Viral content on social media: what it is and how to create it

Viral content on social media: what it is and how to create it
Как создавать вирусный контент в социальных сетях Who among the people promoting communities or public pages on social networks does not dream of his posts being scattered in thousands of reposts? Another question is that for this you need to be either a media personality or be able to create viral content. In this article, we will understand what viral content is and how to spread it.

Leading a group on a social network is a real art, and community administrators have a very different approach to audience. Some rely on advertising, others negotiate mutual PR between competitors, others simply entertain existing people. One thing unites them, each owner of the group dreams that his post will become viral, scattered in thousands of reposts, will be discussed by people and overnight will bring hundreds of new subscribers. But what is a viral post, and how do you create one?

What is viral content and its examples

Recently, we are often asked about viral content and what is it in simple words? A rather unpleasant definition of “virus” by PC owners is perceived with hostility, but in this context we are not talking about infecting a computer, but about reaching an audience in a short time. Can a post get 1000 likes viral? A thousand people, of course, is not bad, but not enough, but 1000 reposts is another conversation, people will see this post in the news feed, it will be displayed among subscribers, their friends, ideally, other group administrators will post it without violating copyright. Do you feel the difference?

As for examples of viral content, hot news and scandals are a good help in creating that will spread throughout the social network. In general, when promoting communities to understand the principle of action of situational marketing, it will be very useful. The fire in the Kemerovo shopping center “Winter Vishnya” attracted the attention of the whole country, and people took advantage of it. Don’t want to hype on tragedies? From the latest news, a striking example of viral content was the statement of the official Olga Glatskikh “The state did not ask you to give birth.”

Что такое вирусный контент и его примеры

Viral content marketing tactics have only one drawback – it is impossible to predict whether your post will work, or it will simply be ignored. Of course, you can count on the oversight of the deputies and the tragedy, but it will not always be possible to fit it into the context of the community’s themes. At the same time, situations often arise when the message of an ordinary user becomes hype, thousands of people repost it, and large groups who decide to join the topic only cause a wave of negativity, because users expect something completely different from them.

Social media viral content creation

First, when creating viral content on social networks, without which situational marketing cannot be imagined, this is a news feed. In order not to follow the news on your own and not wait until a significant event occurs, you can conclude an agreement for the provision of SMM services with a specialist, and shift the work to him. In addition to hot news, you can write a text with useful information, today there is a leap in the development of new professions online among young people, if you can interest them, there is a chance that the lessons will go viral.

The next step required to create a post, which, despite the informational occasion will have to stand out from dozens of competitors, is a catchy headline or an introduction. Remember, people come to social networks to relax, they do not look for specific information, they do not expect you to offer them something specific, so if you are not able to make a post catchy from the first lines, there is a great risk of ignoring it. Even if the introduction for the text is arrogant and defiant, it is better than boring template phrases.

Создание вирусного контента в социальных сетях

Now let’s go directly to the content, not everyone is gifted with writing talent, if the news cannot be expressed in one line and a link to the video, then you will have to write down your opinion or briefly and concisely convey the essence. In our other articles, we have already provided top tips on how to write texts for social networks, and we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with it. If you know the basics, but there are words like parasites, use services for proofreading, for example, “Glavred”, you do not need to be fanatic about this, but it will be useful to remove the “water”.

The stumbling block for which there is no clear answer is the call to action. Of course, an important thing for SMM promotion, it can play a cruel joke in viral content, if users feel that you are trying to use them for their own purposes in an inappropriate situation, you can lose credibility. However, viral content is sometimes aimed at calls for help, and in such posts, a clearly formed call to action will show itself perfectly, not only allowing you to complete the task, but also attracting subscribers who are not indifferent to the topic.


The last type of viral content that can do without a news feed at all is repost contests. People love freebies and are willing to participate in giveaways, but some social networks are pretty strict about their implementation. In order not to pay with your own community, you need to figure out how to conduct VKontakte contests correctly and not get banned.It is not so difficult if you follow the rules, but people do not even try to figure them out. The advantage of this approach is that while the competition is underway, participants will closely monitor all your posts, and possibly repost.

How to spread viral content on social media

You found an interesting topic that can cause a public outcry, wrote a post, but how to show it to people? For owners of groups with a small audience, advertising will help in this case, you can carry it out in different ways: for example, figure out how to properly set up targeting on VKontakte or another social network for the subsequent launch of contextual advertising. You can also pay for advertising your post in a more popular community, but the main thing is to understand the essence – for the content to become viral, thousands of people must see it. How this will be done is not fundamentally important.

Как распространить вирусный контент в социальных сетях

The second method is relevant if you have a sufficient number of subscribers, an interesting informational occasion, but something went wrong and they do not want to share it. This does not mean that the post will not become viral, but a push is needed to start spreading, you can get people to repost the post by dragging them into a conversation in the comments. Users are more willing to share what catches them to the quick, while comments can be screwed up on your own by starting a discussion and asking friends to express positions that are convenient for you and start an argument.

Emotions are generally the strongest weapon in the hands of a specialist distributing viral content. Emotions should be clearly expressed in text, headlines and sticky images. Statistics show that users of social networks are most willing to share humor and negativity, and this should be used. Fires, murders, tragedies, anger at certain people, pride in the actions committed by rescuers or doctors, but remember the main thing, using viral content you cannot turn into a community advertising “tin”, this will scare away the target audience and spoil the attitude towards the group.

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