TOP-25 Instagram bloggers in Russia 2021

TOP-25 Instagram bloggers in Russia 2021

Among the most popular Instagram accounts, you can find pages of actors, famous politicians, musicians, athletes, and fashion stars. Famous personalities share the highlights of their lives, open up their world, and thereby attract millions of followers and crowds of advertisers. There are bloggers in Russia on the list of popular accounts and instagram who made their name on the social network, and then began to conquer related areas. The ranking of the best changes every year. Let’s see what it looks like today.

Most Popular Instagram Accounts in Russia

Khabib Nurmagomedov (@khabib_nurmagomedov)

Mixed martial arts fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov tops the Instagram rating in terms of the number of subscribers. More than 20 million users have subscribed to the account of the star fighter, which allows him to take an honorable place in the rating, overtaking even the ubiquitous Olga Buzova, who closed her account and therefore did not even enter the TOP. / p / B-V2-XUKEwR /
To be fair, it should be noted that these are not only Russian users, but also his fans from all over the world. And after another victorious battle, their number only increases.

Here are the statistics of Khabib Nurmagomedov, obtained using the trendHERO service, which is an effective tool for analyzing Insta profiles. Thanks to statistical data, you can find out how many new subscribers a blogger has, whether this number has been increased. This is very important when looking for an influencer for marketing campaigns.

Хабиб Нурмагомедов

There are many motivational and philosophical posts in Khabib’s publications, which are supported by thousands of fan comments. His life is enthusiastically watched by millions of women for whom he is an object of adoration and millions of guys who see him as an example to follow. As you can see, the engagement rate is not very high (only 3.6%), but it is within the normal range for such a huge number of subscribers.

Nastya Ivleeva (@_agentgirl_)

The most popular Russian Instagram bloggers often become show business stars. A striking example of this is Nastya Ivleeva, who has gone from a manicure master to a celebrity. More than 16.8 million users have subscribed to her Instagram page. And it all began from the moment when in 2013 her short humorous sketches began to gather an impressive audience.
Today Nastya is releasing her own show on YouTube, starring in serials. For some time she was the TV presenter of the Eagle and Tails travel show. Nastya does not hide the fact that she would like to create her own business empire, therefore, at the age of 29, she actively tries herself in various areas of creativity and business.

The audience loves Nastya for her sincerity and simplicity. The girl is not afraid to be funny and speak directly, and in the latest author’s projects, she provokes other stars to this. Thanks to trendHERO, it was possible to establish that the average number of likes per Ivleeva’s post is more than 800 thousand. This is an impressive figure, which indicates that Nastya has an army of fans. It is not for nothing that it is chosen for advertising various products in social networks.
Настя Ивлеева

Timati (@timatiofficial)

Among the most popular Instagram pages (Russia), the rapper Timati’s account takes its place of honor. The artist’s activity extends far beyond music – he has an author’s line of clothes, and his own fast food network, and his own production center.
The owner of the Black Star label actively maintains his page on Instagram, where he shares with subscribers not only news about his career, but also shots from his personal life.

By the way, all the members of the hip-hop artist are actively leading their pages on Instagram. The wife of Timati Reshetova Anastasia is one of the most famous on the domestic Instagram. The girl already has more than 3.6 million subscribers in her account, with whom the star mom shares her everyday life. Simona Chernomorskaya, Timati’s mother and grandmother of stellar children, also enjoys success on Instagram. She, of course, like her wife, is still far from the head of the family in terms of popularity on Instagram, but funny videos with grandchildren are gaining millions of views.

Ksenia Borodina (@borodylia)

Permanent host of the most famous reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina gained fame on Instagram, where more than 14.6 million people are subscribed to her page. Over the years of work on domestic television, Ksenia has managed to gain unprecedented popularity. Today, the public can not only follow the star on TV screens, but on social networks, where Ksyusha shares her successes, achievements and shots from her personal life. The popularity of Borodina was not easy. The debut of the aspiring star was the project “Dom-2”, where her co-host was the TV star Ksenia Sobchak. It was difficult to compete with the famous TV personality, but Borodina still managed to gain credibility among the participants and viewers.

Today Ksenia leads several more television projects, writes books, tries herself as an actress, owns a network of beauty salons and actively shares her successes with subscribers.

Pavel Volya (@pavelvolyaofficial)

One of the founders of the Comedy Club satirical show and the famous stand-up comedian of the national stage, Pavel Volya, has already collected over 14.4 million followers on his page. Thanks to her popular Instagram page, Volya actively promotes TNT projects in which she participates, as well as her own clothing line, trainings and the Power of Will marathon.
Paul’s main content is humor. On live broadcasts, the artist regularly sneers at the stars of the domestic show business, inviting them to his morning exercises, which he conducts together with his wife. Selected humor is subtly intertwined with lyrical content – poems and shots from his personal life with his children and his beloved wife.
Павел Воля
Although Pavel’s account is popular, his ER is less than 1%. This indicates a large number of bots in subscribers. You can analyze Instagram celebrities yourself using over 90 metrics. To do this, simply register on trendHERO.

Egor Creed (@egorkreed)

Popular hip-hop performer, and more recently, actor Yegor Creed is confidently included in the TOP of the most popular Russian Instagram accounts. The account of the former artist of the Black Star label lacks only a few million subscribers to catch up with the popularity of its founder Timati. The artist’s account is followed by about 13 million fans. Most of the subscribers are, of course, girls.
On his page, Yegor actively shares footage covering his activities and leisure, publishes premieres of his tracks, and sometimes share rare family shots.

Oksana Samoilova (@samoylovaoxana)

Oksana Samoilova is known primarily as the wife of the famous rapper Dzhigan. However, this young woman is an independent interesting personality, businesswoman, model and the most famous mother of many children of the Russian-speaking Instagram.
More than 12 million users are subscribed to the account of Samoilova, who follow the life of the beauty, and more recently the family ups and downs of the couple. For many, Oksana is an example to follow in terms of healthy lifestyle, quick recovery after childbirth and motherhood. Today, the girl devotes most of her time to children, but she also finds a minute to run a beauty blog, where she shares the secrets of perfect makeup.

Gohar Avetisyan (@goar_avetisyan)

The name Gohar Avetisyan is associated with a good sorceress by many. The thing is that Gohar is a talented make-up artist and stylist who is capable of any transformation. Talent, great taste and sense of style helped the girl in her 26 years to win the title of the best makeup artist. Moreover, this is the opinion of not only numerous Russian publications, but also the British DailyMail.
On his Instagram page, Goar shares beauty tips and shots from his personal life. Millions of fans follow her skills, and this makes the girl one of the most famous beauty bloggers in the country.

Dmitry Nagiev (@ nagiev.universal)

The famous Russian showman, actor and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev easily gathered around himself a multi-million army of fans on Instagram. Dmitry regularly pampers his fans with work and personal pictures. Not to do in publications and without elements of humor.
About 9 million users have subscribed to the account of this charismatic showman, which is not surprising, because charm and deliberate Dmitry’s brutality has always conquered the fair sex of any age. At 53, Nagiyev is still one of the country’s main sex symbols. But, as the statistics from trendHERO show, Dmitry also has enough male subscribers. Almost 44% of the audience is male.
Дмитрий Нагиев

Regina Todorenko (@reginatodorenko)

The rating of Instagram bloggers with the largest fan audience would be incomplete without Regina Todorenko. This energetic beauty literally burst onto the screens as a singer, actress, TV presenter, managed to prove herself as a composer, to win the love and recognition of the public. This allowed Regina to become a real Instagram star. Her account is followed by more than 8 million subscribers, with whom the TV presenter shares the highlights of her life and the life of her son, travel photos and fashionable images.

Polina Gagarina (@ gagara1987)

Polina Gagarina brought Russia second place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 and has since become the favorite of millions. Today Polina continues her career as a singer, is a member of the Council of Culture and Art of the Russian Federation and is one of the members of the jury of the show “Voice”.
The artist combines her rich activities with blogging on Instagram, where more than 8 million fans have already been collected. In the blog, Polina shares her work, touching shots from her personal life, and also interviews famous artists on live broadcasts.

Doctor Komarovsky (@doctor_komarovskiy)

Popular Russian bloggers on Instagram are not only show business artists. Among the most popular pages there are many useful blogs, for example, the account of Dr. Komarovsky. More than 8 million subscribers are already applying for his advice through Instagram.
On his page Komarovsky shares advice on the health and upbringing of children, has several headings that cover a variety of topics, ranging from finger gymnastics for the little ones, and ending with the prevention and treatment of serious diseases.

Karina Lazaryants (@karinakross)

Karina Lazaryants’s creative career began with filming in the popular youth TV series “Univer”, “Interns” and “Molodezhka”. True, the girl got mostly episodic roles, but having made a bet on blogging, Karina became a real star. The girl turned her Instagram page into a solo project. Starting in 2016, the girl published various staged humorous sketches on her page, in which she starred both alone and with other famous bloggers. The perky videos of the artist gained millions of views, and the account was actively replenished with new subscribers.
Today, over 8 million subscribers follow Karina. The girl continues to delight her fans with humorous vines, but recently she has been paying attention to raising important social topics, devoting part of her videos to them.

Garik Kharlamov (@garikkharlamov)

The ironic and talented Garik Kharlamov, known primarily as a member of the Comedy Club, has always been a favorite of the public. Therefore, he easily gathered around him on Instagram an audience of about 8 million.
Kharlamov spoils his subscribers with portions of excellent humor, mocking domestic TV shows and show stars -business, as well as share shots from his personal life.
If you look at the statistics on trendHERO, you can see that Garik’s ER is only 1%. This is pretty small. Audience engagement can be calculated manually, but why, if there is a trendHERO. The tool will show the ER of any Instagram account instantly.

Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru)

High-quality humor helped Maxim Galkin win not only the popularity and heart of the Prima Donna, but also the love of 8 million followers on Instagram. Star dad runs a “personal” blog in full understanding of this concept. Most of it consists of touching footage from the family archive. The artist’s account is constantly updated with funny videos with children, whose talents the family is so proud of, and pictures with the star’s wife. To be a minute and to humor. From time to time, the artist invites to his live broadcasts national pop stars, over whom he likes to play a trick, and also publishes videos of his performances.

Ksenia Sobchak (@xenia_sobchak)

The odious Ksenia Sobchak knows exactly how to use Instagram correctly. The popular TV presenter, actress and politician has collected over 7.5 million followers on her page.
Ksenia keeps the attention of subscribers not only with shots from her personal life. Her page is an interesting magazine where acute social topics are raised. As part of the account, the author’s show “Beware of Sobchak” is released, where it is not complete without humor, sarcasm and self-irony. Over the past month, Sobchak has added 57 thousand new subscribers. This figure was demonstrated by statistics collected by the trendHERO service, which provides information on more than 90 metrics.
Ксения Собчак

Ida Galich (@galichida)

Leading and well-known video blogger Ida Galich successfully confirms the saying that talented people are talented in everything. Her Instagram page is followed by 7 million fans, with whom Ida shares shots from her personal life and funny videos.
Subscribers loved Ida’s Vines charging with positive and good mood. By the way, the girl’s friend and colleague Nastya Ivleeva often appears in them.

Elena Sazhina (@ helen_yes1)

This adorable blonde has become popular thanks to her passion for blogging. After the birth of charming daughters of twins, Elena Sazhina started her blog on Instagram, where she posted vines about the life of a young mother. Today, 6 million users have already subscribed to Elena’s account, and the number of fans continues to grow at a rapid pace.
If at the beginning of her blogging career Elena was a young mother, showing her everyday life and footage from numerous travels, now Sazhina is also a famous actress, TV presenter and singer. It is noteworthy that it was popularity on Instagram that helped Elena to realize herself in all these new roles for her and desired from childhood.

Valeria Chekalina (@ler_chek)

Popular instabloggers also grow out of ordinary people, which is successfully proved by Valeria Chekalina, who gained popularity primarily as a mother of twins. It was from the beginning of pregnancy that the girl began to publish personal photos and write posts on topics that have become relevant for millions of subscribers.
Becoming the mother of charming twins, Chekalina decided radically change your life. The girl shared with subscribers the obstacles and difficulties that fell on her way, showed the methods of solving them and the secrets of self-care. Her passion for the health and beauty industry brought the girl into the world of business. Today Valeria also produces anti-cellulite cosmetics of her own brand.

Nika Viper (@nika_viper)

Incendiary Nika Viper first built a modeling career. But after she decided to direct her irrepressible energy to blogging. She created a page on Instagram, where she posted short vines on topics relevant to the female audience. Today, more than 5 million users have subscribed to the beauty’s insta-profile. The girl’s YouTube channel is no less popular.’s videos are a symbiosis of humor and life stories about the “joyless” female share. In a humorous form, Nika shares with her subscribers beauty tips, funny stories from her life. A good sense of humor and confidence in front of the cameras helped the girl to become the host of the comic program “The Weekend Show.”
Ника Вайпер
Nika has a good quality audience – 3 million. Considering that there are just over 5 million subscribers, this is approximately 59%. This indicator can be calculated through the trendHERO service. It analyzes real and commercial accounts and excludes suspicious ones and mass followers.

Ekaterina Adushkina (@katusha_adushkina)

Katya Adushkina is often called the most popular teen blogger in Russia. 5 million subscribers have subscribed to the page of this young 16-year-old beauty.
Katya’s videos quickly collect millions of views. In most of her content, the girl is just fooling around with her friends, dance studio colleagues, and other famous teen bloggers. Katya allocates some part of her videos for various tips relevant to teenagers.
Popularity in social networks brought the girl many contracts. Today Katya is also a presenter on KIDS FM RADIO, she acts in commercials, hosts her own show on YouTube and sells merch to her fans, who call themselves “Aduvanchiks”.

Nadezhda Serova (@nadin_serovski)

Nadezhda Serova is a bright representative of popular instam. She demonstrates to the general public her happy life and beautiful children. The girl won the attention of an army of fans, and it all started with a happy marriage and pregnancy. her life. Nadezhda is raising two children, is the owner of her own showroom and holder of the Instamam 2019 status.

Alina Botanova (@botanovna)

Alina Botanova could have built a career as a lawyer, but at one point she decided to quit her unloved occupation for the sake of a blog on a social network, and she made the right decision, because it brought the girl popularity and love of almost 5 million subscribers.
https: // www / p / CAS0PeqlEcn /
Alina created her Instagram page in 2014, where she began to share with her subscribers the recipes for healthy eating, which she used herself. Alina gradually expanded the topic of her blog, telling her subscribers about her other hobbies. So, the girl was trained as a fitness instructor and began to give advice on training, and demonstrate her own results. Today Alina is also a well-known instamama, singer and owner of her own coffee brand.

Vladimir Artemov Apasny (@apasnayaryka)

Creative blogger Vladimir Artemov, better known under the pseudonym Apasny, experimented with various formats for a long time and finally found his own – entertainment video clips with unusual jargon. /
With his non-standard content, Vladimir managed to attract over 4 million users to his page. New videos are released daily, and recently the blogger has begun to delight his fans with live broadcasts.
Vladimir has a very good ER. It has 4M followers and 8.6% engagement, which is a cool result. Using trendHERO, we found out that Apasny publishes 4-5 posts per week, but such a small number still keeps the attention of subscribers.

Anastasia Tarasova (@nastya_docs)

Tarasova maintains a blog “Finance Budget Investments” that is not standard for Instagram, to which almost 4 million users have already subscribed. Nastya shows by her own example that famous bloggers are not only pop stars and glamorous instamams.

Anastasia is a mom, blogger, financial advisor and trader. The girl conquered the insta with her advice on financial literacy, which she publishes under professional photographs. For those wishing to follow her example, Nastya conducts training.
The true quintessence of popularity on Instagram is difficult to unravel. As you can see, in the list of the most popular bloggers on the Russian expanses of Instagram, there are famous comedians, actors, singers, young mothers and successful businesswoman next to each other. Each of them has its own multi-million audience of fans, which finds something unique in their pages, which makes them closely follow the blogger’s life.

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