VK statuses: how to install emoji, beautiful fonts or change

VK statuses: how to install emoji, beautiful fonts or change
Статусы ВК

Social networks have become an integral part of the lives of many people. One of the most popular platforms on Runet is VK, where you can chat, watch videos, listen to music and find out all the latest news without leaving the same page. Of course, in addition to this, it has many other, sometimes small functions, which at the same time play a big role in the day of some users.

One of these features is the ability to set a status on your page. Initially, it was intended to be able to tell about the current state of affairs to everyone who looks at the profile. However, over time, the purpose of this line began to change, and today status is an option that is used for advertising purposes, and to express their emotions or feelings, and even as an authorization on different sites.

To understand how to use statuses correctly, you need to research what they are, what formats they support and where they are displayed.

Basic concept of VK status

Что такое статус ВК This line is located in the computer version of the site at the top of the page, directly below the user’s last name and first name. It can contain information with a limit on the number of characters. Recently, in addition to text, you can also enter various emojis and other objects that were previously considered invalid and were not allowed by the system in the field.

By default, after creating a new page in the social network, there is no status, but it can be set by editing the specified field. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Enter your profile start page.
  3. Click on the “Set status” button (looks like a link under the first and last name).
  4. Enter the desired information in the pop-up window that opens.
  5. Click the “Save” button.
  6. After performing all these manipulations, everyone who visits the page will see additional information posted by its owner.

Status editing is done in the same way. To do this, at the initial stage, you must click on the old status that needs to be changed. The result will be a pop-up window with an already filled field. Outdated, outdated information can be easily removed from it, then an updated phrase can be added and the changes saved.

At the moment, the VK system does not impose any restrictions on users on the frequency of status changes. This means that you can change it constantly throughout the day. The only limitation is related to the additional opportunity that is provided to the one who changes the status. It consists in the option of publishing a notification in the friends’ feed. It, in turn, appears after the corresponding post is created on the wall. Since it is allowed to publish no more than 50 posts per day, then after the 51st status change, it will not work to send a notification about this event to friends, since the system simply will not allow it to be created due to the exhausted limit.

Where statuses may be present

Статусы в группах ВК In addition to personal pages, communities and groups can also use the status posting system. This field is mainly used for advertising purposes, as it allows you to attract the attention of even those who did not visit the page directly.

Information specified in the group status is displayed in the lists of communities in which users are members. Going to your friend’s page, you can see a list of groups, if he has not taken care that this information remains private. In this list, next to each name and avatar, there is also the current status set by the administration of the group.

This approach helps to attract potential new subscribers by briefly describing the benefits of this community. This is relevant, since the title does not always have the ability to outline the main direction of activity, and changing it is so often prohibited by the system of the social network itself.

What rules should be followed when filling out the status

требования к статусам ВК The VK social network does not impose any requirements on those who post statuses on their pages and in group profiles. However, there are a number of requirements. Which relate to all content on the site. If these requirements are not met, the status can either be deleted or the profile will be completely blocked. This decision is made by the administration of the resource on the basis of other user actions, according to which we can say that he is of interest to others.

Examples of such statuses, negatively perceived by the entire community, may be calls for suicide or other illegal information. If one is found, the user will be bombarded with complaints from other guests of the platform, which over time will lead to a complete blocking of his profile. During the unfreezing of the account, he will receive a notification what exactly needs to be changed in his behavior in order to prevent the situation from reoccurring in a negative way.

At the same time, any advertising related to legal or not prohibited business can be present both in the statuses of personal pages and in the statuses of well-known groups. There are no restrictions or rules for this, and a user promoting their products cannot be blocked at the request of the resource administration.

What information can be displayed in the status

что писать в статусе ВК There are several methods to automatically fill in the line containing the status. If they are active, other users will be able to see what the page owner is currently doing. A popular mode is to broadcast the name of the running application selected in the play store. This way, friends of the account owner can see that he is playing an exciting game and join him to spend time together.

Information about listening to music can also be sent there. Visitors will have immediate access to the ability to add a track to their playlist with just one click, which creates an additional convenience when using the site.

However, some want, on the contrary, to hide what exactly they are doing on the social network. To do this, there is an option to turn off the broadcast in the status of any information, except for that which the owner of the page himself will enter. To use it, the easiest way is to launch two separate tabs with open pages of the VK social network and follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Open any game in the first tab, then switch to the second tab.
  2. Go to the status section and refresh the page.
  3. When the title of the game is displayed in the status, hover over it and in the tooltip select the option that prevents applications from changing the status state set by the page owner.
  4. Repeat these actions using any audio track instead of a game or program from the built-in store.

After these actions are completed, the status will no longer display information about how the owner of this account spends his time. This may be especially true if the VK page is used for business or educational purposes, and outsiders who periodically visit it do not need to know what exactly is happening at the moment.

Alternate font options

шрифт для статуса ВК In addition to the graphic component, the VK system allows users to use any fonts that are included in the standard set and can be displayed on electronic sites. To create a status that will visually differ from any other information on the page, you will need to use special services that allow you to write the desired text using any font you like.

These are usually simple sites that convert text online. There are many handwritten fonts to choose from. They are the most popular because they allow you to emphasize your own individuality. In addition to these fonts, there are also various special characters that can also be used.

To search for such objects, you can use tables that are in open sources, or the option to insert a symbol using standard operating system tools. Regardless of the option chosen, the user can set any characters included in the standard font set.

When using such fonts, it is worth remembering that in some cases one character can take up as much space as two or three standard letters. Visually, this may not be noticeable, but the character limit will be reduced much faster. Therefore, if there is not enough space to write the desired phrase, you will have to choose another, less heavy font, or shorten the original text.

How to delete an existing VK status

There are situations in life when you want to close yourself as much as possible from all the people around you. At this time, the option to completely remove the status may be required, rather than editing or replacing it with other text.

To delete an existing status, it is enough to perform the editing operation in the same way as it was described earlier. However, at the last stage, you just have to leave a completely cleared entry strip so that the information can be reset to zero correctly. After that, you should click the save button for the changes to be applied.

You can track whether the removal of your own obsolete status was correct by refreshing the page using standard browser methods. This will provide an opportunity to get the latest information from the output of the social network database, in which it will be seen whether the command to delete the status was correctly received.

Как удалить существующий статус ВК

How to use emoji

To create statuses using emojis, it is most convenient to use a smartphone, because there it is much easier to access the keyboard with them than on a PC. The list of emoji contains many icons that reflect any emotion. Only static emoji that do not have their own animation can be placed in the status. It is worth remembering that all of these icons can be displayed in different ways, so you should not build too complex sequences that can confuse users whose information will not load correctly.

If you cannot fill in the status from the phone, you can prepare a line with the necessary graphic emotions on it, and then send it to your computer in any convenient way, even in a regular text file. In addition, this approach will allow you to evaluate exactly how the selected icons look on another platform and eliminate the error if it was made when forming the sequence.

Эмодзи в статусе ВК

Viewing statuses in the Android application

The official application allows you to perform many operations related to communication on the VK social network. But, unfortunately, it also has a large number of disadvantages related to usability. One of them is a not entirely obvious method of viewing the full text of the status if the user’s profile was opened on a smartphone.

Long statuses are automatically cropped by the system so that they do not interfere with the page and do not attract too much unnecessary attention. However, sometimes only part of the text may be displayed to the user, and if they want to read it in full, other account holders may not always be able to do it the first time.

The problem arises due to the fact that in other applications that have a similar principle of operation, to view information, you must click on this information itself. In the case of the VK application, this rule does not work. You can only fully expand the status text if the Profile Details button is clicked.

It is there, among other data that may not be so important to the user, that the status text is located. If your own profile was open, then you will have to do exactly the same steps to edit.

Earnings from advertising in statuses

Although this is not officially possible, many well-known bloggers are selling status space as adware. This can be done using special exchanges, the main task of which is to provide an opportunity to communicate with each other to a potential customer and a contractor.

If the account owner has an audience of thousands who regularly take interest in his page, you can try to sell this ad space. If the deal takes place, the user will be obliged to place the information provided by the advertiser in the status.

How to log in to some sites using status

Another unusual method of using your own status on the VK social network is authorization on various services. Some of them connect the official protocol, the use of which provides for unlimited login opportunities, using only their registration data. However, other resources cannot access the API.

They use public information that remains on the user’s page with any type of settings, except for a completely blocked profile. The site itself, which you need to enter, displays special text or a set of characters. After placing it in the status, you must confirm its readiness. Authorization in such services takes place in several stages:

  1. The user copies the provided excerpt and places it in his status.
  2. The program opens its page and searches for an identical piece of text.
  3. If detected, a positive signal is sent and authorization is successful. After that, there will be no additional checks, so the status published for the login can be replaced with a normal one or deleted altogether.

To be sure to identify the user, these services follow a simple rule: only the page owner can change the status. If he managed to do this, it means that he has every right to present himself with this data, and on any resource he needs.

Using links in statuses

Using any links or phone numbers in statuses is not prohibited by the rules of the social network. However, there are separate special fields for this on each page. The bottom line is that when this information is published in the relevant sections, it will remain active. This means that each guest of the page will be able to go to the site in one click or make a call by number, and he will not have to copy part of the posted faceless text from the status.

Some groups still decide to duplicate at least the phone numbers in the status. Sometimes it bears good fruit, but only in this case. As mentioned above, this status is displayed in many places other than the public page itself. This can be used for additional advertising. For example, if a group belongs to a restaurant that makes sushi with delivery, then the call may come even without opening its page, which is very convenient.

Graphic or drawn statuses

This option is not officially available on the social network, but can be used by the page owners themselves. It has nothing to do with the text status, the field for which is located under the name and surname of each profile.

To create a graphic status, it is necessary to load images into the album in the correct order, which were previously cut into suitable fragments. When the download is complete, they will appear below the list of interests and details about the page owner.

All photos that were recently uploaded by the user go there. They are placed in the form of a tape, in which the pictures are in the order of the download queue. Therefore, if done correctly, the result will look like a long picture with a common message and landscape. So you can do any statuses, including those decorated with additional text.

The main thing is not to forget to remove from this list images that were uploaded later, as they may start to shift the composition. At the same time, deleting photos from “Favorites” will not lead to their disappearance from albums, so this function can be safely used.

To prepare a suitable image, cut into fragments, you can also use one of the services that provide similar services. They always indicate what size the source should be, and how many parts it will be divided into. There are also ready-made templates to facilitate the assembly of your own graphic project.

VK family statuses

Семейные статусы ВК In addition to global status, the page also contains marital status, or marital status. This parameter allows you to specify that some other user is a relative of the account owner. To do this, both users must be added to each other as contacts, after which the option to edit marital status will appear.

Only one user can install it, the second, after his consent, it will be recorded automatically. To do this, you need to go to editing personal data and take the following actions:

  1. Select the section “Marital status”.
  2. Indicate which type of relatives will be added (spouse, children, parents, etc.).
  3. Select a relative from your friends list that matches this description and confirm the changes.

In order for these edits to be accepted by the system, a notification with the choice will be sent to the second person who was selected as a relative. He will be able to confirm or reject the affirmation of the relationship, after which the system will automatically arrange the parameters depending on his decision.

What you should not post in your status on the social network

There is information, the placement of which is not punished according to the VK rules, but it still should not be published on your page. The list of such data includes the following points:

  1. The phone number to which the page is linked. If you need to place contacts for conducting activities related to the sale of products or services, it is better to use a different number so that the main number remains unknown. Otherwise, it could help attackers gain control of your account by using illegal methods of forwarding messages with confirmation codes.
  2. The email account to which the page is linked. In this case, the same rules apply as with the phone number. The fewer people have this information, the higher the overall level of security.
  3. Data on planned trips. I want to share my own vacation plans with as many people as possible, since usually this event involves the opportunity to relax and get a lot of positive energy. But it is better to do this in the form of a post on the wall, which can only be seen by close friends. The status is available to absolutely all users who have looked at the page, and among them there may be those who want to use the information about absence, for example, to rob an apartment.
  4. Statements that have an illegal context. All social networks, including VK, must obey the requirements of the laws of the countries in which they operate. If the user in any way violates these laws, or encourages others to violate them, measures may be taken against him, including the complete blocking of the account.

How to make your new status as attractive as possible

To make a status look interesting, it’s not enough to decorate it with emoji and choose a beautiful font. There are a few more points, the observance of which will increase the interest in the status on the part of all friends:

  1. Literacy. If you are not sure that all the words are spelled correctly, you can check the spelling using various online services. This will avoid mistakes that your friends might make fun of.
  2. Consistency. It makes no sense to write phrases that do not make sense, even if they were said by someone famous. The status should primarily reflect the state of the page owner and his real emotions, if it is not used, of course, for advertising purposes.
  3. Readability. When choosing beautiful fonts, don’t go overboard and resort to completely unreadable options. This will not add attractiveness, but will only cause some degree of rejection and misunderstanding on the part of all page guests.

Such simple tips will allow you to choose and correctly publish any status, and sometimes make some money on it. The main thing to remember is that status is just one of the options of the VK social network. There are many other methods in it to help you express your own opinion or draw people’s attention to a topic of interest.

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