light burr. The girl knows how to laugh at life situations, and fans recognize themselves in her vines. Oliva’s videos often feature other popular Ukrainian bloggers.

Nastya Gontsul (@nastiagoncul)

Nastya Gontsul is only 23 years old, and her funny vines are already gaining hundreds of thousands of views in a few minutes. Such popularity can be the envy of many famous bloggers with pictures of luxurious life, because almost 1.5 million users have already subscribed to Gontsul’s account, and she is simply not afraid to be herself. CAcVPNqDGLR /
In her funny vines, Nastya shows life without cuts, shares genuine emotions, makes irony. Not without lyrical digressions. From time to time, Nastya shares her secret with subscribers and raises important social issues.

Tatiana Parfilieva (@tanyaparfileva)

Tatyana Parfilyeva has managed to attract more than 1.5 million users to her page with her cute appearance, charisma and energy. Instadiva shares funny sketches, fashionable looks, and tips with subscribers. She travels a lot and does not forget to post bright and rich photos from her vacation.
Parfilyeva herself positions herself not only as a blogger, but also as a successful businesswoman. The girl has always been fond of the fashion industry, she loved beautiful clothes, handbags and elegant shoes. She successfully realized her passion and creative ideas in the network of her own showrooms Cherry Land Shop, which already operate in several cities of Ukraine.

Tatiana Samburskaya (@__samburska)

Tatiana Samburskaya is a millionaire blogger from whom you can learn sincerity and honesty. With her audience, Tatyana behaves as openly as possible, the girl shares her innermost thoughts with subscribers and is not afraid to appear in stories without makeup. Tanya often pampers her giveaway subscribers with lavish gifts. And recently the girl got married, and now she pleases the followers with happy family photos. In other words, watching the girl becomes more interesting every day.
Samburskaya is not only a successful blogger, but also a starting business woman. At the age of 18, the girl opened her own beauty studio.
With such a huge number of subscribers, the girl managed to maintain excellent involvement. We managed to find out thanks to the trendHERO service. In addition to this information, the resource allows you to find out who likes more often – men or women and where the audience is from. It is noteworthy that Samburskaya has many subscribers from Russia.

Anna Trincher (@annatrincher_official)

Actress, singer and blogger Anna Trincher fell in love with many Instagrammers. The girl is well known to Ukrainian viewers on the television series “School” and as a finalist of the show “Voice”. Despite her young age, the girl already has serious popularity, including on Instagram, where more than a million people have subscribed to her.
With her subscribers Anna shares her creativity and funny sketches, talks about everyday life, raises important social topics and just fools around. Anna calls Instagram her strongest hobby and work in which the girl puts a lot of effort and time.

Kristina Khrypta (@kristina_sharkadi)

Successful instabloggers are always about beauty and sincerity. This formula of success was used by KRISTINA KHRYPTA, to whose account more than 1.1 million users have already subscribed.
In the blog, Christina shares interesting ideas with her followers for photos and beautiful pictures with your participation. The girl’s account is cozy, it has a lot of useful recipes, tips and not fake emotions.
Here are Christina’s account statistics obtained from trendHERO. Thanks to this tool, we managed to find out that the girl has more than 37 thousand new subscribers over the past month.

Tanya Prentkovich (@tanyaprentkovych)

More than a million users have subscribed to Tanya Prentkovich’s Instagram page. And this despite the fact that Tanya is usually a woman who lives in Ternopil with her beloved son, husband and dog, and does not focus exclusively on social networks.
Tatiana recognizes that its objectives are not related to online. She dreams of creating her own network of cafes throughout Ukraine, building a house, having two more children and traveling a lot. On Instagram, Tanya simply posts what she lives with, shares her plans and successes. She is sure that, first of all, you need to be realized and live to the fullest in real life, and there will be something to tell about in the insta and beautiful photos will appear.

Alina Frendiy (@alina_frendiy)

Alina Frendiy is a successful influencer and Calvin Klein ambassador, plus a young mom. In her blog, Alina strikes the perfect balance between fashion and motherhood. As you can see, she succeeds well, because over 1 million users have already subscribed to the girl’s account.
Before becoming a mother, Alina traveled a lot , but now everything has changed a little, and travel photos have been replaced by cute home shots. The girl admits that everything is due to the fact that her life priorities have changed with the birth of her son. True, this does not prevent her from remaining one of the most popular instadives.

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Valeria Yurchenko (@valeria__yurchenko)

Famous bloggers often grow out of ordinary people, which is proved by a student of Ternopil Medical University Valeria Yurchenko. At 22, the girl boasts an almost million audience of followers and thousands of likes.
On her Instagram page, the girl shares daily stories about her life and the secrets of facial care. The latter is not just advice, but you can say the recommendations of a professional, because Valery is studying to be a dermatologist and very soon will become a doctor.

The girl maintains her blog in Ukrainian, which appeals to many of her subscribers. Sincerity, useful advice and passion for photography since childhood are the quintessence of Valeria’s success.

Eli Vasilenko (@elizabethvasilenko)

Ukrainian actress and model Elizaveta Vasilenko, who became famous mainly due to her leading role in the youth television series “School”, gained fame on Instagram. Today, almost a million users are subscribed to the account of a young girl.
Young Lisa is a very sincere blogger. On her page, she shares exciting Stories, gives valuable advice, plays games with subscribers. Lisa travels a lot and regularly pampers her fans with travel emotions and vivid pictures.
ᴇʟɪ ᴠᴀsɪʟᴇɴᴋᴏ
The girl posts infrequently – only 3 publications per week. But that’s enough to keep her account monitored. If you are interested in Lisa’s personality, then you will be equally interested to see some information about her account in the trendHERO service. The resource analyzes the Instagrammer by more than 90 metrics.

Alexander Zalisko (@o_zalisko)

The most popular Ukrainian instagram bloggers are not only gorgeous beauties, showing off their ideal life and exotic places. There was also a place for charismatic men in the vastness of domestic Instagram. For example, showman Alexander Zalisko managed to collect almost a million followers on his page.
In his blog Alexander shares various funny pictures and humorous videos. It is noteworthy that you can get 15 funny ARM masks for subscribing to the account.

Santa Dimopulos (@santadimopulos)

Ukrainian model, singer and world champion in fitness Santa Dimopulos actively maintains his blog on Instagram, which is subscribed to by over 800 thousand users. The beauty shares with her subscribers the secrets of her harmony and success, holds sports battles and demonstrates the bright moments of her life.
The artist travels a lot, so there are a lot of travel content: photos from different parts of the world, travel tips, stories about interesting places where the girl managed to visit.

Masha Timoshenko (@tim_masha)

Masha Tymoshenko began to actively engage in blogging 5 years ago, and since then has managed to achieve immense popularity. Today, 700 thousand fans have already subscribed to the girl’s Instagram account, and the number of followers on YouTube is rapidly approaching 1 million.
With her subscribers Masha shares useful tips for healthy eating, beauty, fashionable hairstyles, looks, perfect make-ups. Lifestyle tips from a sincere beauty and a young mother are gaining more and more views and popularity every day. It is also captivating that Masha never hides her feelings and personal life. In her blog you can read a lot of interesting thoughts about relationships, family, work, meet her beloved husband and son.
The girl’s account is interesting for advertisers. She publishes sponsored posts frequently. TrendHERO analytics said that Masha mentioned commercial accounts H&M, Visit Dubai, Bourjois Paris Ukrain, Clinique in her posts.

Sasha Samsonova (@sashasamsonova)

At the moment, Sasha Samsonova lives and works in Los Angeles, where he shoots clips for Pink, Ciara, and also photographs the Kardashian sisters. The talented Ukrainian woman shares her creativity in her account, thanks to which she is also included in the rating of Instagram bloggers of Ukraine.
Fascinating beauty pictures, which capture world famous models, actors and singers, have allowed Alexandra to collect almost 700 thousand permanent followers on her page.

Irka Pistryuga (@irka_pistryuga)

In the past, Irina Pistryuga is a primary school teacher, and today she is a lifestyle blogger with more than 600 thousand subscribers. On her page, Irina talks about how to keep yourself in shape with the right exercises, shares tips for hair and skin care. Subscribers affectionately call the blogger the “Queen of Kitkata” for the girl’s great love for this sweet.

Irina has learned to skillfully combine practical advice and humor. Her blog is a fascinating magazine, where you can find both tips on perfect makeup and colorful travel pictures, as well as philosophical reflections on life issues.

Rita Kit (@

Ukrainian bloggers on Instagram know how to inspire and surprise. A prime example of this is Rita Keith’s page. The girl positions herself as a tattoo artist, and her works captivate the eye, surprise and have already attracted the attention of more than 600 thousand users.
Rita Kit – not just a tattoo artist, but the creator of the unique author’s live leaf tattoo technique. The girl makes a tattoo of fresh flowers, literally capturing all their beauty on human skin. Rita is convinced that each plant grows uniquely, so she uses natural flowers and leaves to create complex, unique plants.
And although the girl maintains her page in English, and spends most of her time in Indonesia and Bali, thanks to her roots, she can be safely ranked among the best Ukrainian Instagram bloggers. The trendHERO analytics tool allows you to study in detail the geography of Rita’s subscribers. It analyzes accounts according to different metrics – you can find out the gender, type and interests of the audience, as well as a lot of other information important for marketers.

The sphere of blogging is open to everyone, and absolutely different people of all ages can become successful, because the most important thing is to be sincere and have an interesting idea. Among the countless number of Instagram pages, there are many accounts of Ukrainian bloggers that motivate, make you smile and change your life for the better.

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