Voice message in VK: how to convert to text, download, improve quality and decrypt

Voice message in VK: how to convert to text, download, improve quality and decrypt
Как читать голосовые сообщения в ВК

VK voice messages were introduced in 2016. The developers positioned the feature as a new way of communication for those who prefer live conversation and want to save time without typing. The voice can be used in a hurry, while driving, while washing dishes – with this feature, it is no longer necessary to interrupt the conversation.

Over the 5 years of the function’s existence, the developers have made many improvements. For example, a system of textual decoding of voice messages in VK was introduced, the ability to search, navigate, download and forward. Also, users have encountered some problems. For example, sometimes errors occur when downloading a VK voice message, the phone does not record, or there is a failure when sending.

Some people just do not like the fact that they receive such SMS and they want to disable the function. VK users will be interested to learn about the problems and possibilities of voice messages.

Голосовое сообщение в ВК

Text translation and search engine by voice messages

In 2020, the developers added a new feature. Now users can read the text of VK voice messages. The neural network is responsible for decoding speech. Unlike standard programs, it is able to take into account the load on the social network, slang words and noise during recording.

How to read voice messages in VK:

  1. There is a special icon next to the departure – Aa.
  2. The user needs to click on it and a block with decryption will appear.

Как читать голосовые сообщения в ВК The neural network recognizes both received and sent messages. The main limitation is the length up to 30 seconds. The developers claim that this is 90% of all messages, so users should not have any problems. The function is available both in the mobile application and on the PC.

Нейросеть ВК Based on the neural network, not only the ability to read a voice message in VK was added, but also a search system. Now you can enter text into the search box (the search icon on the right side of the dialog) and find the desired item by keywords (even if it is recorded by voice).

Как расшифровать голосовое сообщение ВКIf a user needs to decrypt a VK voice message, but it lasts more than 30 seconds, then he can use a bot (for example, “bot recognizer”, “voice to text”, etc.). It is enough to send an SMS to the chat and a text version will be sent as a response.

Download voice messages

Some users need a download function. These can be important tasks from a customer, an interesting story, or others.

There are several ways to download a voice message from VK:

  • Via browser extension;
  • Via a third party application;
  • Via bot.

In the first case, you need to download and install the extension. For example, VkOpt. It not only allows you to save messages, but also introduces some additional functions.

Скачивание голосовых сообщений ВК Using the program to download voice messages from VK:

  1. Download the VkOpt extension from the official site.
  2. Confirm installation and activate the add-on.
  3. New lines will appear under the sending: “Mp3”, “Ogg” – these are the formats in which the file can be received.
  4. You need to click on a convenient format and the download in the browser will start automatically.

Как загрузить голосовое сообщение в ВКIf you need to download a voice message to VK via a smartphone, you will need to download an additional client. For example, KateMobile or others. They have a function for saving items.

In the case of a bot, the user does not have to install anything. It is enough to send a message to the chat to receive the file. The most popular bot is VOICELOAD.

Бот для скачивания голосовых сообщений

Problems with recording and playing voice messages

Reasons why voice messages in VK do not work:

  • The microphone is faulty or records sound with distortion (you need to look at the equalizer – it displays how much the volume changes and, if silence is sent in a conversation, then you can notice an even strip on it without hesitation);
    Проблемы с записью и воспроизведением голосовых сообщений
  • No internet connection;
  • Hangs on the site (you need to reload the page or re-enter the application);
  • Insufficient volume of speakers on PC or smartphone speakers;
  • Incorrect application settings (in the settings, check the box next to “Enable sound notifications).

The sound of VK voice messages when received decreases the playback volume. To fix this problem, you need to disable the alert tone in the application settings or in the browser.

Cut messages, change voice

There are two options for trimming voice messages in VK:

  1. Download a program for processing audio files.
  2. Use the online editor.

First, the user must install an extension for downloading voice files or use a bot. Next, he must download a program for processing audio. For example, Audacity is a free music trimming utility. Using the program, you can mix, glue and compile files. The software works not only on Windows, but also on Mac OS X or Linux.

Обрезка сообщений, изменение голоса Вконтакте For processing on a smartphone, you can use the Music Editor (available on both Android and iOS). The program allows you to trim files, merge them. All audio is in the playlist, given the phone’s memory.

Голосовое сообщение в ВК0

For online file editing you need:

  1. Go to the page https://mp3cut.net/en/ (or choose another online editor).
  2. Download voicemail.
  3. Select the desired segment and click on “Trim”, then “Save”.

Голосовое сообщение в ВК1 The browser will automatically download the finished file – this will be the trimmed audio.

To change the voice in a VK voice message, it is recommended to use a browser extension (for example, VK Voice Messages). Procedure:

  1. Install the VK Voice Messages add-on for Google Chrome.
  2. Activate the extension.
  3. Enter text – the system will change it on its own and send it to the interlocutor.

Voice editor is also available on your smartphone. For example, through the Voice Changer program. It is one of the oldest such utilities available on Android and iOS.

Голосовое сообщение в ВК2The application uses the FMOD sound engine and is capable of generating more than 10 effects (chipmunk, helium, robotic voice, etc.).

Send audio file as message

The system allows users to send fake voice messages to VK. For this, a PC is used. The method is based on changing the sound source from which the social network receives information. Process:

  1. Click on the sound icon in the right corner of the screen.
  2. Select “Sound Options” in the pop-up window.
  3. The “Sound” menu will appear on the screen, in which you need to go to the “Recording” tab.
  4. The list of recording devices should contain “Stereo Mixer” – if it is not there, you will have to reinstall the drivers on the device.
  5. Right click on “Stereo Mixer” and select “Enable”.
  6. Select a device “By default” – right-click on it and one by one select “Use as default”, then “Use communication device as default”.
  7. A green check mark on the mixer will light up and you can close the Sound window.

Next, you need to start playing multimedia in Windows. In it, enable playback of the file that you plan to record as a voice message.

Problems with voice messages

If voice messages are not sent to VK from iPhone or Android, then you need:

  • Check the stability of the Internet connection;
  • Reload, reinstall the application;
  • Retry sending via browser on mobile;
  • Check if the microphone is working.

To improve the quality of voice messages in VK you need:

  • Clean the built-in microphone;
  • Use additional recording equipment (such as a better PC microphone or headphones).

Finally, it is worth mentioning the limitations of the system. Limit of voice messages in VK – a file exceeding the limit will not be recorded. For 5 years of existence, the developers have greatly improved the sending mechanism. Users experience fewer crashes, and the sound quality only gets better. In most cases, if the message is not sent, it is due to a bad Internet, a software glitch or a broken microphone.

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