VK targeting: what it is and how to set it up

VK targeting: what it is and how to set it up
Что такое таргетинг ВКонтакте: как его настроить Have you been looking for a detailed and step-by-step guide to setting up targeted advertising on Vkontakte, written in a simple language and understandable for a beginner? You found it. In this article, we will tell you what a VK target is and, using examples, we will talk about each point of its setting, along the way explaining what are the advantages of this or that function and why it is worth paying attention to it.

Launching an advertising company is always a whole art, the success of which is influenced by hundreds of factors, primarily the presence of competitors. If on the street you can stretch a banner, pay for an ad on radio or television, then on social networks everything is much more complicated. Due to the steady growth of users, businessmen of all stripes regularly flock to them, who want to be the only ones and get the coveted customers before anyone else. But how can you single out the right people out of millions of people? Targeting comes to the rescue.

Targeting aka “aiming” or simply “Aim” is a complex of marketing actions that filter out excess traffic and leave extremely warm customers. If you know what contextual advertising is and understand its principle of operation, it will not be difficult to understand the target. The only difference between them is that the context is focused on the user’s key queries, and targeting is looking for users who are specifically potentially interested in your products and services. For example, you know that your clients are young people from 18 to 20 years old who are interested in cinema, and we will be looking for them.

How to set up VK targeting correctly

Let’s get down to the topic of how to properly set up VKontakte targeting and a step-by-step guide in which we will learn how to spend money wisely. But before making a final decision, consider whether targeting is the only option. Perhaps by paying attention to the top tips for promoting a VKontakte group, you will find more attractive ways to achieve what you want. Stopped on a target? Then go ahead. Go to the VK advertising account and select “Create an ad”.

Как правильно настроить таргетинг ВКонтакте

The social network will immediately offer a choice between different formats, from which we need to choose the one we want. Think carefully about what would be preferable for you, advertise in the news feed or promote your own group, which we will rely on in this article. Click on the “community” tab and select it from the list below.

рекламироваться в ленте новостей

Now we are preparing an advertisement, for this, select a picture, come up with a catchy headline and write a short text. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on this, but if you understand how situational marketing works, using hype when creating your headline will make your ad stand out from the competition and grab attention. The main thing is not to get carried away, a catchy ad, and a hundredth of it, is not as effective as a well-tuned target.

броское объявление

The whole setting of targeted advertising rests on the three words “knowledge of the target audience”, people who know whom to offer a product are always more successful than competitors. This explains the high demand for the services of SMM specialists inexpensively, whose job is to study the specifics of goods and services, analyze other people’s groups, figure out who the client is and how to interest him. The advantages of turning to professionals are also in saving money, on advertising, you must agree, if ads for the sale of toilet bowls are shown to girls of 16 years old, the results will be sad.

How to set up geographic targeting

Let’s put all the dots over the “i” right away, this point can be neglected if you:

  • Sell products all over the world;
  • Provide remote services, fluent in Russian and English;
  • Your services and the things you sell are needed everywhere.

Not? Then let’s get started. Correctly setting up a geographic target is an important thing that allows you to determine which users will be shown ads depending on their location, here you can specify a city or a specific area, and even add exceptions. Fortunately, VKontakte people readily indicate their city when registering.

Как настроить географический таргетинг ВК

How to target demographic targeting

Perhaps the hardest moment in setting up targeting is demographic targeting – determining the gender and age of the target audience. If you sell specific goods, such as video games, then this will not be a problem, as a rule, young people from 16 to 30, older girls and men come across too, but you do not need to bet on them. The problem is compounded in the case of consumer goods when the question arises, to whom to sell, for example, razors? Men of all ages from 15 years old shave their faces, girls and women, shave in places that the stronger sex does not even know about. Defining a goal in this case is a real art, and failure will gobble up the budget without bringing results.

демографический таргетинг

Only the tab “marital status” remained before my eyes. We recommend leaving it as default and not trying to change it. The exception is specific products for newlyweds or people who are clearly married. These include gifts for wedding anniversaries, sets of double themed bedding, things for small children, and so on corresponding to the theme of a clearly happy marriage. The situation is complicated by the fact that VKontakte marital status rarely corresponds to reality. Married couples are in no hurry to indicate this, leaving it for granted, and teenagers actively “marry” each other, which is called “for fun.”

How and when to use interest targeting

Interest and segment lists will allow us to weed out the majority of non-target audiences from the previously selected age and gender. Here we need to determine what the average representative of the audience is interested in and is interested in, based on this, we begin to add the appropriate points. Try to do without fanaticism, the more categories, the correspondingly increase in the number of impressions, but the risk of spending money on uninterested people will increase significantly. Fortunately, the list of options provided is huge, and when selling cars for example, you do not have to spend money on all motorists and racing fans, but focus on people ready to buy.

Как и когда использовать таргетинг по интересам

How to target community members

At first glance, the simple idea that you need to advertise with competitors always justifies itself. On the other hand, VKontakte can simply agree on joint advertising, since the VK administration has introduced the position of an advertiser, which only simplifies such a mutually beneficial exchange. But if you have nothing to offer to the hyped community, let’s get back to targeting. In a special tab, select foreign groups by means of a standard search and add them, in this case, the advertisement will be displayed not in the group, but among its members. The only thing is, be sure to add your own group to the exceptions , subscribers in both groups will see you without advertising that will require money.

Как таргетировать участников сообществ

How to show ads to users of specific sites

You can even set up targeting to show the audience visiting certain sites. This is a rather rare function, because people, having figured out what SMM promotion is, begin to focus specifically on users of a certain social network, but after looking at the possible prospects, you will change your mind. Suppose you sell books, it will be difficult to determine the target audience, but if you select subscribers to one of the largest online libraries in our country that sells e-books, you can offer them to buy paper books and find your client.

Как показывать объявления пользователям конкретных сайтов

As in the other stages, you will be prompted to select exceptions, but in this case you can ignore them, or add groups that lead to the desired site, but have less than 50 subscribers. Their activity is invariably low and they are most likely to belong to the official community. Right there we will have a tab “travelers”, these include people who visit VKontakte while abroad, think about whether it is worth spending precious money on them and whether they will become a warm client?

Targeting by education and position

The last point of setting up targeted advertising is filtering the target audience by their specific education and position. This will be useful if your clients include, for example, solid dentists, but we recommend neglecting them. The problem is that workplace information is often out of date or out of date. The situation is further complicated by the likelihood that many dentists may not indicate their place of work, and advertising will bypass them, thereby you will lose targeted traffic and have a great chance to attract the attention of uninterested people.

Таргетинг по образованию и должности

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