[TUTO] Create a free online e-store from A to Z

[TUTO] Create a free online e-store from A to Z

How to create an online store for free? Open an online sales site. Create your free e-commerce. Create a free online store.

Creating an online store is now becoming a key issue in the development of a commercial activity. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in.

You have the possibility to create your online store to sell your products to the whole world . Or at least to be visible to as many people as possible on the web.

These days, doing a web search is the number one SLR we have; Whether it’s when we run into a problem or are looking for a few things.

An initial research can be done to find out what to look for before going to buy what we are looking for in store. Knowing where to find it, comparing different models of a product, evaluating the price or looking for reviews.

Or you can in almost all cases do this first search, then proceed directly to a purchase on an online store . It is more and more frequent.

This is why it is essential for you, as a business, to have your online store. You need to have the ability to sell your products on a larger scale.

In this article, we will detail the steps to create your online store for free (or almost). From building your online store to effectively promoting your site.

Are you ready? Go!

Create your e-store for your business

The advantage of creating your online store is obvious. Promote your product or service to more people and develop a new customer acquisition channel.

But creating a dedicated site can perhaps put you off. And yet thanks to platforms such as Wix, WordPress or Strikingly this is now accessible to anyone.

However, certain steps must be taken to create your professional online sales website.

Creating a free online store is doable. However, this won’t be the easiest way for you to get started selling online quickly . Here are the steps to follow to create an e-commerce :

How to create your online store for free?

Choose your online sales platform.

As said before, several platforms exist to allow you to simply create your own online store . Most are accessible through paid subscriptions, but allow you to create your online store efficiently and without technical skills .

You can for example discover Wix or WordPress which are the main players. These platforms allow you to create blogs, showcase sites and especially online stores . All this in a responsive way.

wix wordpress screens

Once registered on one of them, you can then discover how they work. This is generally guided to facilitate the creation of your website.

These two platforms being the main players in the market, you will also find many tutorials available online.

Define your domain name for your online store.

The domain name of your site matches the name of your site. Currently, for example, you are on the instaboss.app site. On platforms as presented previously, your site would have a name similar to this:

http: //username.wixsite.com/adressedusite

What we want to avoid!

Your site’s domain name is one of the first things your visitors see . This is also what they will look for to find you on the search engines. It is therefore essential to choose it well.

creer nom de domaine

To choose a good domain name for your e store , your brand name is the most consistent.

If you are not selling under a brand name or the name is not available. Select a name that your current or potential customers will easily remember and assimilate to your store .

To acquire your own domain name, online store creation platforms offer it to you from the launch of your site. You can then choose your site name and acquire your domain name.

instaboss promo

Design your e-commerce site.

Once your domain name is in place, you will need to focus on the design of your online store .

This part is often the most popular, because it corresponds to the most concrete in terms of launching your own online store.

faire design site web

You will find that the platforms automatically offer you templates that you can adapt to your product or brand.

Use them to save time and ensure a simplified creation of your online sales site. You will only have to adapt the visuals, texts and product pages of the site, to create an online store in your image.

The use of quality visuals and compelling text are key elements in successfully selling online.

Take the time to treat them.

Here are some examples of online sales sites.

Set up your payment system.

Once your site is visually ready. You must be able to allow your customers to acquire your products and therefore make an online payment.

For this, several plugins can be used and are offered directly by the platforms.

You can also use external online payment platforms such as Payfacile which will allow you to make any website “merchant” in less than 5 minutes.

The application presents a different approach to the online sales process: a shortened and uncluttered approach. To allow anyone wishing to launch an online store without technical knowledge, not to have to invest several thousand euros to cash and sell on the internet.

Payfacile will allow you to accept punctual and recurring online payments in complete security in addition to automating your invoicing.

Once the credit card payments have been validated, you will only have to send the order to the customer using the address indicated in their payment form.

Once all these elements are in place, all you have to do is publish your site and test your different pages and features . Make sure your online store is functional. Please feel free to share your website with friends to ask their opinion on the work done.

As soon as you are sure that your platform is operational, proceed to promoting your online store .

How to promote an online store?

You have created an online store for your brand, congratulations!

Now you need to share it with the whole world. Because putting your website online will not be enough to get you noticed among the billions of content referenced on Google.

For this, we have decided to present the 3 best ways to distribute your e-commerce site to as many people as possible. These means are:

  • The development of your natural referencing.
  • Communication on social networks.
  • And the paid promotion.

With this, the development of your brand and your online visibility will be guaranteed. You can then make your first sales on your online store .

instaboss promo

Develop the natural referencing of your online store.

SEO is optimizing your site and your content to rank first on Google searches.

It is important that you know that being first on Google searches will allow you to get more clicks therefore more traffic on your site and therefore more potential customers.

developper seo site web

The best way to optimize your SEO is to write articles on a regular basis on your website blog.

These articles will get you listed on more keywords and questions that can be asked on search engines.

Good blogging is important if you want to be top in research and your customers find and discover your products .

Your store is starting to have visitors?
We strongly invite you to observe their behavior on your site in order to adjust your site and make more sales!

The ideal tool for this is PinPut, it allows you to have replays of user sessions, to see where they click, …

Communicate on social networks to promote your e-commerce

Communication on social networks is essential these days to develop on social networks.

compte instagram stephanperrotte

These platforms bring together billions of people with whom you can connect. They can discover and buy on your online e-store at any time. It’s a formidable weapon for brands like yours.

However, if you want to achieve real results in developing your online store. You will need to learn to use social media professionally .

This means, for example, discovering how to manage a Facebook page or following an Instagram training course.

But it is essential that you integrate them into the development of your brand strategy .

To get started, you can read this article detailing how to market yourself in business time on Instagram.

If you find that managing your social networks is taking too long, I invite you to learn about automating your accounts . In particular, this will allow you to save time by continuing to develop your community.

For example, automating your Instagram account is quite feasible.

Make paid promotion

Your online store is created and the previous two promotional methods presented will help you promote your online store for free .

So that you know that it exists and give a real boost to your online store . However, we had to present the paid promotion to you.

Indeed, Instagram, Facebook or even Google ads allow you to directly reach people who will be likely to buy your products on your online store or to be put immediately on the first page of Google search without you improving your SEO.

pub instagram airbnb

This is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers immediately . Don’t neglect it.

Conclusion: how to create your e online store for free?

You now know how to create an online store for free and can start selling your products through your online store.

Once your store is created, it’s up to you to promote it through the various methods presented, which can all be used simultaneously .

You might not make your first sales on day one. But keep working and your efforts will pay off in the end.

For best results, make sure your website is functional and visually beautiful (on computer and smartphone). Promoting your online store is the second step in making sure your work is shown to the rest of the world.

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