What are vines and how to remove them

What are vines and how to remove them
Что такое вайны и как их снимать Trends and innovations are currently changing so rapidly that instead of large-scale videos in which video bloggers unfold a whole discussion on an exciting topic, short videos about life situations have become fashionable. They were called Vines. Today there will be a detailed description of this trend, which is popular with people of all ages and social conditions. What are vines and how to remove them is the topic of today’s article.

Vines: what does it mean in youth slang

As we have already said, today we will talk about what vines mean, or rather their meaning in youth slang. In fact, the interpretation of this concept is much easier than learning SEO promotion from scratch, on your own or in courses.

Vine is a short video that usually lasts at least a minute. Most often, vines contain a humorous character, so funny moments from life are filmed in them. For example, videos about types of women during critical days or types of guys on a first date, etc. The heroes of the vines, or rather, those who shoot them, are called vines.

Not to say that this is an official profession, although already a sufficient number of people, such as Nastya Ivleeva, have become popular thanks to amateur funny videos on a telephone camera. As you know, everything that is interesting to people is turned into advertising, vines are no exception. Therefore, recently, a good way to advertise a product or service is also with the help of such funny videos.

Вайны: что это значит на молодёжном сленге

Such a marketing ploy is very beneficial to both parties: bloggers as a source of income, and the customer is directly good advertising. This collaboration leads to a fruitful result. Agree, a video that bears a positive character can easily, as it were, by the way, advertise a product or a well-known brand.

What are vines on Instagram

To say that vines on Instagram are practically the same as ordinary vines is to say nothing. These are the same videos that are filmed and then posted on Instagram. They can be filmed with both a phone and a professional camera. Oddly enough, viners, who have seriously interested their audience, are professionally engaged not only in maintaining an account on Instagram, but they are shooting vines.

Despite the fact that these are one-minute clips, their installation may take more than one, or even two hours. Perfectionists who think over every detail, prepare the background for the shoot, write the text, etc., spend the whole day on one video. Of course, moments of inspiration can come suddenly, so spontaneous material, in which the events do not take place, can garner many more views. If the skills of a video blogger allow him to figure out how to make a GIF from a video in Photoshop, then editing a video in the vine format will not be difficult.

Что такое вайны в Инстаграм

What are vines in YouTube

In principle, it makes no sense to explain in detail what vines are on YouTube, since these are the same videos. True, their duration will be longer than one minute. But several videos will be combined in one video. In truth, the audience prefers watching video vines on Instagram over YouTube.

Perhaps this is because people are used to looking at richer content on YouTube. That is, the channel itself, on which there will be videos for 1 minute, will not gain many views. Especially if the goal of the channel is nothing more than to become a brand ambassador, representatives of which may be interested in the owner of the channel as a person.

Что такое вайны в Ютубе

As a rule, Instagram is used as a “portfolio” with beautiful photos of a person, where he publishes interesting moments from life. And YouTube is a kind of “diary” in which a person, with the help of vlogs or thematic videos, talks about important things, shares his opinion and knowledge with the audience.

How to shoot a vine

We come to the most important and most interesting question, but how to shoot a vine so that it becomes not only interesting, but also makes its owner popular. As in website promotion in the Yandex search engine, there is, in principle, no ideal scheme for shooting a vine. But, of course, there are basic principles, as in any business. Some of them can be guessed even logically.

The most important thing is video quality. Agree, the desire to watch, roughly speaking, a blurry video, where instead of clearly expressed faces, constant interference and the image flickers in pixels, to be honest, does not cause much desire. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of negative comments at the first stages, what haters do, take care of setting the light, the right angle, and most importantly, good technique.

The second is the appearance. Of course, if a vine theme is meant to look, say, non-standard, that’s one thing. But, nevertheless, appearing in front of subscribers in a careless manner is at least disrespectful towards them. Nobody talks about a business suit or a strict dress code, especially in a video with a comic meaning. But neatness and neatness in the image of the hero of the video is the key to a successful show.

Как снимать вайн

Now, about what to shoot Vine. As we already said, there are situations when an idea comes up unexpectedly, as a result of which a spontaneous video occurs. There is a practice when videos of this nature gained large views. But, nevertheless, if the shooting is only planned, then it is better to write a small script in advance. Judge for yourself, it will be inconvenient if at some point you forget what you had to say. We’ll either have to cut this moment or shoot it all over again.

Probably, some who read all these points thought that shooting vines is like composing an advertising post, difficult, dreary and energy-consuming. Indeed, sometimes there is a creative crisis, but so that subscribers do not forget about you, you have to come up with a concept of videos in order to constantly replenish the content.

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