Types of advertising on Instagram

Types of advertising on Instagram

The importance of social networks in modern realities cannot be overestimated. Every morning we monitor the feed, enjoying our morning coffee, and publish fascinating posts, sharing memorable moments with subscribers. For clarity, it is worth referring to the statistics.

Instagram is the ninth most downloaded free app in the AppStore. More than a billion users visit this social network every month. More than 72% of large companies attracted new customers by creating an account on a popular platform, and engagement for brand profiles on Instagram is 18 times higher than on Facebook. Impressive numbers, aren’t they?

These indicators are only growing, so you can easily realize your ambitions, armed with attractive visuals and a competent advertising strategy. In today’s article we will talk about the intricacies of promotion, as well as sort out the types of advertising on Instagram, focusing on the pros and cons of each of them.

Why do you need Instagram ads?

A well-formulated goal is the key to success. Here are just a few points that fully reveal the benefits of Instagram as an advertising tool:

  • Advertising on Instagram will give you more feedback and significantly increase your reach. A great example is the alcohol brand Smirnoff, which has revised its strategy and reallocated the budget in favor of posts on Instagram, significantly reducing its cash injections. Facebook. According to VP Jay Setty, the company is investing in stories because it no longer trusts Facebook reach.
  • Mobile traffic will cost you several times less. Spending half the money, you will attract more targeted customers. At the same time, the popularity of digital platforms is only increasing. According to statistics, in 5 years, only 10% of users will be on Instagram via a desktop. The rest of the users (90%) will opt for mobile devices.
  • You can better target Instagram ads with Facebook algorithms.

Okay, we’ve figured out the pluses. But brand owners often have a very logical question: what will I get from spending money on advertising? There are several options: either increase page traffic, or achieve more direct sales. In the latter case, the price range of services plays a significant role.

Another important condition for a quick purchase is visual content. People love with their eyes, so first of all they pay attention to a beautiful picture. Popular services are related to food, travel, events and the beauty industry.

Slightly different purposes work for information products:

  • increase in reach;
  • traffic generation;
  • number of video / post views.

You can view the full analysis of the blogger’s target audience on the website trendHERO .

Official Instagram Ads

Official advertising on Instagram covers a wide audience, and the social network itself is an excellent platform for targeted advertising based on Facebook algorithms. To do this, you just need to correctly identify the goal.

Paid advertising is highly effective. True, to configure it, you need to spend a lot of time, as well as clearly know the parameters of the target audience, to which the information flow will be directed. The quality and price range directly depends on the chosen method. In this section, we’ll take a look at the most popular methods.

инстаграм войти

Instagram Targeting

Main privilege targeted advertising – the ability to choose the audience that will see your content. This method is great for brands from the B2C (business to consumer) niche. If you are selling clothes or specializing in the provision of beauty services, do not be lazy and invest in quality targeting. Feedback will not be long in coming.

To do this, you need to sort the target audience, guided by the following criteria:

  • gender and age;
  • territory of residence;
  • hobbies and hobbies;
  • education;
  • habits.

Don’t forget that Instagram is wholly owned by Facebook, whose algorithms carefully monitor the behavioral reactions of your potential customers. The system probably knows what users eat and what events they attend. On top of that, Facebook tracks the movement of users, which is very beneficial for advertisers. It is detailed target audience segmentation that makes targeting the most popular type of advertising.

таргетированная реклама

Facebook Ads

Setting up Facebook ads will allow you to focus on a narrower audience. To do this, you need to create a business profile and link it to your Instagram account. The procedure is quite simple: go to “Settings” and in the menu that opens, find the tab “Instagram” . Click Login . You will see an authorization window in which you need to enter the login and password of the page through which the promotion will be carried out.

Yes, for this you do not need to dance with a tambourine and build ingenious algorithms in your head. Everything is as easy as two and two. We figured out the scheme, it remains only to name the main advantages of advertising via Facebook :

  • Facebook studies its target audience quite thoroughly. Sometimes this fact is even a little scary, but business owners can only benefit from the curiosity of the creators of the social network.
  • Lots of ad creative options. Facebook allows you to approach promotion with a grain of imagination: images, videos, carousel, canvases – the choice is yours.
  • Visibility of results. You can easily track the effectiveness of advertising using Facebook statistics and tools.
  • Notifications. Facebook cares about those who are investing in the development of their own creation, so it sends out useful ad-related notifications.
  • Rational budgeting. Probably the most important point. You can choose advertising goals according to your capabilities and set an individual budget. For most types of advertising, the price range ranges from 1-5 USD.

Regardless of whether you choose to promote through Facebook or directly on the social network itself, you can advertise both in Stories and in the feed.

Advertising with bloggers

Bloggers are the influencers of our time, with whose opinion they are used to reckoning. People look to internet stars, adopt habits and try to follow their lead. If Nastya Ivleeva drinks Activia every morning and demonstrates this ritual on her blog, the audience will quickly pick up a wave of brand loyalty. Want to get good feedback and increase your reach? Then opt for advertising from famous bloggers.

Before starting cooperation with influencers, you need to check their accounts for cheating, as well as analyze the ratio of “live” audience and inactive users. The convenient trendHERO service will help you with this.

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реклама у блогера

Cooperation with ambassadors

Let’s start with the terminology: A ambassador is someone who creates a positive impression of a brand.

Let’s say you own an online clothing store and want to increase traffic. Your representative can be a girl with even a small number of subscribers, who, for a reward, will post a post with a mark, thus providing the company with new clients.

Good news for companies that have just started to conquer the market: nanoinfluencers (users with a small audience) are often willing to work on barter. The advertiser provides them with a product, and they, in turn, sing praises to him and compose odes in their posts.


Mutual PR

Mutual PR is a free and very effective form of advertising based on the principle “you – me, I – you”. The scheme is simple: by prior arrangement, you promote each other’s pages, attracting new users. The main rule is to find a blogger with an identical target audience. Naturally, if you have a profile dedicated to culinary, then concluding a deal with an IT account simply does not make sense.

Also, do not forget about the rules of business correspondence. Correctly formulate your business proposal and clearly define goals.


Collaboration is a collaboration that allows you to increase brand awareness by merging with influencers. The essence of collaborations is to combine efforts to achieve certain results by each participant. For example, a company selling cosmetics enters into an agreement with a blogger and together they release a limited line of care products.

The opinion leader applies a scrub on his face every morning, admires the new cucumber mask and praises the cleansing foam, and subscribers, in turn, go to the company’s page in order to purchase promoted products. Sales and subscriptions of the brand are growing, and in return the influencer receives not only a decent remuneration, but also additional attention to his person.



Social Media Takeover is an in-depth format of collaboration between a brand and an influencer. Its essence is as follows: a blogger maintains a company page on his own behalf for a certain period of time. Submitting conversational stories, posting visual content, or streaming live to answer questions from the audience. The perfect takeover campaign is equally beneficial for the guest and the host.

The value of such an interactive experience is much higher than boring posts:

  • Expanding your target audience. Remember the golden rule of Instagram – audiences are never exactly the same, so inviting a guest allows you to reach those users who are not yet familiar with the brand.
  • Fresh look. Takeover is a relatively new type of advertising that users have not had time to get fed up with, so there is every chance to surprise a sophisticated audience and increase loyalty.
  • Trust. Takeover makes the brand more human, thereby increasing the interest of potential customers. In fact, by his appearance, the guest declares that he is close to this company, and tells why you should also pay attention to it.

This format is beneficial for brands mainly due to the fact that the content of the influencer will be interesting to an existing audience.

полина гаргарина

Guest posts

Guest post is content posted on your page by another user. It sounds very strange, but in fact, this promotion method can significantly increase the reach. Such advertising relieves you of responsibility and shifts it onto the shoulders of the “guest”. If he shares useful information or seems interesting to your subscribers, he will get new followers.

The advantage of guest posts is that they allow not only to advertise a product or service, but also to attract traffic of new users.

Product for rent

All means are good for creating compelling visual content. Accessories, bijouterie, craft bouquets and vintage furniture are used. If you are engaged in creating beautiful things, you can offer your services to a blogger by providing a product for rent.

After the photo session, the influencer will return the product to you and advertise the product on his page. An excellent option for mutually beneficial cooperation.

товар в аренду

Other types of advertising

We have figured out the most popular and effective promotion formats. But what about brand owners who are in no hurry to spend fabulous amounts of money on ad integrations with influencers?

Contests and giveaways

Surprisingly, the fashion for givas has not yet sunk into oblivion. The bottom line is extremely simple: you gather bloggers with an identical audience under your wing and charge them a certain amount, for which you buy gifts for subscribers and promote your account. Next, actively ask your followers to subscribe to the pages of influencers, luring them with bright posts about boxes and trips to Turkey.

Who feels good? Everyone will get their share of the benefits. Bloggers – an increase in the audience, and participants in the random drawing – nice gifts.

One can argue endlessly about the effectiveness and appropriateness of this method. Someone says that the page is filled with “dead” users who evaporate without a trace after the competition, while someone, on the contrary, sings odes to givs and makes good money on it.

гивы и конкурсы

Affiliate Marketing

Promo Codes are a great way to advertise for direct selling online stores. The blogger places on his page a personal promotional code for a discount and receives a fixed percentage for each purchase made by his “code word”. In order for an influencer to agree to this deal, he must be confident not only in the quality of the product, but also in the interest of the followers.

You can also use the affiliate link. The blogger receives a profit in the form of cash payments for purchases, and the brand, in turn, spends a minimum of funds on promotion.

Everything is extremely simple: the influencer places an affiliate link in the post, which users can follow to place an order. Part of the funds is paid as a reward to the blogger. For Instragram, the option of a promotional code is more suitable, since active links can only be placed in the profile header.

партнерский маркетинг

Messages in Direct

Free and probably the most popular way to promote. This type of advertising is referred to as guerrilla marketing. All you need to do is compose a competent commercial proposal and systematically send it out to representatives of your target audience.

You can find potential customers in the comments on the competitors’ pages. Pay close attention to those users whose messages were left unanswered.

Advertising in publics

Publishing advertising posts in public is also considered an effective method of promotion. This method is somewhat similar to advertising from bloggers. However, in this case, you will have to negotiate not with an influencer, but with a community administrator.

You can search for public pages for promotion on your own. To do this, you need to create a clear profile of your followers, since keyword searches will be based on user preferences. For example, if you sell cosmetics, then in the search bar indicate “beauty”, “care products” and so on.

If manual search is not for you, use the services of trendHERO . The service will generate lists of influencers and communities that best suit your target audience.


Instagram isn’t just about food and sunset photos. Social media is also meant to motivate. In order to satisfy users’ need for a “magic kick”, brands and bloggers periodically organize marathons.

An Instagram Marathon is a training that allows you to learn something new or change your life for the better. For example, influencers can run a checklist of good habits or help followers transform a style.

Participants post their results, share their successes and repost records, receiving useful prizes at the end of the marathon. What does it give bloggers? Trust on the part of users and attracting an exclusively “live” audience.



Events are a light and less expensive ambassador option. In this case, we are not talking about long-term cooperation, but about a short-term action. For example, you invite an influencer to open a restaurant, and he shares his impressions with his target audience through posts and stories.

This is a great opportunity for a blogger to refresh their page with new content, and for a brand or company – to increase sales and attract the attention of potential customers.

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Benefits of Instagram Ads

Fuh, we figured out the theory, it remains only to sort out the advantages of Instagram as a platform for effective advertising on the shelves:

  • intuitive interface;
  • high user activity;
  • loyalty of the target audience to the advertised brands;
  • relatively cheap mobile traffic;
  • quality targeting;
  • ample opportunities for free promotion.

It is important to remember that the success of advertising in any case depends on a well-designed marketing strategy. If you have a superficial understanding of this issue, give the reins to the specialists.

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Startup Tips & Life Hacks

Here are some effective life hacks to help launch a high-quality advertising campaign:

  • Create videos. Statistics show that by 2021, 81% of global traffic will come from video. Impressive, isn’t it? We suggest you get ahead of the global trends and provide advertising posts with interesting video materials, because this way you will tell a lot more than using a banal image.
  • Experiment. A good strategy is, of course, good, but do not drive yourself into a strict framework. Experiment with forms and invest in different promotion options. The main thing is to analyze which attempts were successful and which, on the contrary, failed.
  • Create Instagram ads in templates. Sometimes for good advertising you don’t need to use the services of an eminent designer with a huge conceit and fabulous price list. Crello service will help you create a well-designed post, which provides 4 options for posting content.
  • Use Stories. Alas, the popularity of the tape is gradually fading into oblivion. Users are increasingly monitoring Stories, so we recommend broadcasting ads in this format.
  • When creating ads in Stories, pay attention to the following points : video length, relevance to the audience, and visual content of the content.

Remember that Instagram users hate boring and monotonous posts, so don’t forget to use your imagination when creating your ads!


Do you need Instagram ads? Of course yes. More than 60% of users in the age range from 16 to 34 years old view Stories every day, and over 80% of social network users are subscribed to at least one business account. Ads on Instagram are 8.3 times more effective than placements in games and 5.4 times more effective than ads on desktops.

According to statistics, by the end of 2020, the popular platform will earn about $ 12.32 billion on advertising posts. It seems that these arguments are quite enough to get right down to the development of a strategy and involve influencers in this business.

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