What are the types of cooperation with bloggers on Instagram

What are the types of cooperation with bloggers on Instagram

Any type of business involves partnerships. On Instagram, bloggers are business partners. Did you know that 63% of marketers today partner with 10 or more bloggers to run their ad campaign? This is because customers trust social signals and recommendations from real people more than traditional ads. Bloggers help attract new subscribers, increase brand engagement, and improve sales. If you find a suitable partner and competently build cooperation with him, then it will be beneficial for both parties. We propose to figure out what types of cooperation there are on Instagram, consider their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Types of cooperation

The first step to success in influencer marketing is to choose the right blogger. The second is the right kind of cooperation with him. Let’s consider the most effective formats of collaboration on Instagram.

Product Overview

Эмилия Кларк – амбассадор бренда Clinique
Emilia Clarke in Clinique Campaign

This is by far one of the most common types of collaboration on Instagram. You simply send an influencer or blogger a sample of your product and ask them to express their opinion through a post on the social network. Product testing is ideal for advertising a new product, regularly promoting and communicating with customers.

This collaboration format has many advantages:

  • simplicity for both sides;
  • economy;
  • product demo in action;
  • social proof of effectiveness.

If you have a wide range of products, for testing, choose the one that best suits the blogger’s topic.


Collapse is a mutually beneficial cooperation between bloggers and brands, the purpose of which is to achieve a common goal. Together, they help each other increase sales, attract new subscribers, increase brand loyalty and enter new markets.

How it works: for example, a shoe manufacturer enters into a contract with a famous model with a large audience of subscribers and together they launch a new pair of shoes. After that, she tells on her Instagram that she took part in the design of a new pair, after which the blogger’s fans begin to buy this product. Sales and subscriptions of the brand are growing, and the influencer in return receives not only a reward, but also additional attention to himself from the admirers of the brand.

The main condition is that everything should be as natural as possible. Users should see that their idol really enjoys and admires the brand’s products, and the topic of the post should not stand out from the overall style of the blog. It is better to entrust the promotion of sportswear or protein bars to a fitness blogger, and a beauty blogger should not advertise a computer game.

On Instagram, you can see many examples of collaborations with bloggers and famous media personalities.


Bloggers are the same people who have their own views on life, values ​​and interests. They have their own audience, which is interested in their opinion, listens to their advice. And all this can be wisely used for marketing purposes by making an influencer an ambassador.

Блогер Алина Френдий – амбассадор часов Calvin Klein в Украине
Blogger Alina Frendiy – Calvin Klein watch ambassador in Ukraine

The Ambassador is the official representative of the brand, bringing its values ​​to the masses. His task is to tell about his favorite brand on social networks in all possible ways. For example, create native photo posts with products, talk about their benefits in reviews, participate in official company events.

There are many opportunities to present a brand with the help of an ambassador. The most important thing is that the influencer is truly loyal to the brand and shares the same values ​​as the company. It is strange, for example, if a fitness blogger promoting healthy eating becomes the ambassador of a fast food chain.

Ambassador, as a rule, implies long-term cooperation. Within its framework, the influencer formally becomes the face of the company on social networks and refuses from such advertising cooperation with other companies.

Joint Contests

Joint contests are another common type of collaboration on Instagram. In this case, the brand and the blogger are teaming up to host a competition or a drawing.

The brand in this case is the sponsor of the event, and the blogger provides the audience. The winner is most often presented with the company’s products or certificates for payment for its services.

This type of collaboration is beneficial for both parties: the brand gets the attention of the blogger’s audience, and the influencer gets the opportunity to increase user engagement through a contest.


People go to Instagram not only for the sake of beautiful photos, but also for motivation. And to meet this user need, bloggers and brands often run marathons.

An Instagram Marathon is a training course lasting from 3 to 30 days, which allows you to learn something new or change your life. For example, a women’s clothing store might take part in the Cinderella Style Changing Style marathon, which involves daily stylist assignments to transform style.

Participants in the marathon should repost records and share their results. The most active or those who complete all the required actions can receive an incentive prize. For example, a subscription to a purchase in an advertised store.

At the moment, marathons are considered one of the most effective types of promotion. Among the advantages of marathons are:

  • real usefulness for users;
  • forming a “live” audience around the brand;
  • attract only targeted subscribers.

The blogger’s task in this case is to involve the audience in participation and become a vivid embodiment of the company’s ideology.

Guest posts

Guest posts are a unique and effective way to promote a brand, allowing you to build an expert reputation around your brand. To publish your expert content, you need to choose several influential bloggers with a suitable topic, audience and high authority. We need to discuss the possibility of guest posting with them.

In order to interest bloggers in collaboration and attract the attention of their audience, a guest post should be informative and useful to subscribers. In addition, the text should not contradict what has already been written in the blog before.

The advantage of guest posts is that they not only allow you to advertise a product or service, but also attract traffic from new users who liked the guest content.


Инстаграм ивент

We can say that events are a lightweight version of ambassadorship. In this case, it is no longer a question of long-term cooperation, but rather of a temporary action. Within its framework, bloggers commit to publish content mentioning the brand.

For example, within the framework of an event, a company can arrange for a blogger to visit its production facility, demonstrate new products, test services – it all depends on the company’s field of activity. The blogger’s task is to cover this event in the feed and Stories.

For a blogger, this is an opportunity to get new interesting content for an account, and for an advertiser – to create a good image around the company and show its advantages.


Instead of constantly striving to create engaging content for your account, you can try Instagram Takeover Collaboration.

As part of this collaboration, the influencer takes over the management of your brand account and publishes content on your behalf for a set period of time, for example 1 day. This format is beneficial for brands mainly because the content of the influencer will be of interest to the existing audience, and can also attract new subscribers.

Live broadcasts

Прямой эфир в Инстаграм
Recently, live broadcasts are gaining popularity. They can also be an interesting option for collaborating with bloggers. Within the framework of live broadcasts, cooperation in two directions is possible:

  • You invite a famous influencer to your live broadcasts, attracting the attention of people interested in him to your page.
  • The blogger broadcasts live with representatives of the brand or its products, advertising it to their viewers.

This collaboration mechanic is interesting for the format and variety of collaborations. For example, a brand representative or influencer can act as an expert guest, or show a master class live.

Collaboration formats

In a business partnership, both parties must benefit. With the benefits for the brand, everything is clear – advertising, increased sales and loyalty. Bloggers, on the other hand, most often receive material benefits from cooperation, but this is not always money.


Barter is the cherished desire of all advertisers, because usually it is 2-3 times more profitable than the cash payment of remuneration to an opinion leader. As payment, you can offer the influencer mutual ads, or products from your own brand.

As a rule, bloggers with a small audience of subscribers willingly agree to cooperate on barter. Bloggers with a million-plus prefer mostly commercial collaboration. But everything is individual, depends on the specifics of the brand and the blogger’s beliefs. Sometimes you can work with a top influencer on barter, and sometimes a blog owner with several thousand subscribers can refuse.

Commercial cooperation

Эмма Робертс

Commercial cooperation on Instagram involves payment exclusively with money. The cost of influencer services varies depending on the statistics of their account and the type of cooperation.

All details are discussed in advance, after which the brand transfers the payment, and the blogger fulfills the obligations set before him.

Gift for publication

Some bloggers willingly agree to post a brand mention on their blog for a gift. A gift can be a brand product, which, for example, is sent for testing. In this case, everything is simple – a blogger chooses a product he is interested in from the company’s assortment, writes a review about it in his blog and keeps a test sample for himself.

Promo code

One of the payment methods can be a personal promotional code for a discount. A blogger places a post with a promo code for a discount in his account and receives an affiliate commission from all sales made using his promo code.

This scheme works great for advertising online stores. But in order for a blogger to agree to such a format of cooperation, he must be sure of the quality of the company’s products and the interest of his subscribers.

Affiliate link

An affiliate link is a very common way of cooperation. In this case, the blogger’s profit is a part of the money from the purchases of the clients he attracted. For a brand, this is the minimum cost – to provide a personal affiliate link. The blogger should place it in his posts. Subscribers follow the link, place orders, and part of the money they spent is paid as a reward to the blogger. For Instagram, the format of the promo code is more suitable, since there is no way to place active affiliate links in posts.

This format is beneficial due to the fact that only actual clients are paid and the blogger himself is interested in creating a high-quality advertising product.

Product for rent


Everything is used to create beautiful photos for Instagram – expensive jewelry, clothes, accessories, beautiful bouquets, toys, original furniture. If a company sells or manufactures such things, it can offer the blogger a rental item for a photo shoot.

After the photo session, the blogger will return the goods safe and sound. The brand will get an attractive demo of its product, as well as the ability to tag a blogger’s photo with the product.

Tips and tricks

The effectiveness of a marketing campaign involving bloggers directly depends on how well the cooperation is built. There are many nuances in this matter, and at the same time, any cooperation with bloggers is always built individually. We still suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main subtleties that are worth considering:

  • Perform a compatibility test. Collaboration will be successful only if the audience of the influencer matches your target audience. Be sure to choose a blogger with a theme that suits you, and before collaborating, study the demographics of subscribers and their “authenticity” using the trendHERO tool.
  • Competent TK is half the battle. Try to give the influencer as clear an idea as possible about your brand, its values, and your expectations for collaboration. This is the only way he will be able to capture all the details and create high-quality advertising content.
  • Choose the appropriate format. Make a detailed portrait of your target audience and think about which of the formats will be more interesting for them. For example, if your clients are very conservative, marathons are unlikely to be suitable for them, but rather events that can show your business from the inside out will be interesting.
  • Trust the influencer. Professional bloggers know best of all what content will be of interest to their subscribers, on what characteristics it is better to focus and in what format to submit information. Let the blogger shine, but be sure to arrange a preview.
  • Trust but verify. Not all bloggers are created equal. In pursuit of earning money from advertising, many resort to cheating, so check the blogger before entering into a partnership.
  • Build long-term relationships with influencers. The best option is at least 6-8 touches with the blogger’s audience. Thus, you can achieve a more sustainable result, as well as eliminate the risk that the blogger will soon collaborate with another brand in the same segment.
  • Remember that head-on advertising doesn’t work. Do your best to make your ad content as native as possible.

Another important nuance that many people forget about is that you need to prepare for cooperation with a blogger. Before seeking advertising in any of its formats, a brand must first:

  • clean up your page,
  • think over an advertising campaign,
  • compose a portrait of your clients.


Influencers have long been in demand by brands, and often even become key figures in a company’s advertising strategy. But it is extremely important to choose the right type of cooperation. All of the above formats are effective and perform well in terms of engagement and conversion. You just need to choose the best partnership option for your brand so that it is as beneficial as possible for both parties. You also need to think about your sales funnel. It is better to postpone advertising until you prepare the concept.

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