Types of channels on Youtube

Types of channels on Youtube

Many creators meet on the Youtube platform, in order to offer services of a different nature. There are different types of channels on Youtube and this video hosting gives access to a very large amount of information: vlogs, humor, creativity, education, lifehack, clips, trends, general public. Knowing what popular topics are likely to interest your target audience is important if you want to build a cool channel. Find out which genres are the most popular among users.


  1. Creation of its brand
  1. Promote goods and services
  • Step by step instructions
  • Reviews, lives, unpackings
  • Lifehacks
  1. Conclusion

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Les types de chaînes sur Youtube

Creation of its brand

The best content for Youtube is the one that interests your target audience. When watching other people’s videos, most users try to stay on the same page as famous bloggers when creating their profile. So it is possible that the channel will grow and become popular, or be the subject of mockery. In order to make a name for yourself, you have to start by creating your account. You will then be able to interact with your audience in a special format.

Videoblog (vlog)

Different types of channels on Youtube offer quite different videos. In vlogs for example, the authors share with their viewers moments of their life, their good humor, show their daily life or talk about their holidays. This task is only possible for people who are able to show off and speak in front of the camera. The main character in the video should be in constant motion, always located somewhere in the video and talking to the camera. The theme of the video can be focused on the past day, breaking news, tours or trips. This type of video works from user psychology: once an internet user starts following the events in a blogger’s life, they will eagerly await new videos. If the blogger is charismatic, talks about interesting things, viewers will subconsciously wait for news from him.

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It is also possible on Youtube to find direct communications between people around and a channel blogger, social polls in parks on free topics, collection of information on events. The conversation is about all the questions that society is entitled to ask itself: new political laws, social and family relations, the choice of gifts before the holidays. By regularly finding new, interesting and original topics, it is possible to quickly increase its popularity among Internet users. Indeed, watching and listening to the personal opinion of ordinary passers-by on various issues titillates the curiosity of Internet users.


Shows are a very popular genre, which experts say will soon push back all other styles already on the Net. For example, there is a children’s program called “Papa Rob Show”, in which the author offers different stories in which the heroes of his favorite cartoons (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Robots) appear. It can be any type of story or topic as long as it catches the audience.


Diaries are the latest hot trend among bloggers. It’s about interacting with the audience through a beautifully designed diary. This type of blog, although relatively new, quickly gained considerable popularity among young people. There is some interest in systematizing your life and goals, as well as conveying them to your audience in an engaging and funny way, while gracefully filling out a notebook.

Promote goods and services

This question is particularly topical among beauty bloggers trying many beauty products or visiting salons and stores. They can thus promote a good brand or a good store in a certain area of ​​the city. There are many other topics that can be advertised, and bloggers can promote whatever they want. If the total amount of blogger count is large enough, it may attract the attention of advertisers from different companies who want to address the blogger for particular offers.

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Les types de chaînes sur Youtube

Step by step instructions

Here is another particularly popular direction, requested in particular among food blogs, various categories of manual work or sewing. Representatives of the beauty sphere, such as hairdressers, nail technicians, or cosmetologists, often use this type of blog. The videos offered are a kind of masterclass, thanks to which it is possible to learn to perform certain tasks or to consolidate one’s skills. In such videos, it is usually only the perpetrator and his worktable that appears, or even only his hands performing the process in question. This allows Internet users to watch and get detailed information about a process they want to learn.

Reviews, lives, unpackings

It is possible on this kind of channels to discuss and compare the quality of particular products, as well as to give a more or less lengthy review of the object in question. The most popular videos in this area are represented by the unboxing of objects from Chinese or American websites followed by the detailed analysis of the contents of the package. The frame of the video may only contain the table and the object in question, the blogger’s voice appears in the background. Such videos are often filmed by internet stores wishing to increase the number of their potential customers. This is a very good psychological approach: the user finds reviews of a cream or clothing that he wants to buy, and at the same time becomes a customer of the sales site in question.

Lives are on the other hand very popular in the world of video games and in particular for all new games. The player tests the video game and simultaneously comments on everything that is happening on the screen. It can also give solutions or clues.

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This type of video often appears as “top”: “TOP – of the 7 best books you absolutely must read by age 25” or many more. These headlines grab attention and it’s not difficult to turn the video into systematized news.

However, lifehacks can also be a bit of a challenge as they are often repetitive and so you have to learn how to best present information. As the fight is weak, the blogger can quickly become ridiculous.


If you want to create your channel on Youtube, start by choosing its type and some interesting topics. Your best bet is to learn how to make a viral video, which will allow you to increase your views and the ranking of your channel. Choose the format that suits you best: You may have always dreamed of becoming a journalist and want to create videos in the form of an interview. If you’re more of a shy person, all you need to do is ask friends for help to create homemade culinary masterpieces in just a few hours. Remember, be careful with the title of your video, it should be bright and eye-catching.

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