What are draft Instagram stories and how to work with them

What are draft Instagram stories and how to work with them

Instagram developers in March 2021 announced the launch of the long-awaited update – draft stories. With the help of the innovation, you can save the story and after a while return to editing it, without fear that it will suddenly disappear somewhere. What is this miracle function, and how can it be useful? Let’s figure it out in today’s article!

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What are Instagram Story Drafts

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced a useful innovation. According to statistics, more than 500 million profiles publish stories daily, so this option will be a real salvation for some users, because now the creation of a story can be postponed until later and done in stages.

What does this mean? When you exit editing, the story will not disappear without a trace, but will be automatically saved in drafts. You can continue at any convenient time.

Что такое черновики историй в Инстаграм

How to create a draft

If during the creation of a story you interrupt the process, Instagram will offer you a choice of two actions: either complete the creation without saving the result, or add the story to the draft for further editing:

Как создать черновик

After that, you can return to the editor and continue working on the stories. All drafts are saved on the account:

черновики сохранены на аккаунте

How to work with drafts

Now you can save stories by downloading them to your device, or through third-party services. In the first case, they are saved as ordinary pictures and videos that cannot be edited (for example, if you made a mistake in a word or added the wrong sticker), and in the second, they are not very convenient to use.

The update interface is quite simple. Before leaving Stories, users will be given the option to opt out of the post they are working on, or save it in the app as a draft. Swipe up to open a new draft area. As with regular posts, it sits above the camera timeline.

Also, the Stories Draft function can be used as templates from which you create new stories.

Tips and tricks

A selection of life hacks that will help make stories more diverse and interesting :

  • Use gamification . Interesting games somehow miraculously ignite the excitement of subscribers and increase engagement. Themed story game will set you apart from the competition. An additional benefit for your account is natural promotion and increased reach.
  • геймификация

  • Arrange polls, tests and quizzes . To prevent followers from getting bored and scrolling through your stories, introduce catchy headlines and rely on original questions.
  • Устраивайте опросы, тесты и викторины.

  • Stickers and masks . Augmented reality filters with cute ears, beautiful makeup, funny glasses and so on – this is +100 to the mood of subscribers. Not only brands work on their creation, but also ordinary users. You can also design your own mask using the Facebook Spark AR Studio service.
  • Sounds and music. A minute of educational information for brands (and not only): 80% of advertising stories with voice acting or music work better than advertising without sound. Not sure how to add music to Instagram? Then read our article.

Drafts in Stories is a really cool feature that greatly simplifies life not only for commercial profiles who want to share stories at the most suitable time for their audience, but also for regular Instagram users who do not have time to edit a story in the “ Here and now”.

The exact release date of the update is still unknown, but most likely the option will appear within 2 weeks. Of course, developers will roll out drafts gradually.

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