Top 5 recommendations for working on Instagram

Top 5 recommendations for working on Instagram

Instagram is the most effective social network for promotion. Compared to VKontakte (10%) and Facebook (1%), it provides 20-30% coverage of subscribers. But for an advertising campaign to bear fruit, you need to take into account several fundamental points. I will give general recommendations on how to promote your profile on Instagram.

Develop a content strategy

Not to be confused with a content plan. Making a strategy means understanding what is now and what you want to get with the content. Consistently, step by step, describe all the stages of achieving the goal, that is, tasks, and, in turn, divide them into specific actions. The goal could be to grow subscribers, or increase brand loyalty, or increase sales, or all at once. It is important to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for each task and metrics (measurable indicators) for actions.

Segment your audience

Your target audience is not a homogeneous contingent. Surely it can be divided into subgroups, which will include users of different gender, age, with different interests and geolocation. Portraits of these groups are helpful, and the more detail you pick up, the better. Consider this when drawing up your content plan. Your posts should ideally cover all segments and be of value to all subscriber categories. Think about what will be interesting to see in the feed of each of these groups, which posts will cause them the greatest response and desire to like or comment on the post. Based on this, make a list of categories that your content will be divided into, and fill them with topics for posts.

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Analyze competitors

… but don’t copy them. This is a general recommendation for business, and in relation to Instagram, it is primarily about analyzing the content of competitors. Observe which posts reach the audience the most, what activities admins use and how subscribers react to them, what topics are discussed, etc. Based on this, add a list of topics for future posts, distribute them by headings. Record any ideas that come to your mind. Good content will help you get inspired, bad content will help you avoid mistakes and failures.

An example of how to promote your Instagram profile, read here.

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Advertise with bloggers

Don’t neglect influencer advertising. It is costly, but sometimes the efficiency is many times higher than from the use of other tools. To find bloggers, use special services such as Livedune. It displays the ratings of popular pages on Instagram, and you just have to choose the best option for yourself. There are other ways to benefit from site interaction. For example, if you mention someone’s account in your profile, you are likely to be mentioned in the response. And this is already a good advertisement. Read more about finding bloggers in this article.

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Work for reach

Measuring success by the number of likes is a thing of the past. Working to increase subscribers is also not very effective. By the simplest calculations, one unique subscriber will cost much more than demonstrating a promotional post to a narrow target audience. And the result will be lower, because an average of 30% of subscribers will see the post in the feed. Thus, the coverage of posts is the only thing worth focusing on when working on Instagram.

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Read about the top 12 mistakes while maintaining Instagram here. That’s all for today, thank you for your attention! Now you know how to promote your business on Instagram 🙂

Vladimir Kazakov, founder of the Madwins SMM agency, was with you.

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