Types of videos on Youtube

Types of videos on Youtube

Creative research can sometimes be long and tedious. But why reinvent the world, if all the ideas for videos on Youtube have already been proposed and tested. By using the knowledge of areas that are already popular among the Youtube site audience, it is possible to become famous very quickly. Plus, it’s important to know everything that is needed in creating great videos, as well as learning how to shoot them.

The big problem for all newbies is not knowing what to film. It is necessary to understand that your first video on Youtube will only be viewed by your close friends and family (because they will be forced to do so). Don’t expect to have massive audiences straight away. However, this is no reason to be discouraged. The most watched videos on Youtube are not beginner videos. That’s why it’s about being patient and relentless, while accumulating new knowledge from a variety of sources. The most important thing is that you like what you are doing. That’s why it’s about choosing a theme that is dear to you. For example, don’t make soccer videos if you can’t play ball.


  • Different types of video content
  • What are the interesting topics?
  • Promotion of its Youtube channel

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Types de vidéos sur Youtube

Different types of video content

Don’t stop at your first video, even if the result is bad. Keep spinning and success will come. Good content for Youtube falls into three branches:

  • The information;
  • Educational videos;
  • Entertainment.

The length of your videos is also important for its success:

  • Short video – no longer than 5 minutes (variants ideal for beginners);
  • Average video – 5 to 20 minutes;
  • Long video – some of these can be up to two hours long.

A job of 5 minutes represents a minimum period of preparation and assembly. Also beginner videos over an hour long often struggle to attract large audiences. However, this rule does not apply to educational videos which require more quality work than minimalism in order to attract audiences. Collaboration with an experienced blogger is an ideal development option. You have an idea but you don’t have enough determination to make it yourself, put it in your text and with the help of a research assistant, find an experienced blogger to help you.

Work on quality. The theme is not the only parameter influencing your success. Your content should also be of high quality. An author can choose an interesting general topic, but present it in the wrong way, so that even the video is no longer interesting. For example, if you have beautiful, easy-to-remember images with good video quality, your sound is bad so that your voice cannot be heard, it will influence the visual character of your video. Such a video can annoy the public from the first seconds. Do not allow extraneous sounds and make sure that there is no hissing noise in your microphone. If you don’t have a good microphone, use a sound editor. It’s not just about technology. Work on your voice and eloquence skills such as your diction, your manners. The ability to improvise is also an advantage. Also prepare a scenario to avoid any mishaps during the shooting.

What are the interesting themes?

We will focus here on the themes that attract the most people and that can be viewed over and over such as humor, jokes, or informative lessons. Here is in detail.

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1. Video review

Critics of the cosmetics industry are an industry in constant demand. Clothing and technical instruments are also interesting for Internet users. Indeed, people wanting to assess its quality before buying an object. To do so, they can use video reviews.

2. Test and review

This sector includes testing of video games, films or television shows. Beautiful people or pets can be the subject of a top video that you can post on Youtube. This type of video attracts a large number of fans.

Types de vidéos sur Youtube

3. Travel and entertainment

These themes have always captured the attention of people of all ages. Both adventurers and sedentary people are interested in what is going on outside and need to broaden their knowledge of the geography of their travels.

4. Daily activities

School, shopping, hobbies, circles of friends, everything is an excuse to create a video. This will allow users to compare their lives with that of other people.

5. Culinary

While there are plenty of them, internet users’ interest in food channels is on the rise. If you are able to cook beautiful and appetizing dishes, you can use this skill to create a video blog.

6. Problem solving

A particularly current theme given that every day millions of people are faced with new things, new realities in life and they have no idea how to get out of a bad situation, do not understand not always how to solve a technical problem, etc. Your video is a help and will form a bond with your friends.

7. Educational video

Do you have any skills or ability to teach other people? A series of tutorials posted on your Youtube channel helps people who are not drawn to reading but prefer to watch visual content.

8. Break down preconceived ideas

For this type of video, it is necessary to follow the hot topics and skillfully demystify them in order to get the truth out of them.

9. Contest

This job requires directing skills in order to organize shows, and to keep the audience going to the end by maintaining a plot until the last moment.

This list is far from complete when it comes to everything that can be used to create an interesting video product for your Youtube audience, and make you a famous blogger with the potential to make money from your popularity.

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Promotion of its Youtube channel

Even the most entertaining and best quality videos produced from an unknown channel are doomed to remain in the depths of the search engines with no possibility of success. But in order not to lose self-confidence, it is quite possible to use the services of a paid promotion. This will provide views, likes and comments and help grow your channel, while helping to increase the attention of large audiences and the ranking of your videos.

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