Useful functions on Telegram

Useful functions on Telegram

Most Internet users use Telegram to send messages: It is a convenient service with many possibilities. It is possible to do much more than chat with friends and relatives, such as saving data in the cloud, sending voice messages, creating thematic communities and many other things that we will detail below. / p>

Fonctions utiles sur Telegram


Main possibilities

This app has a lot of attractive features, making it more and more popular:

  1. fast and trouble-free operation;

  2. completely free to use;

  3. the absence of unwanted advertising;

  4. low consumption of internet traffic;

  5. downloading only the desired data, unlike other programs in which all internet data is loaded;

  6. immediate reception of messages, even with a weak Internet connection;

  7. storage of all messages and data in the cloud, allowing access from any device;

  8. the option of not needing to create backup files;

  9. the possibility of simultaneously logging in to several accounts;

  10. the existence of a practical portable version for computers;

  11. a convenient PC-based authorization procedure without the need for a permanent check;

  12. the possibility of not needing programs to be installed on Smartphone using only the desktop version;

  13. Multi-synchronization on multiple devices, you can write messages at the same time from your mobile phone and laptop;

  14. the ability to initiate a chat with yourself in order to send each other useful files or articles that you want to read later;

  15. the ability to hide their real name and use a pseudonym so that you are easy to find on the application while maintaining your privacy;

  16. the ability to correct a message after sending it;

  17. the emergence of many services offering how to listen to music on telegram online without the need to download files;

  18. The ability to delete messages.

This is far from the complete list of useful features offered by this messaging. Indeed telegram is a phenomenon of the digital world quite particular and accessible to all.

Fonctions utiles sur Telegram


This messaging offers the possibility of opening secret conversations. The data of these chats is kept only on the devices of the members administering the conversation. Therefore, if you open such a chat on your smartphone, it will not be readable from your laptop. In addition, it is possible to set up a countdown after which messages will be automatically deleted.

Finally, it is also possible to use two-factor authentication with password, create a PIN code, or delete all data from your account after a certain time without logging in. Thus all user data is completely secure.

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Working with files

Any file can be sent within seconds. The only limit is its volume, it cannot exceed 1.5 Gb. If your connection was interrupted while sending the file, the download will resume automatically once it is restored.

The service does not impose any limits on the amount of data saved in the cloud. You can save and reuse your saved data at any time.

The quality of the recorded photos is not reduced. Plus there is no limit on the amount of images. Everything is adapted to your needs.


There are a very large number of stickers available on this application. Plus, they’re absolutely all free, which is not the case on other social networks.


It is possible on this program to create your own channels and develop your ideas or services through community. This represents a large number of interesting possibilities for administrators of such groups.

Use of hashtags

In order to quickly access any message it is possible to use hasthags. This helps to structure data and improve research. Moreover, such a feature comes in handy while saving data to the cloud.


By connecting to this service, you can easily work with large messages or create complex data markup. This greatly increases your capabilities. You can formulate in advance what content you want to post, copy page URLs and attach them to any post you want to post on your channel.

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This external service offers the possibility of integrating video content into your publications. Just record the video and copy its link to share it with your followers.


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