Use the 14 instagram stickers to develop your account

Use the 14 instagram stickers to develop your account

What are instagram stickers? Why use instagram stickers? Discover 14 instagram stickers and how to use them.

If you use the Instagram application, you must have already seen them on the stories of your subscriptions (you have to), you certainly use them too (at least in part). Instagram stickers are those little things that you can add to your Instagram stories to make them more unique, differentiate your account and get more Instagram followers.

There are 14 Instagram stickers and I’m sure you don’t use all of them. Today, we will introduce them to you one by one, detailing their usefulness and giving you dedicated tips to use them better and above all to do things differently from other accounts.

Remember, we recommend that you post at least 8 stories per day to show the instagram algorithm that you are active on the platform and be highlighted as much as possible with your community and potential new subscribers. If you don’t have time to post, you can schedule your Instagram Stories with instaboss.

Let’s start now, seeing together why to use instagram stickers .

Why use insta stickers?

Instagram stickers are indeed a way to make your stories more unique and to differentiate yourself from what other accounts can offer in stories. But not only!

Instagram stickers also allow you to develop your visibility Instagram to inform your community with temporary content and above all encourage your subscribers to interact with your content. And you know, Instagram engagement is key to being successful on the platform. In fact, I recommend this article detailing how to boost your Instagram engagement.

So if you want to grow your Instagram account and your number of followers, the use of instagram stickers is essential. But be careful, however, to do not spam your community with content that they do not want, that they are not interested in or stories with always the same stickers. For this we will present to you all the insta stickers at your disposal and how you can use them a little later.

But first, let’s see how to use instagram stickers, with a quick tutorial .

How to use Instagram stickers?

To use instagram stickers nothing could be simpler. Go to your instagram application and take the story you want to publish (photo or video) by clicking on the small device at the top left.

As a reminder, you can also import a photo by clicking on the image frame at the bottom left of your stories screen.

Once your story is done and before posting it , you can click on the small sticker emoticon at the top right or simply swipe up to access your menu of stickers.

ajouter sticker instagrammenu sticker instagram

From there all you have to do is select the sticker you want to add and integrate it as you wish into your story. You will quickly find that the integration of each of the stickers is very intuitive. But there are a few tips that will come in handy when sharing your story, some of the best are in this article featuring 17 Instagram influencer tips.

Now here is an overview of each instagram sticker and the tips you can use for each.

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The different types of instagram stickers

There are 14 types of stickers that you can use to animate your stories.

1- The mention sticker

The mention sticker is perhaps one of the most popular on the platform. It allows you to identify a friend or an account on your story to notify them, allow those who view your story to discover their profile or simply give them credit for a photo that you share.

Feel free to use it when interacting with other accounts or when posting a photo with someone else. This person will then be able to share your story again on their account. Which is a very good thing to develop your visibility .

A little tip that is valid for almost all instagram stickers , click on the sticker to change your style.

2- Hashtag

The hashtag sticker allows you to share your Instagram story directly in the hashtag news feed to gain visibility. Your story will then be visible to anyone viewing the hashtag’s story.

It also allows to bring additional information in your story or to share the values ​​of a news message or a brand.

If you want to use hashtags for SEO, but don’t want your community to have your hashtag, there are two ways to hide them . The first is to hide the hashtag under another sticker. The second is presented in this article of 17 Instagram tips.

sticker instagram hashtag

3- The location sticker

Similar to the hashtag sticker, the location sticker allows you to reference yourself on the location’s news feed and story. It also (and logically) allows to tell your audience where you are , whether on a beach in Martinique or in your favorite café.

4- Hour

Without wanting to disappoint you, this instagram sticker only allows you to tell your community when your story is posted. Nothing more.

5- Share Gif

The instagram gif sticker is perhaps one of the most entertaining ones you can use to grab the attention of your community . This isn’t meant to help you increase your engagement, but it can allow you to express more emotions in your stories.

The choice of gif at your disposal and wide and you can find just about anything you want. You can find arrows to encourage clicks, funny gifs, and that for any industry or theme. Think of click on your gif to make it change direction if you wish.

You can also use a gif to indicate to your community that they can swipe-up or to tell them to turn on the sound.

sticker instagram gif

And in the case of a video you can even decide to freeze your gif on a specific place and a precise moment of your video. To do this, select your gif and keep your finger pressed. You can then choose where you want your gif to appear.

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6- Include a photo on your photo

And yes, it might sound inconsistent, but you can embed a photo on your basic photo or video. This will allow you, for example, to show your reaction to a situation that you have filmed.

7- The cursor emoji sticker

We are now starting to introduce you to Instagram Stickers that will increase your engagement with your community by making them interact with your Stories .

The first of the stickers you can use is the emoji cursor sticker. This is very easy to use and allows your community to rate your content with the emoji you provide them.

You can also hijack it, to offer innovative surveys to your community.

sticker instagram curseur

8- Instagram polls

Instagram polls are a great tool that you need to use to get the feel of your community. This instagram sticker allows you to ask your community a question and let them choose between two options. In particular, this can allow you:

  • Evaluate your community’s interest in one of your future products.
  • Get feedback on the last content you posted.
  • To know what your community prefers between such and such a proposal, etc.

This will allow you to adapt the content you offer them in the future.

Following this link you will find 8 Instagram poll ideas you can use.

9- The question sticker

Question stickers allow your community to ask you a question simply by answering your story, you can then answer this question in another story. This is really a very good element in forging a special relationship with your subscribers.

Please feel free to conduct Q&A from time to time and give your community time to encourage your community to continue to interact with your content .

10- Instagram quiz

Quiz stickers are a really great way to entertain your community and get them to interact with your account. Whether it is for your products, your brand, your tastes, your personality, or even simply for general culture, organizing quiz sessions from time to time will allow you to attract the attention of your community in an innovative way.

sticker instagram quizz

11- The music sticker

The Instagram music sticker and surely the one that conveys the most emotions . Indeed, it allows you to transcribe the mood in which your story was taken.

Are you happy? Say it to music with “I get around” – The beach Boys, I’m willing to bet your subscribers will shake their heads while listening to your story. You have a wide choice of music that you can use for your Instagram stories.

And why not link this instagram music sticker to a quiz sticker to offer a musical quiz . Indeed, nothing prevents you from crossing the use of different hashtags.

However, this feature is currently not available for business accounts. Find out here how to add music to an Instagram story.

12- Donation

Use the Instagram Donation sticker to allow your community to donate to an association of your choice. You can find a wide choice of associations from which you can choose the one you want to promote.

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13- Countdown sticker

The instagram countdown sticker is a very cool sticker to announce an event. For example, this could be your last YouTube video, your departure on a trip that you are impatient for, or even the release of your latest clothing collection.

Finally you will understand, you can use it to celebrate everything that is close to your heart and that you want to share with your community .

14- The product sticker

This feature is only available for business accounts who are currently logged into their Facebook store. However, if you are a brand and it is not yet the case, I invite you to remedy this, because this sticker will be very useful to you.

It will allow you in your Instagram stories, to share a photo of your product and assign it a pin to refer the user directly to your product page and allow your subscriber to acquire it. An excellent way to boost your sales on Instagram .

sticker instagram produit

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