Types of content on Instagram and other social networks

Types of content on Instagram and other social networks

People come to Instagram for inspiration, beauty, vivid pictures and photos. Every post should be perfect, motivate, attract attention, make people buy. In order to achieve these goals, but not turn the post into a “vinaigrette”, SMM managers use various types of content on social networks. Each species has its own function and role. Let’s figure out all the intricacies and find out what content and when to fill the broadcast in order to achieve what you want and get the maximum response.

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What are the types of content on Instagram and social networks

Content is exactly what all work on social networks is built on. One of the main indicators of its quality is user interest. A boring account will not be saved even by cool goods and in-demand services. The main enemy of boredom is variety.

Content classification helps SMM managers prepare material for social networks and schedule publications so that the account does not seem monotonous and boring. We offer you to find out what types of content exist, get acquainted with the features and nuances of each of them.

Informational content

Informational content – reliable information about your activity or product. Such materials are needed to build brand trust. Informational posts should be useful for followers, form an opinion about the owner of the page as an expert in their field.

Information posts are the backbone of the entire content plan. In posts of this orientation, you can show the product from a new side, tell in detail about its characteristics, open the door to the backstage and the life of the company, talk about its successes and achievements. In total, the page should contain about 50% of informational posts.

Remember, informative doesn’t mean boring. You need to learn how to choose information that is really important for users, to present it concisely and attractively. This is especially important for Instagram. The brevity of the text and the attractiveness of the image are the keys to success.

Информационный пост

Let’s consider examples of informational content.

“Product of the day”

Create a permanent “Product of the Day” category in your account and conduct detailed reviews. Tell us why this particular product deserves attention, what are its characteristics and advantages.


Answer the most popular questions from users. This will make your work easier, and it will be informative for them. As an image, you can attach photos of the product in question or details to the post.

Daily plans

Social networks are created primarily for communication. Purely commercial accounts look cold and even repulsive in them. Add a little personality to your account, tell us about your plans for the day, month and week. Pictures with checklists, calendars, notebooks and pens will help illustrate the post.

Behind the scenes

Give your followers a quick behind-the-scenes tour, show them your brand’s “kitchen”, and introduce them to the “chefs”. Backstage photos, random shots of the work process, team photos are suitable as images.


Share the latest news and breakthroughs in the industry. Screenshots of websites, newspapers or magazines can be used as images. You can also inform your readers about any significant day for your company by attaching holiday photos to the post.

Bust the myths

Debug popular myths and misconceptions about your product. Let users see the product as it is, and for confirmation, attach a photo of the product or something else related to the topic of the post.

People Stories

Tell interesting or funny stories about employees working for the company. Tell their success stories and show what the people who create the product look like.

Statistics and interesting facts

Tell facts about the product that few people know. Show statistics. As an illustration, again, a photo of the product is suitable, you can also attach screenshots of statistics.

Selling content

Selling posts should hit the target and motivate the reader to make a purchase. In fact, this is advertising of goods and services. It is in this format that you need to talk about yourself, motivating to order, call, purchase. The bottom line is to persuade to cooperate and sell a product or service.

In selling content, every detail is important, because even an insignificant detail can radically change the mood of the buyer. There is a lot of educational literature on how to create marketing posts correctly. Knowing how to do this, you can easily navigate how to create selling content for social networks.

Examples of selling posts:

  • specific trade offers, promotions, informing about discounts;
  • posts confirming the popularity of the product;
  • customer reviews and photos with your product.

It should be borne in mind that any content sells, therefore, purely advertising posts should occupy no more than 10-15% of the total volume.

Рекламный пост

Post presentation

Create a selection of new products, describe the product, conduct reviews and demonstrate how to apply the product in practice. At the end of each such post, indicate the cost of the product, and support the post with high-quality photos.

Discounted Posts

Everyone loves discounts. Treat your followers with a discount on their favorite products and don’t forget to share it. Discount posts for a limited time work best. As an illustration, you can use colorful photos of the product, “delicious” pictures with discount percentages.


Promotions are almost the same as discounts, but in this case, you can offer more interesting conditions and extensive benefits for customers. For example, “buy and receive a gift”, “2 for the price of 1” and so on. The scale of the action depends only on your imagination and capabilities.

In promotional posts, you can use the same images. It is recommended to use a target with a time limit.

Emotional and rational motivation to order

There are two types of motivation – emotional and rational. Emotional motivation attracts spontaneous purchases. Very often we buy products inspired by a strong post with a call to action. Motivate followers, tell them how dramatically their life can change if they choose you.

Rational motivation shows the benefits of a purchase with specific numbers and facts. In such posts, you need to clearly explain why you need to buy right now.

Entertainment content

Dry facts and figures will help dilute different types of entertainment content. It is not customary to get bored on social media. Even if you run an account about nuclear physics, you can always make a subtle joke or distract readers from the key topic.

The category of entertainment content can include everything that can entertain, make the reader laugh – funny stories, pictures, memes, quotes, riddles. It’s good if the themes of entertainment content are intertwined with the theme of the main account, but offtopic content is also not prohibited.


Share some funny and useful life hack with your subscribers. Show how you can use your product outside the box. It’s best if you can capture this in a short, flashy video.

Funny pictures and memes

From time to time, post funny pictures and memes related to your account in your account. Cheer up your followers and let them laugh.

Как выглядит боль

A curious case

In the life of every person and every company, funny situations happen. Ludicrously missed boarding the plane? Are you wrong? Did you accidentally spoil the entire consignment? Or maybe you managed to get to know an unusual person while fulfilling your work obligations? Be sure to share this story with your subscribers – they will be interested.

Post inspiration

Tell your subscribers what inspires and motivates you, how you fight laziness, how to cheer yourself up in the morning. You can share your favorite book with subscribers by attaching its photo, movie, quote.

Engaging content

The goal of engaging content is to increase audience activity, increase the number of views of posts, the number of likes and comments under them. Any post that motivates users to be active and communicate with each other or with a brand / blogger can be called engaging.

Communication with users, in turn, allows you to identify the preferences of the audience, increase the rotation of posts in the feed. Most social networks use an algorithmic feed and display the most useful posts for users, which received the most likes and comments, on the first lines.

dive olivka

Discussion of problematic issues

Invite subscribers to discuss painful issues, ask what they think about this, how they see the further development of the situation. The more acute the problem, the livelier and longer the discussion will be. Sometimes, with the help of discussion and provocations, even in an account with a small number of followers, you can get hundreds and thousands of comments.

The main thing is to get to the “pain point”. For example, in accounts geared towards moms, you might bring up the pros and cons of vaccinations. You can discuss anything, you do not have to be rigidly attached to the topic of the account. In addition to pressing issues, you can highlight and discuss high-profile news, the latest trends, socio-political issues.

Chats and floods

Chats allow you to strengthen connections between subscribers and create a cohesive community around the brand. Chats are usually launched in the late afternoon. You can ask them a topic or just invite users to chat. Floodilnies are something else. They came from forums and are a place where users can chat about anything from politics to football.

It is recommended to use this example only if your account already has about 10,000 “live” followers. Otherwise, the chat quickly “dies” and it looks sad.


Nothing motivates subscribers to communicate more than the desire to voice their alternative point of view, so sometimes you can arrange a provocation for your subscribers in order to provoke a response from them.

To create a provocation, you just need to write a sharp post with an unambiguous interpretation on any relevant topic. There will certainly be those who disagree with you and your supporters. However, one must be extremely careful with provocations and avoid topics and statements that may cause rejection of part of the audience.


Ask your subscribers for an opinion. Find out which product they like best. Compare two different products and ask them to vote for the best one, as well as share in the comments why they chose this particular product. Everyone likes to have their say. In addition, this way you can identify the preferences of your audience and focus on them in development.

Опрос ДА или НЕТ


As practice shows, games collect the most comments. There is a place where fantasies can roam, because you can play anything with subscribers. The main thing is that the conditions of the game are as simple and understandable as possible.

Examples of games:

  • “Describe me in one word” is the task of the players to describe the previous commentator in one word.
  • “Celebrity” – write which of the stars is similar to the previous panelist.
  • “Fairy tale” – each next commentator continues the story with a few words.


Ask your followers for advice or ask them to share something interesting with your other readers. For example, ask for advice on a book to read, a good movie / TV series to watch, or suggest where you can buy / order something cheaper.

Learning Content

At first glance, it may seem that social media is not a very suitable place for learning. In fact, people get a lot of useful information on social media. In most topics, you can teach readers something useful. There are a lot of options. For example, you can post reproductions of famous paintings, formulas, diagrams and tables for quick study, memorization.

Do not pour water, but share with readers information that they can put into practice, and they will be extremely grateful for it.

Video instructions

In most niches, this is a necessary kind of content. Show your subscribers how to use the product, how to assemble it, put it into operation. Even if everything seems obvious to you, believe me, many clients often do not know this. The video format allows you to show everything briefly, step by step and as clear as possible.

The best books and trainings on the topic

Recommend to your subscribers the best information materials on the topics of your account. Of course, the authorship is not yours, but people will thank you for not having to go through tons of information on their own. In addition, you can add a little of your own to the post and give your opinion about it.

New Product Reviews

We live in such a fast-paced age, almost every month a new trend, an improved model, a new miracle drug appears in each of the industries. Test new items, review them.

The video format is best for translating these ideas, but you can also write an informational post supported by photos.

How to Articles

More often than not, people are looking for solutions to their problems on the Internet. Think about the problems your target audience has to face and offer them a solution. For example, young parents have to solve a huge number of difficult tasks every day: how and what to feed the child, how to bring down the temperature, how to protect the child from ticks and mosquitoes, and so on. Subscribers to travel accounts will learn how to get a visa to a particular country, how to get a discount on flights, where it is better to rent a house.

Top 10 mistakes

Each niche has its own TOP of the most common mistakes. List these errors, because sometimes they can cause serious damage. In accounts with a very large audience, such posts can be launched regularly, breaking the general topic into segments and making up its own selection for each of them.

Viral content

Viral content is content that can spread like a virus. The goal of such posts is to increase engagement, attract new customers, and increase brand awareness. If you follow all the “unwritten” rules, then the viral content will spread itself and advertise the account. It literally “infects” users with a repost epidemic and increases audience reach.


By announcing a competition for activity, you can increase engagement and reach. Competition for activity can even be the simplest one. For example, a random user who repost or likes will receive a gift. Information about it will spread like a virus, and make users to be active.


Hit parade, collection

Such posts collect a lot of shares due to their structure and usefulness. Users see a lot of what they love in one post, like, save to read / watch later, send to friends, and so on.

Collections can be favorites. On Instagram, this can be a hit parade of the best books, recipes, life hacks reflected in pictures, and so on.

Do it yourself

This content can be time-consuming to create, but it also has a lot of viral potential. Tell your readers step by step how to make something interesting with your own hands. Users will want to save a post that is useful for themselves, send it to friends and simply thank you with a like or a comment.

Author’s content

If the author is popular, then the author’s content from him diverges among the members of the community at the speed of light. In this case, the author himself “infects” it with virality.

Expert Content

Expert content is often not separated from informational content, making a mistake. It’s good to tell and advertise your product, but it’s not a fact that people will believe you. For successful promotion on social networks, it is very important to gain a reputation as an expert in your niche. Expert content will help with this. He will show you as a professional person who understands the topic, will help increase the level of trust in the brand and increase your reputation.


Infographics & Mind Maps

Infographics are the art of communicating numbers, statistics and information in a simple manner. Create useful diagrams and maps for your followers that they want to keep. These are useful gifts of a kind from an expert. They help to systematize knowledge, quickly remember something and instantly find a solution to the problem.


Many people neglect this type of content, considering it too boring for social networks. It’s in vain. This subtype of educational content not only provides subscribers with useful information, but also strengthens the status of an expert.

Personal opinion

Feel free to voice your opinion on any issues in the niche. You can discuss anything: the impact of laws on your area of ​​activity, the moves of competitors, trends and market news. People are always interested in getting an honest assessment from an expert.

“Year Achievements”

Share your personal success story with subscribers, tell us what results you have achieved over the year, what you did for this, what has changed, what you are disappointed in and what victories you are proud of. This content shows readers your progress and helps them analyze their own actions.

Interviews and interaction with independent experts

Everyone praises their product as best they can, but the “outside view” always looks much more convincing. Show what independent niche experts and your peers think about your job and your product.


Do not miss the opportunity and once again emphasize your reputation. Invited to speak at conferences that included prominent people in the industry, among others? Share this news.

News content

We live in the information age, when useful information and news are pouring in literally from everywhere. Be the first to break the news – attention and response are guaranteed.

Examples of this type of content are very extensive, because in this case we are talking about any news that directly or indirectly relates to your field of activity.

Company news

Share changes in your work with subscribers. Launching a line of new products? Improved the quality? Have you changed the terms of delivery? Participated in a charity event? Share this to keep your subscribers informed and remind you of yourself once again.

Market news

Tell us about what changes have affected the market, what has happened recently. Feel free to add your opinion on this matter or predict how changes will affect you and your work.

Event reports

When taking part in any event, do not forget to share the photo / video report with your subscribers. Reporting posts can have a positive effect on sales, as they create additional social proof of the importance and relevance of the company. And reports from corporate events, by the way, “humanize” the account and increase loyalty.


User Content

User generated content represents customer feedback. These are reviews and mentioning about your product, interesting stories related to it. User generated content can increase the level of trust and brand loyalty. The opinion of ordinary consumers inspires trust, and a good review will once again prove that you are working at a high level.


It also makes everyone happy when their content is shared. Therefore, you will get at least one devoted follower anyway.


Show your followers what reviews they write about working with you. For example, by showing a screenshot of a correspondence, a mention, a comment left in the brand’s community or other social networks. Do not forget to thank the author for the nice words. And he is pleased, and the post does not look like annoying ads.

Streaming custom and expert content

Found on the Internet a mention of your company in a report, comparison, annotation – be sure to share this information with your readers. Such information is perceived as open-minded, clean and sincere, and, accordingly, increases trust and reputation well.



Track interesting comments under your posts and draw users’ attention to them. Many important things can go unnoticed.

Contests for the best user generated content

Offer your subscribers an interesting contest. For example, take a selfie with your favorite product of your brand, show how the product can be used in an original way, draw art, and so on. Of course, the people who did the best on the task should be rewarded.

How to determine what types of content are right for your business or blog

Content is the main tool for interacting with users. It is with its help that you can evoke the desired emotion from readers, motivate them to buy, and form a brand’s reputation.

Subscribers quickly get bored with the monotony, so no matter what topic your blog is about or what business the page is for, you somehow have to combine all types of media content.

Of course, there are also certain preferences in different niches. For example, various types of visual content are more important for tourism and the beauty industry, but in the business segment one cannot do without a good text component and infographics.

Do not forget that various symbioses are possible. With a good style and sense of humor, an informational post can become an entertaining and entertaining salesperson if you find the right approach.

In the selection of content, it is best to focus on the reaction of subscribers, but if a post is “entered”, this does not mean that now everything needs to be published in this format. Be sure to alternate between different types of content, and not to get confused in all this diversity will help a pre-made content plan.

How to create a content plan


Content Plan – A posting schedule that will help discipline posting and balance the proportions of your content. According to most SMM professionals, the ideal post ratio is as follows:

  • about 50% of informational posts;
  • about 30% of selling posts.
  • about 20% entertainment.

Of course, there are no rules set in stone. Everything is very relative. There are accounts where most of the content is entertaining posts, but their level of sales can be envied. There is only one conclusion – experiment. Sooner or later, you will come to your unique formula for success.

The content for social networks is different from what is appropriate for the site. It should be more concise, engaging, catchy. Hundreds of publications are simultaneously competing on social networks for the attention of users. Much has already become familiar so that it causes alienation rather than a desire to buy something and subscribe. Be original, publish a variety of posts and your readers will never get bored.

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