What is a LAN and how to send a private message in Tik-Tok

What is a LAN and how to send a private message in Tik-Tok
лс в тик токе

It cannot be said why there are no private messages in Tik-Tok. You just didn’t look for them in detail. TikTok has awesome content that is viewed by over 100 million people every month. And even more unique videos are sent to Tik-Tok straight to the LAN. If, however, with the most popular platform you are on “Good evening”, then the recommendations for using the Tik-Tok application are given below. Having figured it out, I was able to send a private message in Tik-Tok in two clicks.

Send a friend “personal indecent” in messages or how to log into a LAN in Tik-Tok

We start with the concept of drugs, aka Lichka, Direct as on Instagram. Decryption “Private messages”. This is a private chat for communication, exchange of information between two users. Using drugs in Tik Tok means being aware of interesting videos that your friends can send you. Where in Tik-Tok are these private messages and how can I find them?

Entering the application itself shows videos “shot at recommendations”.

лс в тик токеThis means that they are the most popular, interesting, have their own “special” message, thereby attracting the audience to view. At the bottom of the application we see 4 icons.

It is necessary to click on the “Inbox” icon and thus we find ourselves in the activity field, where everything concerns only us: who liked us, who subscribed and left a comment, and who sent a message.

To find private messages in Tik-Tok, we click on “Airplane” in the upper right corner of the application.

личные сообщения в Тик Токе And voila, our drugs are opening in front of us. A red circle and a certain number inside may appear next to the “Airplane” icon. A red circle indicates that you have received a message, and the number inside is their number.

личные сообщения в Тик Токе To close the LAN in Tik-Tok, in the “Private messages” column in the upper left corner, find the “arrow”.

After clicking Tik-Tok redirects us back to all activity in our account.

Direct the work of private messages in Tik Tok only to yourself

In Tik Tok, enabling and configuring private messages is a function that has already been adjusted. In simple terms, after registering in the application, everything is already done for the user for his own privacy. When it is still worth checking your account settings, it is when the LANs in Tik-Tok are not open and you do not receive any messages.

For this it is worth working on a private interface. In the open Tik-Tok application, at the bottom, select the “I” icon – this is the main page of our profile.

There are three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

включить и настроить личные сообщения Clicking them we will go to the “Settings and privacy” of the account. Select the item “Privacy” and in the chapter “Visibility” look at the slider next to “private account”

For reference: with a private account, other users can subscribe to the profile only with the consent of the author. Also, after permission, they will see your published videos.

If the slider on the right is green, then the account’s privacy is active at the moment. To remove the value, move the slider to the left and the account will become public.

Настройки и конфиденциальность Тик-Ток Below is the Security section. We find the column “Personal messages”. It, like the LAN, is indicated in the form of an airplane and we click on this setting.

Личные сообщения Тик-Ток In these settings, the user is given permission who can send private messages: either friends and subscribers, or none of the listed.

With any option, LANs in Tik-Tok will come from users if messages were sent to them from your account earlier.

Write your first private message in tiktok without wasting your nerves

I still remind you that writing to a person in Tik-Tok is the action of two clicks and one condition – to be subscribed to the one to whom you need to send your messages in PM. How to write PM in Tik-Tok?

  1. You have already started a chat. The action takes place through the open “inbox”, after the icon with the airplane and clicking on the desired chat. In my case, this is a chat with my old account.
  2. If there are a lot of correspondences and there is simply no time to scroll through all the dialogs, then click on the “plus sign”, in the search bar, enter the nickname of the user we need. After clicking on the icon with the required profile, a chat opens.
    Личные сообщения Тик-Ток
  3. If you have to write a private message in Tik-Tok with a person without an existing dialogue, then there are three icons on the main page under the photo. We need a subscription icon. In it we find the account to which it is worth sending a private message. By clicking on the icon, we get into someone else’s account. Then everything is simple: under the image there is a “message” column. After clicking we get into a private dialogue with this user.

написать личное сообщение в Тик Ток написать личное сообщение в Тик Ток Attention: with mutual subscription in Tik-Tok it is easy to start communication. Without reciprocity, as they say, nothing will work out.

Clean up Tik-Tok’s private messages

A lot of idle chats distract our attention and waste time. To increase the functionality of your account, do not forget to clean the LAN in Tik-Tok. Dialogues are deleted where they are stored. Click and hold on the chat you want to delete. The Delete Chat function appears. A couple of clicks and the chat will be deleted.

One condition: the history of your correspondence will be deleted forever, so before you clean your personal in Tik-Tok, think about this need. The function of restoring the chat in Tik-Tok is not allowed by the platform administration.

лс в тик токе0


The flow of posts on Tik-Tok will not be stopped due to good content. After all, it is published daily, and you want to share an interesting video with your friends as often as possible. The functional system of private messages in Tik-Tok, based on the article, is easy to use. Therefore, it is very easy to find a personal in a tick token and write a message to a person.

Despite the “dry” functionality, Tik-Tok’s personal messages still need to be improved: when sending links to third-party content in LAN, you will have to copy and open them in a browser, which is already a waste of time.

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