Top hashtags on TikTok – how to use them for promotion?

Top hashtags on TikTok – how to use them for promotion?
Топовые хештеги в Тик Ток

Hashtag is one of the easiest ways to promote your video on TikTok. Let’s find out how to use it correctly.

Hashtags to get featured on Tik Tok

Everyone knows what hashtags are. These are short inscriptions that begin with the # symbol and there are millions of them on the Internet: #I LovePiter, #Dota, #Galapagos Turtles, #Cappuccino4Life and so on.

You saw them on Instagram, Twitter and, of course, TikTok. Why are they needed, in general?

To put it simply, without abstruse terminology, the hashtag, as if in a concise form, expresses the essence of the video. What he is dedicated to. The hashtag captures the idea of ​​a trend that is currently at its peak.

And what’s really nice, hashtags can be used to increase views on Tik Tok. Let’s figure out how.

How to find hashtags in TikTok?

So, before our PR campaign unfolds, let’s first figure out where the hashtags are in Tik Tok.

To find hashtags:

  • Log into your TakTok account.
  • Now click on the magnifying glass icon. A search bar will appear.

хештеги для тик ток для лайков

  • Now we enter some query. For example “music” or Euro 2020.

хештеги для тик тока для рекомендации

  • The hashtags used by other Tiktokers on the topic will be displayed.

Thus, you can find out not only the top hashtags, but also find out how many views each of them collects. So if you have thought about how to select popular hashtags in TikTok, then here is a ready-made solution.

хештеги для рекомендаций в тик ток 2021 This hashtag has 23 million views

How do hashtags work in TikTok?

The mechanism is outrageously simple. Putting some hashtag to the video, we throw a cry throughout the community, which may be interested in the topic of this very hashtag.

And absolutely any topic can be: skateboards, the Shiba Inu breed, sunsets by the sea, life hacks, cool science and many others.

There is one important nuance here. It is necessary to monitor the reaction and interests of the audience. As soon as the number of viewers / subscribers begins to grow, we begin to carefully study their interests: we check their own videos, feel free to reply in comments, etc.

Another effective way to increase engagement, that is, engagement, is to participate in challenges.

Challenges are just one of the explanations for what a hashtag is needed in Tik Tok. We select the most relevant ones that fit into the theme of the account, and start actively filming videos on it. For example, the Yah Trick Yah challenge is now popular in America. (And yes, it’s dancing again.)

хештеги для тик ток для раскрутки

How to add hashtags to Tik Tok?

So, in order for the video to gain more attention and interest, we need to figure out how to write hashtags in Tik Tok to our own videos.

First you need to shoot some video. As soon as the video is ready, do the following:

  • Go to the publication page: there will be a window with a description of the video.
  • Click on the Hashtags key below it.

хештеги для тик ток для раскрутки

  • Enter a word that briefly describes the topic of the video. For example “Love” or “Yoga”.
  • The list of relevant hashtags will be displayed automatically.

That’s basically it. This is the simple and only way how to write hashtags in Tik Tok correctly. The main thing is not to forget to put the # symbol in front of each of them, otherwise the tag will simply be inactive.

Tags to get into TikTok recommendations

So, we now know that popular hashtags in Tik Tok serve as rocket fuel for recommendations. At the moment, there is a whole scattering of such tags

Here are some of Tik Tok’s popular Russian hashtags today:

  • # ForecastEuro.
  • # Enlarged eyes.
  • #SimpleDimple.
  • # Good advice.
  • # ByeMom isn’t Near.
  • # Too Fast.
  • #Graduation2021.
  • #BodyVelo.
  • # Cosplay Time.
  • # Home_Zoo.
  • # Letovnauke.

топовые хештеги в тик токThe home zoo is always in trend

And so on. The page can be scrolled for a few minutes, and the hashtags for recommendations in Tik Tok for 2021 will never end.

You can view and check out the most popular hashtags right now in the “Interesting” tab. Which hashtags to use in Tik Tok is up to you. But it’s important to remember: they must match the subject of your videos.

How many hashtags should I put in Tik Tok?

Hashtags can be used as much as you like – the main thing is not to overdo it. For each video, only one, the most appropriate and relevant tag is applicable.

The number of hashtags in Tik Tok itself is limitless. There are at least several thousand of them in the Russian segment alone. And of course, it is better to use the most popular ones – this is the fastest way to get first views and likes.

But there is a small nuance here. Some tiktokers recommend alternating between top hashtags and those that are less popular.

out, using less popular hashtags, you can still attract viewers and still not run into a tower of competition from millions of videos. That is, again, it expands the reach of the audience.

Secondly, there is a risk that some of your videos, even with the most popular tags, may not be noticed. And again, the catch is that the most trending tags have already been used by thousands of people.

Still, you shouldn’t give up popular tags right away. Especially if the videos are shot with high quality. They can become a “stepping stone” for the future popularity of the channel.

How to create your own hashtag in Tik Tok?

It’s quite possible to create your own hashtag. The main question is, will it be popular or not?

Basically, hashtags are created from scratch either by already well-known creators with a stable fan base, or by companies. For example, if Leiz wants to promote a new flavor of chips – Leiz Black Caviar – they can launch a hashtag to play on this topic.

How to create hashtags in TikTok? It’s actually not difficult: pick a theme, pick a catchy short title, and add it to your new video. If the idea goes viral and, as they say, the hashtag goes viral.

But for this to happen, you need either a very cool video, or a sufficient number of followers. And at first it is better to use those tags that are already entrenched in trends.

How to search by hashtag in Tik Tok?

популярные русские хештеги тик ток For inspiration and a couple of interesting ideas, you can find a video on a topic of interest. Through a hashtag. How to search by hashtags in Tik Tok?

  • Opening TikTok.
  • Go to the Interesting section.
  • Put # and enter a specific hashtag. For example “nature”.

By the way, if you don’t enter a lattice, but just write a word, then you can stumble upon a whole scattering of very different and unexpected hashtags. And this is already worthy of experimentation – it is quite possible that one of these may fire soon.

How to edit hashtags in TikTok?

Unfortunately, after the publication of the video, there is no way back. TikTok does not allow editing its metadata as soon as it is published. So the answer to the question How to change hashtags in TikTok? disappointing – nothing.

The only life hack that comes to mind is this: save the original video and upload – that is, publish – again.

Some TikTokers firmly believe that the situation can be fixed differently: through hashtags in Tik Tok’s comments. However, in practice, this method does not work and hashtags behave a little differently – they do not help the video get into recommendations.

Do hashtags influence Tik Tok?

Still how they influence. In principle, hashtags are needed for promotion on Tik Tok. For example, a tag dedicated to Euro 2020 scored six and a half billion views. So there is something to think about.

Using TikTok hashtags gives your content a nice boost like that. Instead of showing your creations only to your own subscribers, you open doors for new users who are already looking for what you share.

Additionally, if you’re using trending hashtags, your content can also be dragged onto the Highlights page for millions of people to see.

The main thing is to select them correctly. So that they reflect both the essence of the video and the essence of the channel. Although sometimes you can use completely different hashtags – thematically unrelated – for PR purposes.

For example, if your channel specializes in short comedy sketches, then hashtags for Tik Tok and for promotion open up simply limitless potential. After all, you can joke on any topic: from the departure of our national team from the championship – the hashtag #football will come in handy here – to what was lying around at the “daddy’s in the garage”.

нужны ли хештеги в тик ток


How to put hashtags in TikTok correctly?

Choose a thematically appropriate tag and write it before publishing.

How to change the hashtag in TikTok?

Alas, no way. Just download the video again.

Why hashtags on TikTok?

They help promote trends, increase viewer engagement, and help creators win over audiences.

What hashtags should I put in TikTok?

Those that are appropriate for your content. Better to alternate between popular and less popular tags to “hit” different audiences.

How to block hashtags on TikTok?

Hashtags cannot be blocked. But they can be ignored.

How to hide hashtags in Tik Tok?

It happens that the description and amusements get in the way of watching the video. So far, TikTok does not have a function to hide them. Therefore, the most optimal way out is to download a video.

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