Types of SMM and the degree of need for different types of business

Types of SMM and the degree of need for different types of business

The dynamics of the development of Internet marketing over the past ten years does not allow business owners to look around and makes them take the role of “catching up”.

Entrepreneurial flair haunts, signaling that you need to not only be online, but in each segment to be in a different quality. If a full-fledged online store or landing page is obvious and understandable, then, oddly enough, social networks for some people still remain “closed” for development.

From ignorance of how and from which side to enter this part of online promotion, some companies look, to put it mildly, undignified, or even create a negative image for themselves.

Виды SMM и степени необходимости для разных видов бизнеса

Due to the fact that initially a social network is a space for amateur advertising research, rumors arise. For example, this kind of underestimation of an advertising channel, and with it financial investments in this channel. Such a global prejudice and misunderstanding closes the field for dialogue with a solvent audience.

On the contrary, those companies whose marketing plan incorporates mechanisms for working with clients through social networks are forced to create separate marketing departments to service these sales channels. Also, there are often cases when the lion’s share of the company’s marketing was transferred to social networks, showing themselves more productive there than on other Internet sites.

Why is there such a difference

At first glance, the answer is simple: SMM is not suitable for all types of business. This is logical and reasonable, because it is obvious that from the point of view of the psychology of a user of a social network, it is organic for him to consider commercial offers of a “down-to-earth” and understandable nature. And it’s unrealistic to imagine a construction contractor viewing the products of a concrete plant (for example) on Instagram.

This is where it is worth starting to reveal the topic of the title of the note, which says about certain types of SMM.

Виды SMM и степени необходимости для разных видов бизнеса

Yes, some companies use social networks to simply inform about their presence on the market, while others sell, others only advise, and still others do it for the sake of their image. Each of the approaches has a commercial component, and in what it lies – determines the type of activity, product, portrait and patterns of customer behavior, language of negotiation with the customer.

It is also important to understand which part of the business should be exposed to SMM promotion: in one case it will be a behind-the-scenes overview of the company, and in the other – a page of the head, with the help of a developed personal brand of which an audience ready to cooperate is attracted. And these are just two of a couple of dozen types of positioning that are possible on social networks. And what is important is that social networks allow you to personalize the work with future clients. The atmosphere of free communication in advance disposes both parties to rapprochement, and therefore to trust, which is the key to profitable commercial negotiations.

Speaking about the degrees of importance of SMM for different niches, it is worth noting that this is a strategic moment. For example, when selling a technically complex product that requires additional packaging, it is naive to believe that the built-in plug-in of an online social network store will sell in one click. In this case, the profile on the social network for such cases performs a transit role – a minimum of distracting information, understandable content that acts as a guide to action and leads a person to the target action: visiting a website, making a call, visiting a store.

A different picture can be seen in impulse buying niches: jewelry, household goods, information products, service subscriptions and others. As a rule, a check for such a purchase is available to the masses; the purchase does not require thinking about expediency. Such a purchase is made without really going into details. SMM in such cases is a godsend, and the task is to “catch” in the flow of surfers of social media feeds, people with a request for a specific product. Here, an endless field opens up for creativity and formats of dialogue with the audience – friendly communication, entertainment, gamification, blogging and others.

It is important to emphasize that a person who spends time on a social network does not go to buy, but is not closed to a profitable and unobtrusive offer. And this means that it is reasonable to start using this advertising tool from the analysis, or at least from the view of an ordinary person, an ordinary user of a social network, who will see the company’s offer. This approach in Exiterra is used in marketing whenever a new project is submitted for promotion, and this allows you to accurately determine the starting point for the overall strategy of SMM promotion.

If the company is not yet on social networks, then it is worth thinking about it and discussing options for an environmentally friendly and productive entry into this territory! We are open to dialogue!

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