What is a smile and what they are

What is a smile and what they are
Что такое смайл и какие они бывают Are you interested in learning about a smile: what is it and what are they, where did they come from? If you have opened this article, no doubt. In the 21st century, the development of information technology has reached its climax. Most of the communication takes place in gadgets. You will not surprise anyone with a group for parents in one of the popular messengers.

Considering all this, a modern person needs to be aware of different ways of transmitting information. Smilies, surprisingly, are one of them. It is worth starting with what they are, where they came from and why they are so widespread.

What does the word smile mean: decoding

Let’s start the conversation with what a smiley means: decoding and its origin. I’m sure you’ve noticed funny little images that you can insert into your messages. This is what they are. People began to convey messages through drawings back in the Stone Age. The predecessors of emoticons, emoji in a more modern form appeared in Japan in the 20th century.

Smilies can solve the difficulties of understanding the interlocutor. Sometimes, in order to clearly express your idea, there are simply not enough words. In this case, using pictures will help convey the idea to another person. They are in every gadget and every messenger.

Что значит слово смайл: расшифровка

Each emoticon consists of a set of different symbols. This is somewhat similar to encoding messages when using an SSL certificate for websites. In order for the pictures to have the same meaning, use Unicode. A sort of Latin for coding almost all languages ​​in the world. Invented and proposed to use it in 1991 by the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization.

It should be canceled that the development of emoji, as emoticons can still be called, does not stand still. More and more new pictures are added, by the way, anyone can offer them. After that, the committee of the aforementioned company reviews the applications and makes a competent decision.

For ease of understanding the meaning of emoticons, online dictionaries have been created in which you can find both the code and the meaning. It is just as easy to understand website promotion with individual SEO training from a specialist in your field. It will also be useful for those who are already familiar with organic website promotion.

What are the most common emoticons? Of course, pictures with cute and not so cute faces, smiling or crying, and so on. From English “smile” is translated as “smile”, therefore, this name is the best fit for cute pictures.

How to add emoticons

In order to add emoticons, you can use special sets of characters and letters. One of the employees of an American university suggested celebrating jokes with a combination of symbols. In order to form an unpretentious face, it is enough to use punctuation marks and letters. Of course, in a certain sequence.

Как добавить смайлы

The creation of a large number of drawings expanded the influence of emoticons on the communication of people. Now they can be found even when describing serious processes. For example, very often a business for men: production and similar serious occupations are advertised in social media. networks. And believe me, even there you can’t do without emoticons and emoji.

Smile has ceased to be just a funny picture for a very long time. This is easy to understand by how firmly they have entered the life of people and not only by correspondence with friends. Emojis are used to treat people with autism spectrum disorder and are depicted on building facades. Isn’t this a victory for smilies? Let’s consider their use in different networks and messengers.

How to insert emoticons

Now the question of how to insert emoticons is becoming less relevant and here’s why. In every social network, in every messenger and operating system, an emoji keyboard is often already installed. They all have the same encoding, but may differ slightly visually. If for some reason you cannot use them, special dictionaries will come to the rescue.

Let’s take a look at how emoticons are used in social media. networks and what interesting stories are associated with them. For example, after Instagram began to use hashtags with emoji, one of them, eggplant, was removed. For the reason that some associated it with the male genital organ. It is worth knowing such nuances, because preparation for promotion is needed not only for the site, but also for its pages on social networks.

Как вставить смайлы

Instagram itself has become a treasure trove for attracting customers, so you should use different emoticons when making a post. It helps people visualize your services and encourages them to pay attention to the page. For example, according to statistics, people more often ordered fast food from representatives of this business, who used emoji with food in the description.

As you can see, using emoticons and Instagram has become a must-have for most entrepreneurs. Therefore, in 2019, it is worth finding out a franchise in business, what it is and how to take advantage of all its advantages. And we move on to the next social. networks.

What does VKontakte smile mean

Another common question is what does a smile on VKontakte mean and what interesting feature they have. It was this social site that was the first to launch support for emoji on both mobile devices and PCs. Like the previous hero of the discussion, emojis in VK are used absolutely everywhere.

Что значит смайл в ВКонтакте

For this social network, the use of stickers is also available – evolved emoticons. They are a picture, ordinary or animated, associated with our symbols by meaning. Thus, we are once again convinced of the importance of emoji in the modern world. After all, they can be used to explain serious things, for example, what is cloud hosting and just communicate.

What do smilies in Watzap mean

Let’s take a look at what emoticons mean in Watzap as a vivid example of their use in instant messengers. For convenience, they are divided into categories, united by common characteristics. For example, the faces and images of animals are in different categories. Here, emojis are as actively used for communication as they are on social networks.

It is worth noting that some versions of WhatsApp for iPhone do not have specially built-in emoticons. However, knowing how people are attached to these symbols, the company posted a special article on the support site. It explains how to enable your phone’s built-in Emoji keyboard and enjoy instant messaging.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that emoticons have taken their rightful place in our hearts and minds. In order to use them correctly, find out the meaning of the most popular designs. They will make your communication emotionally rich and understandable for everyone.

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