What is a hashtag in simple words

What is a hashtag in simple words
Что такое хэштег простыми словами Global network users come across different symbols every day, today we will tell you in simple words what a hashtag is for those who still have not figured it out. Such a sign in the modern world has become an integral part of many social networks and various other Internet sites.

The use of hashtags was first suggested by Chris Messina and thus in 2007 people learned about what a tag is and was initially condemned by Twitter as a “nerd thing.” Ultimately, it all led to their rapid proliferation across the platform.


Messina did not try to copyright the use of this mark because he felt that “the hashtags were born out of the Internet and did not belong to anyone.” Chris was subsequently recognized as the hashtag’s godfather, and by the end of the decade, such symbols could be seen on most new and existing social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. As of 2018, over 85% of the top traffic websites on the internet use hashtags.

What is a hashtag

Let’s take a closer look at what a hashtag is on the network. A hashtag is a word or phrase that follows the pound sign. According to the same Messina, he suggested using the hashtag to make it easier for “non-professional” users to search for content and find specific relevant updates. For example, if you enter the hashtag #SEO on social networks, then, most likely, from the information received, you can find out the prices of the SEO of website promotion, as well as study articles and entire groups dedicated to promotion.

Anyone who shares content on a related topic can add a hashtag to their post on a social network or a forum to help users find other posts on the same topic on the same platform. For example, several hashtags were used during the Kemerovo disaster. They have proven invaluable in providing various new information on the incident.

Что такое хэштег

In fact, several big news stories in recent years have been amplified and supplemented by citizen reporting, amateur videos and photographs. Hashtags for these situations also provide an opportunity for the public to express their feelings – something that many of us feel we need to do in the event of a disaster. We cling to this to learn more about the event and provide an emotional outlet.

What is a hashtag and what is it for

In fact, we have already talked about what a hashtag is and what it is needed for. Now let’s talk about how to use it and do it right. Yes, if you want to learn more about what a collaboration is on a social network, you can simply enter the # collaboration tag, but there are still a number of subtleties when using such a symbol.

You don’t need any special software, programming experience, or even an advanced degree to create a hashtag. The only thing you need to do is put a pound sign right in front of the word or phrase that you want to turn into a hashtag, and follow these simple rules for writing them:

  • No spaces;
  • No special characters;
  • No punctuation marks.

Что такое хэштег и для чего он нужен

Keep hashtags as short as possible. It is best if the hashtag is a meaningful word, short phrase, or abbreviation. For example, by entering such a short combination as #LandingPage, you can even find out about the cost of creating a business card site and not only. Long, difficult to pronounce or difficult to remember hashtags will be difficult and difficult to use.

Avoid contamination with such tags. More than two hashtags in a post makes it difficult to read. Always check if your content matches the hashtag you are using. It is considered unethical to insert tags completely unrelated to the text only for its promotion or advertising. Otherwise, people may report you as a spammer.


Also, hashtags are often used by consumers on social networks to complain about service experience in large companies. The term “bashtag” was created to describe situations in which a user turns to a hashtag on a corporate social network to criticize their company or tell others about poor service there.

What is Instagram hashtag

Now let’s talk about what a hashtag is on Instagram, in one of the most popular platforms where this symbol is used. Hashtags are the secret sauce for knowing how to use Instagram to promote businesses and advertisements. Since there is no easy way to share someone else’s post, hashtags are becoming the number one way to reach new audiences.

Instagram had to formally impose a “30 hashtag” limit on its posts to prevent abuse. But many users can easily bypass this limit by posting hashtags in the comments below their posts. Filling posts with inappropriate tags is spam. Hashtags should be used strategically.

Thus, you will only increase engagement if you give your audience what they are looking for, that is, quality content that suits their interests. Also, if you are running a campaign on Instagram, having a branded (unique) hashtag will help attract participation and interest.

While hashtags can be annoying, they are an important part of how we receive and distribute information in the digital age. So, whether you use them or not is up to you, but know what potential they have, and that they are easier to use than you might expect.

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