Video Editing: Best Apps to Create Reels

Video Editing: Best Apps to Create Reels

Do you want to create Viral Instagram Reels ? Personalize your Reels with the best video editing apps .

It has recently landed on Instagram and the Reels function has already captured the attention of content creators : how to stand out?

The competition is fierce and you have to do your best to create viral and quality content.

In this article you will find the best apps to create and edit millions of views videos for Instagram Reels.

editing video: app per creare Reels

Editing Video: the features of Instagram Reels

Reels not only allows you to view content posted by others, but also supports recording and editing of your own videos.

The editing tools provided by Instagram are basic level .

The new Instagram feature allows you to add music and control the playback speed of videos .

Every video created with Reels is different and unique.

Editin Video le migliori App

If Instagram’s editing options aren’t enough, you can upload a video from your smartphone’s gallery.

By doing this you can upload videos created on a professional editing application.

There are so many apps available for both Android and iOS. Discover them.

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Video Editing: apps to create viral Reels

G The video editing tools made available by Instagram do not allow you to perform complex and advanced edits.

This is why more and more users are choosing third-party apps to improve the quality of the content they share on the platform.


Whether you’re a GoPro enthusiast or not, it doesn’t matter.

Quik is developed by the same company that created the GoPro brand, but the application can be used to create videos shot with your smartphone or other devices.

Quik is a video editing app with which you can juggle editing beautiful videos in a few simple taps. Just choose which photos and music to accompany the scrolling of the frames and that’s it.

This app is available on both Apple and Play Store.

VN – Video Editor

Video producers also use VN-Video Editor for creating video content.

Editing clips is simple: you can zoom in or out on the timeline, tap to split frames, drag, delete and duplicate video clips, and save a draft whenever you need it.

App per Editing Video

The app has 4 transition styles between video clips and more than 20 video filters .

In clips you can also add subtitles on slides or with text overlays, change font, color, size and duration.

The app is for both iOS than for Anrdoid.


VITA is a simple video editing app for creating trending content. Anyone can make high quality videos with LIFE.

Vita App creazione video

To create professional-looking videos, you can edit Full HD video with a few simple steps.

You can also choose from many video templates for super creative and alternative content.

It is available for iOS and Android.


VivaVideo is one of the best video editing apps. Today it has more than 200 million users worldwide: ranks first in the category of free apps for video editing or for making movies in more than 100 countries.

App per montaggio video

With VivaVideo you can easily tell your stories with a video and share them with friends and family, transforming everyday moments into works of art when and how you want so you can let the world of Instagram discover them.


Who doesn’t know InShot?

InShot is one of the historic video editing apps. It includes a versatile set of editing tools and flawless audio / video synchronization.

InShot per Instagram Reels

If you are looking for an editing application that allows you to edit your videos and share them directly on Instagram Reels , then InShot is the solution for you.

The app allows you to perform all the basic assembly operations with your iOS and Android devices.

Shortening and trimming videos, altering their playback speed and combining multiple clips is a breeze with InShot.

The application also allows you to draw on a wide range of audio and video effects and allows you to import your own music.


Wide range of visual effects and the possibility to choose between numerous transitions: sharing videos on Reels has never been easier.

Funimate is one of the best editing apps to use for video Reels, as it offers over a hundred visual effects and allows you to create new ones from scratch.

Funimate per Instagram Reels

In addition, each user can participate in Funimate’s daily challenges, receive recognition from the app’s music community and post videos on Reels and other social media.

The free version of Funimate, however, applies a watermark on the videos.

Video Show

VideoShow offers excellent video editing features. With this app, creating videos or slideshows with photos, images, music, stickers and sound effects is easy and fun.

App per Editing video Reels

It is a simple and practical video editing app even for beginners: with this app you can create gifs and dub videos by adding your voice or sound effects to make the video even more interesting.


Joining multiple video clips with YouCut takes seconds.

The application also allows you to remove specific frames that you do not want to include in the final version of the videos, apply visual effects or add a song from the app’s extensive music collection.

YouCut also makes it possible to refine the colors of your photos and videos and change the background.

When you are satisfied with the montage, you can save the video on your device or share it on your favorite social network. The App is for Android.


Zoomerang is a very simple video creator. It will help you get your Reels going viral.

Zoomerang per Instagram Reels

The app also shows tutorials with trending videos with popular songs.

You will also find over 100 special effects linked to fantastic music.


Make great videos in minutes! Vizmato is an easy-to-use Movie Maker, which allows you to add filters, themes, music, effects and text to make your videos look great.

With Vizmato you can record HD and GIF videos. You can use a range of filters, themes and video effects.

Editin Video le migliori App0

Audio effects are also useful: the voice changer function allows you to modulate your voice with sound effects.

Motion Ninja

You don’t need to use a PC to make great videos. Motion Ninja provides powerful and easy-to-use video editing tools .

The App provides detailed tutorials for the use of key frames, simplifying the understanding and use of the key frame tool.

With the well-designed video overlay feature, it allows you to easily compose various fantasy scenes, just like science fiction movies.


Do you want your Reels to reach a level never seen before? Download FilmoraGo . This video editor for Android and iOS devices has all the tools you need to edit audio and video with ease.

Editin Video le migliori App1

Alongside hundreds of effects, stickers and filters, FilmoraGo offers a music collection that includes famous songs and sound effects of all kinds.

The application timeline allows you to add new audio tracks, facilitating audio / video synchronization, which is essential for quality projects.

FilmoraGo also allows you to adjust the volume of the audio added to the timeline extremely quickly and easily.


The technology behind Magist o is able to stabilize the video, recognize faces and objects, identify the topical moments in which to apply effects, and edit everything in an intelligent way to a surprising video.

Magisto is a free app available for iOS and Android


Enhance your videos by adding beautiful transitions, overlays, filters, visual effects, titles, voiceover and music.

Once everything is set up on the timeline, you can position the multimedia elements however you want.

With BeeCut achieving brilliant results is really easy.

The apps to create Instagram Reels fun, beautiful and viral are so many and all crazy.

Are you ready to create viral and trendy Reels with these apps?

Editin Video le migliori App2

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