What is a hashtag and how to use it

What is a hashtag and how to use it

Every person who is familiar with social networks probably knows what a hashtag is. It is also important to be able to correctly apply this tool to your posts. This article is the most detailed instruction on how to use hashtags effectively, attract new subscribers and retain old ones.

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What is a hashtag on Instagram and why is it needed

A hashtag is a kind of word tag with a # hash. Such tags group posts, and allow users to quickly find photos and other information on Instagram. Each user independently determines which category the written post will be assigned to.

On Instagram, hashtags help you collect photos into specific groups. Finding a photo taken at a specific location, on a specific occasion, or at a specific event has never been easier. Clicking on the desired tag allows you to find a lot of useful information, and at the same time see the most beautiful photos.

Свадебный хештег
Wedding hashtag

For example, it is extremely convenient for travelers to view posts with a hashtag of the places where they are going to go. Through the user, you can find out the necessary contacts, ask about the city, local weather and attractions.

Hashtags are simply an irreplaceable function, but more and more often their direct purpose is replaced by a primitive cheat of likes and subscribers. As a result, the right tag words are attached to inappropriate photos, creating spam. Instead of photos, the tag of many cities contains photos of the various shops and services that they offer. Consequently, this hashtag becomes completely useless to users.

Besides the fact that the hashtag sorts publicly available photos, they can be used to organize photos into your own profile. Unique words help to break up photo content into groups.

Functions and types of hashtags

Basic properties of hashtags:

  • highlighting the main idea using keywords.
  • grouping of submitted information by topic.
  • help in quickly finding the required post and photo.

Tags are divided according to their types:

  1. Spam hashtag. Serve for a set of followers and likes. The effect of such tools is not significant, and they need to be used in small quantities and not often.
    Спам хештеги
  2. Geo-hashtags. Posts mentioning geographic location. These tags are especially useful for local businesses.
    Гео хештеги
  3. Content hashtags. These tag words convey the essence of the content. Using tags of this kind is mandatory if you want to get the target audience.
    Контентные хештеги
  4. Trending. Increase activity, but you need to use only those that are close to the content theme.
    Трендовые хештеги #коронавирус
  5. Branded. You need to use tags like these so your customers and customers recognize and share your posts. A branded hashtag can be called a personal signature on Instagram.
  6. Categories. Help improve navigation within your own content. Also suitable for contests, various promotions and more.

How to add hashtags on Instagram

Hashtagging is easy enough. Visually, they look like one or more words without spaces, preceded by a # sign. This grid instantly makes a link out of a simple word. Clicking on the link received will allow you to go to all photos that have a similar tag.


How to write hashtags correctly?

Instagram hashtags need to be written according to certain rules:

  1. Tags are easily distributed in any part of the text, they can also be placed in the comments below the post. If hashtags are placed at the end of the text, then they are simply indicated through a space, as in the comments. When distributing a tag at the beginning of a post or in the middle of it, it will replace a single word of the sentence.
    Хештег в тексте
  2. Tags can be written in Russian or English, it is allowed to add numbers.
  3. The letters of the tag can be not only uppercase, but also uppercase. A tag starting with a small or capital letter will be returned by the search engine in one group.
  4. Replacing any letter or number with another will change the hashtag itself, it will become a separate label.
  5. The hashtag does not contain spaces, if you need to specify several words, they write them together, and for readability they are separated by capital letters or underscores (for example, #KatinaRecipes or #Katina_recipes).
  6. The system remembers previously entered hashtags. If you put a hash and enter the first letter, then Instagram automatically offers a list of all existing tags for this letter. You should be careful, because in this list you can often find misspelled words.

How many hashtags you can add on Instagram


The maximum number of hashtags that can be put under a photo on Instagram is 30. If you accidentally write unnecessary tags, the system will not let them through anyway and will automatically delete them. This means that the user has as many as 30 opportunities to attract users to their content.

For high efficiency, it is best to use the maximum number of tags. After publishing 30 tags at the end of the text, after 3 minutes you can leave the same number of tag words in the first comment. This will cover the maximum number of users.

How to find matching hashtags

In Instagram today, the search for the necessary posts has become easier. You can find information in 4 categories:

  1. The best.
  2. People.
  3. Tags.
  4. Places.

To find the desired photo with a tag word in the application, you need to click on the magnifying glass and start the search. In the line you should enter a word suitable for the request and click on “Tags”.

It is possible to find hashtags for Instagram using 3 methods. The most powerful option is to manually type each tag. The method requires a lot of time and good imagination. You can spy on hashtags from competitors and other Instagram users. The simplest method can be called using special programs, for example, KeywordTool.

How to use hashtags effectively

Basically, all users put up hashtags to increase the reach of their content. Thus, the posts get more likes and the profile gets a lot of subscribers. Each user should understand that tags do not play a major role in promoting an account, they are rather presented as an auxiliary element.

Experienced Instagram users advise against using a ready-made hashtag list for each post. Such tags should be classified as spam, they will not attract live subscribers anyway.

For high-quality profile promotion, it is recommended to select suitable hashtags for each post. It is advisable to choose -low and -medium frequency hashtags so as not to get lost among the millions # follow4follow

Even moderately popular hashtags only live for a few minutes. A posted photo with a million-plus hashtag will go down in a matter of seconds and no one will see it.

A large list of left tags will visually spoil the text, it will become inconvenient to read it, and many followers will simply turn the feed further. Unique hashtags used to complete your own posts will simply be lost in a huge number of other posts.

What do you need to do?

It is worth using different approaches to the placement of hashtags. The classic option is to manually select words-labels and place them through a space. All words that can come to mind are used, as well as those that fit the meaning of the posted photo. Traffic will grow slowly, and this approach has some effect.

A more efficient option is the preliminary preparation of tags in the amount of about 10 pieces. At the end of the written text, labels are placed in a separate block. The visual perception of the text in this case is improved. You can scatter hashtags over the text itself, you only need to use a few of them. The remaining 10 tags are distributed in the comments below the photo. Thus, the written text looks beautiful, and users go to the profile to read the left comment.

The most important task of tags is to increase the reach of the page on Instagram and help publications reach the TOP. To achieve exactly this result, after the text, you should leave 30 hashtags, in the commentary there is a similar number. At the very beginning, this will help you get a little more likes than usual. At this point, it’s a good idea to help spin up these likes using popular services.

An important point is that after a few days, you should definitely remove some of the tag words, leaving only the low-frequency ones. Otherwise, the page will be recognized as spam and it is quite possible that the account will simply be deleted. Also, do not often repeat such a scheme, the punishment may still be the same.

Only high-quality information and interesting photos will allow subscribers to put more likes, increasing profile coverage.

How to make your own hashtag

Спам хештеги0

To create your own tag, you need to be pretty creative. A unique label is especially useful for a business account. The brand’s hashtag is sure to grab attention and build a community of followers. As such a unique tag, you can use a slogan, one of the products or the name of the organization itself (for example, the famous hashtag #justdoit from Nike). If the tag has a specific purpose, then this technique is the best option.

Researching Instagram profiles will help you create your own unique and interesting hashtag. They really work and should be used every time a post is published. It is convenient to compile a list of such tags and save it, for example, in your phone’s notes. Next time, all that remains is to copy the text and paste it under the publication.

Hashtags should be not only interesting and beautiful, but also euphonic. By themselves, these tools visually spoil the text; not everyone will read them. To hide tags in comments, you can put 6 dots in front of the hashtag. It is better to copy and distribute hashtags in the comments to the post, and not at the end of the text itself. The description under the posted photo should contain only text, otherwise this technique simply won’t work.

Tips and tricks

Often, hashtags are used absolutely uselessly, while a person spends a lot of time and effort to publish them. Advertisers and marketers actively use tags themselves, and also teach others how to properly use them to promote their page. Instagram is a social network in which tags are an extremely important tool, but only if they are written correctly.

Most Instagram users do not fully understand the social network algorithm or simply underestimate the work of hashtags. When using this tool, ordinary people make a lot of mistakes, and this plays a negative role for page promotion.

Common mistakes

  1. Large number of hashtags. Business accounts and newbie bloggers try to publish as many tags as possible, hoping to increase page reach. However, it works exactly the opposite. A large number of tags are recognized by the system as spam and this starts to work against you.
  2. Large number of popular tags. Don’t try to write as many popular tags as possible. Quality is more important here than quantity. If you mention more relevant hashtags, the post may get fewer likes, but the company will get a lot more customers.
  3. Same tags. Instagram may regard your actions as spam. The punishment can be quite severe. Each post should have different tags, and some of the posts can be left without hashtags at all.
  4. Closed page. Often, users actively use hashtags when the page is closed, but this is completely thankless and even useless. Instagram does not rank tags on closed pages.

Misuse of hashtags leads to several penalties. The account can be completely deleted or entered into a shadow ban, in which the user sees his publications, but his subscribers do not.


In conclusion, let’s reiterate what is needed for hashtags to work effectively:

  1. Take high quality photos and videos, come up with exciting descriptions for them.
  2. Use highly unique tags to group posts in your account.
  3. Do not leave obscure tags under the photo that do not logically fit the post.
  4. Don’t be lazy, tags need to be constantly updated, otherwise, tomorrow, a competitor will be able to bypass you.

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