What are Instagram Direct and how they work

What are Instagram Direct and how they work

If we have to think about sending a private message we immediately think of very famous and used means such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Whatsapp , which allow you to exchange photos, videos, emoticons and private massages with friends and followers.

Also Instagram, for some years, has introduced Direct for private and fast communications between users: you don’t know what they are and how they work? Below we try to explain what Direct are and how they work , it is a very simple tool to use, which competes with the various instant messanging services and which could be what you were looking for to communicate with your friends.

Instant Direct was launched in mid-2013 , a feature necessary to further promote communication between followers , which allows you to send private photos and videos to one or more followers up to a maximum of fifteen at the same time.

Before the introduction of this feature, on Instagram it was possible to share photos and videos only in public form with your followers, while thanks to Direct it was possible to customize the mailings according to your needs.

Direct proved to be very useful and appreciated by users right away, but how can they be used? To make invitations to parties and events, create small discussion groups around a moment or topic you want to keep private, or, it can be a great social media marketing tool to share offers, initiatives, rewards and promotions with some customers. / p>

How does Direct work?

After explaining what Direct are, let’s see how you can send them with a few simple steps.

From Home click on the paper airplane symbol at the top right and you will have access to your contact list to which you can send a private message with a photo or video attached.

Click on the name of the person to write to, after having entered the text, perhaps accompanying it with a photo uploaded from your gallery or taken at the moment, you must click on “Send” and the Direct will arrive at your destination immediately.

The photos and videos sent can be temporary like stories, or, permanent, Direct are managed in a single section.

Read private messages on Instagram

The procedure for sending messages is very simple , but also the procedure for reading them is no different and is practically the same: from the small airplane symbol, in addition to sending messages, it is also possible read them.

Within the section you can see the messages sent and those received to reply to; in addition, every time you receive a message, a notification appears on your smartphone.

Messages received from people you do not follow are entered in the “Message requests” section, while all the others appear in the main window of messages received.

Is it possible to send a hashtag as a message with Instagram Direct?

Absolutely yes, to do it you need to tap the hashtag you want to send, then tap the Direct icon at the top right , search for and select the person or group you want to send the hashtag and click Submit.

When you send a hashta as a message, it will be displayed with a preview of the most popular posts from that hashtag page.

Send a feed post as a private message

As you scroll through the feed you notice a post you want to send as a direct message to one or more contacts, what can you do?

  • Tap the place you want to post
  • Search and select one or more people to send the post to
  • Add any message
  • Tap on Send.

The post can also be sent with a comment, to do so, you must mention the accounts you want to send the post to before the comment and tap on Submit.

If you send a post from a private account as a message, only people following that account will be able to see the post, while the person who uploaded the post will not receive notifications.

How to send a temporary photo or video?

You can send temporary photos and videos as a group message or single message , after the temporary photo or video is opened, the message will no longer be visible in your mail unless you playback of the message is allowed.

To send them you have to tap on the top left of the screen or swipe right anywhere in the feed, you can also access your mail to reply to received messages.

Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen to take photos or videos, choose to add effects, if you send the photo or video from your Direct inbox, you can choose the options A view or Allow to play again, this last item allows you to loop the photo or video and allows the recipient to open and play the content one more time before it disappears.

Tap at the top right, choose the person or people you want to send the content to , then tap Send at the bottom of the screen to send the private message.

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