What is a story and what is it for?

What is a story and what is it for?
Что такое сторис и для чего они нужны Sharing moments from your life on a social network is no longer an amazing business that everyone is doing. They share news, write posts, post photos from beautiful places or selfies. Not so long ago, social media developers have introduced such an interesting feature as Stories. In this regard, we decided to tell in detail what it is and how to shoot them correctly.

What is Story

To fully disclose the topic, let’s talk about what a story is in general. Stories are a kind of communication between users. Remember yourself, when you go to another social network, in the header of the news feed, the accounts of the people who posted the story appear. The icons with their photo are outlined with a colored outline, and when they click on it, the photo or video that the user has uploaded to their profile is shown.

Что такое сторис

As a rule, the period during which you can see a story, no matter what person, is limited in time. As a rule, this is exactly 24 hours from the date of publication. But, if the story contains material that is important for the user or for his subscribers, in this case, you can save them so that subscribers can watch them constantly. Thus, it is not even worth learning how to maintain a business account on Instagram, it is enough to post a story with sweepstakes, contests and gifts.

Instagram Stories: What It Is

The largest percentage of posting stories takes place on Instagram, which has a positive effect on subscriptions. That is, when people see that a person is actively sharing his life in a profile, posting daily posts, stories, no matter whether a video or a photo, this is of interest and the likelihood of subscribing to an account increases. For those who are developing in blogging, that is, studying what is needed for a video blog, every subscriber on a social network is important.

Indeed, following the link, which is usually left in the profile header, the user can go to the YouTube channel and become a subscriber if he is interested in the content. Of course, the moment of the very content of the stories is already important here. That is, if a person is not interested in watching a video, he does not see any general idea or does not learn something new for himself, then he will simply leave the account without a chance to return.

Therefore, before you shoot a story, especially if we are talking about a video, think in advance, or rather write what you will talk about. If it is just a photo, then it should be of high quality and with a good background. If you try to develop your Instagram, in which there will be only a couple of incomprehensible photos downloaded from the Internet, then, no matter how hard you try to attract the audience’s attention with the help of masslooking on Instagram, nothing will come of it.

Сторис в Инстаграм: что это

What they watch in stories

To promote your profile, you need to find out what people you want to see among your subscribers are looking at stories. Define your target audience by age, interests, moral principles, etc. Agree, people who live in Siberia will not watch videos on how to grow bananas or grapes in their own garden. Of course, for the sake of interest they can, but it will only be “cold” interest.

And if the purpose of maintaining a profile in social. networks, especially on Instagram, are sales, which is now especially popular, then it is necessary to deliberately not only decide on the product that will be sold, but also with potential buyers.

Accordingly, stories need to be filmed in such a way that they would be of interest to them: unpacking and reviews of the goods that went on sale. You can think about how to make an advertising banner in photoshop and place it in the story as well.

Что смотрят в сторис

In general, a story is considered almost the best way to advertise. Better only if you write to the person personally in a direct message about your offer. But, if you compare a simple message where you need to read and think about what we sometimes don’t like, between a beautiful picture or a short video in which the account owner himself talks about the offers in detail, then in most cases the story wins.

What to share in Stories

Continuing to talk about what to put in your Stories, do not focus only on advertising material. Yes, if this is a commercial account that serves as a sales platform for those who did not allocate money for the development and SEO promotion of the site, the prices apparently turned out to be unhappy, the story will be one of the ways to advertise. But if subscribers constantly see only ads, or posts with discounts and promotions, they will soon get tired of it and they will describe themselves.

Therefore, post photos and videos of your life, share important and interesting moments, talk about your life and successes. You can even come up with topics for the next story, that is, write a small script, or a plan according to which a topic will be raised in each of the stories. Remember, sales are not for an account, but an account for sales.

Что выложить в сторис

To really make sales from your profile, you cannot immediately declare that you are selling and call for a purchase, because people, as a rule, come to the account of a stranger not to become a client, but just to see who he is.

A simple pattern: if a person does not understand where he is within 15-20 seconds, he leaves the account. Therefore, use the rules of 9 posts. That is, in the first 9 publications, tell us about yourself, what you are doing and why you are doing it, so that the visitor has a general picture in his head.

That’s the idea of ​​what to shoot in a story – to tell about yourself in a short video, in the first person. Thus, the user will say that you are a real person and everything that will be sold on your account is real, and secondly, he will be able to get to know you better, which will also increase trust.

What is Story Navigation

Let’s talk about such an interesting function, namely, what is navigation in Stories. This is an option that can be selected when posting a photo to a story. If you want to post a story on VKontakte, there will be a small icon after the letter in the upper right corner. After clicking on it, a list of inserts will open that can be placed along with the photo.

Among them, you can select “Location”. This will be the navigation in the story. That is, click on the icon itself, write the address where this photo was taken from and post the publication. This will not only help your friends see where you are, but also explore the place. Especially if this is an institution that asked to take a couple of photos in order to attract visitors.

Что такое навигация в сторис

What to ask in Stories

They all want to bother about what to ask in the story, since they do not pay enough attention to this function. In fact, for most entrepreneurs who know everything about social media and make money with it, it is very important and productive to add an opportunity to ask questions to their stories.

That is, at the time of preparing a layout for a story, a personal photo or a photo of a new product, a function such as “ask a question” can be placed in the editor. Especially if you have a wide audience, among which there may be potential customers who will ask about the price, delivery times, etc. This is another way to communicate with clients in an informal setting.

Especially, this function is used by those who are engaged in the resale of publics on the Internet. That is, they actively maintain a profile, showing a rich life, as well as an abundant number of photos with large amounts of money or screenshots from bank applications. Thus, instilling in people that this is how you can live and earn at any age, roughly speaking, they simply sell access to publics, where they are taught to do the same and so in a circle.

Что спросить в сторис

What is VK Story

Special attention should be paid to the stories in VK and tell what it is, in more detail. Of course, in terms of popularity, stories are mostly posted on Instagram. But, and the social network VKontakte, with the advent of this function, begins to gain momentum among users.

Especially when the ability to publish stories appeared among communities, it became almost the main method of advertising. Agree, each of us is subscribed to a large number of groups, and even if they post posts every day, making them beautiful and interesting, they will immediately “get lost” in the news feed, and no one will look for them anymore.

And since the story is visible at the beginning of the news feed, so to speak, in the header, it will be difficult to miss them. In addition, in Stories, you can set up hyperlinks to any post. Let’s say there is a discount for a certain product or category of products, but the subscriber will not go to the community and search for a post with conditions.

Therefore, the best option would be to post a photo of the product (s), which will be subject to a discount, in the story, where you can write briefly all the conditions. Namely, the timing and the percentage itself. This will help to make sales without ordering website promotion services from specialists, that is, practically without investment.

What are Stories for?

You probably already guessed what a story is for. Yes, first of all, it is to share interesting moments, in photo and video format. But, also, this is a new and very good way of advertising, which, in fact, can work even better than a promotion service in Yandex or setting up contextual advertising.

After all, we are all, to some extent, socially dependent. Of course, due to their amusement, everyone spends time on social networks and messengers in different ways, being there only for work purposes. But, nevertheless, icons from stories attract attention, and since these are very short videos or photos, everyone can afford to spend a couple of seconds for viewing.

It is designed for this. To give a person important information and interest him, this time is more than enough. Therefore, many popular video bloggers, as a service, offer advertising, recording a story, where they show the advertised product and write a promotional code by which you can get a discount.

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